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Brian Tyler Talks AvP2

There’s a new audio interview with AvP2 music composer Brian Tyler over at You can download the MP3 (16MB) and listen to it as a podcast if you like. He talks about AvP2 between 3:50-8:00. It’s similar stuff to what he’s said in previous interviews. He says the Alien and Predator music will be recognizable. There’s a big twist to it but it relies on a story point which he can’t talk about. Thanks to John Chambers for the news.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    They didn't get Aliens because they wanted a weapon agaisnt Predators. Predators were never mentioned.  They wanted Aliens because of what they said: Urban pacification, "new alloys", medical applications, etcetera... The things gave them tons of new scientific advanced and even then, they were only just beginning to understand them.  If they wanted weapons against Predators, they would be inventing ones for range.
  2. grim
    i hope that fox with all these little pull backs from comic con n not even having a teaser to date , hopefully wont turn out to be a total lost like avp....
  3. j
    predboy: wtf? you bleep out the word even when its in another language? que cosa chingada.  also, if preds take aliens around with them to play with on random planets, they wouldnt be a very good weapon against them. eh you know what i mean
  4. Elorrra
    Don't be so sure, Nolan. I still believe that this film has something to do with the ending of Alien4. (I know... they can't make it to Europe...bla bla..) But wouldn't that be a sight?! Whole Earth infested with Aliens because of one mistake?   I will scream if the TEASER ends with this: "COMING THIS FEBRUARY"!!!    ::)     >:(  
  5. Yautja boy
    Hey,heres a thought,what if the the guys in alien resurrection wanted to clone the aliens so that way they whould have a weapon to use against the predators.Sounds cool huh?It whould make sense.How they found out about the aliens is because of the temple and the town,but they could not clone them because there acid blood kept melting the equipment,but they needed a weapon against the predators so they kept an eye out for the aliens over the centuries!.And the reason they needed Ripley was because the alien DNA got damaged from the cryogenics,whereas the predators knew exactly how to freeze em!.
  6. Yautja boy
    They shood use some of the predator langauge in the movie.Think about it!The Wolf could be fighting and then get thrown down onto the ground,then he could look into the face of the other fighter and say"Ell-osde P**k!"and give a good push and then kick sending the attacker flyling 20 feet!.whould that or whould that not be so cool?!   ;D     ;D  
  7. Yautja boy
    I think its awesome that hes going to sue music from the first 2 movies!   :D     ;D  Also for those who still do not believe there are 2 cultures Predator:Forever midnight(By John Shirley)clearly states on p.106-107 that the predator changes its dialect,and Superman and Batman VS Aliens and Predator supes and bats find a 14000 year old colony which has diferent custums then the other predators.Now,what whould be the point of having 2 dialects when A,you never speak during a hunt,B,you kill all the witnesses(except for 1 or 2 who have become part of the clan)and C,you leave little or no evidence behind?.The answer is........TWO CULTURES!!!!.What say you to that?!   8)  
  8. predx
    "I wonder what that twist could be. Could it be the fusion of alien and predator music due to the appearance of the predalian?"  was thinking the same thing and i belive that thats the answer
  9. D2
    exactly mikol.  I think that is the best twist they can do afterall you cannot expect anything bigger than that from fox. Sorry if i spoiled it though.
  10. Chris
    Uhh  Twist ... well, we will see ... Cant wait!  Damn IT! Where is this TRAAAAAAAILER. Maaaan ... -.- ... i cant wait anymore .... RELEASE THIS THING!!!  greetz
  11. Mikol
    The people in Aliens were wearing contemporary clothing weren't they? In fact, most of them were either wearing uniform or plain, boringly styled clothes. These clothes were all pretty domestic and nothin that shouts "EIGHTIES!" at you. Unless anyone runs across screen with NIKE across their t-shirt, it *could* be pulled off.
  12. Pvt. Hicks
    Just face the fact that the movie is on contemporary Earth. Maybe there's a twist that it's in the future at the end for some odd reason. Or we see a home planet of one of the creatures.  Trust me, the setting won't be a problem.
  13. D2
    The plot is that it is set in space but the planet has some life on it. Hence you see military type people. Earth sent some people to live on some planet and made it like earth type but alas bad day. ALIEN and PREDATORS destroy everyhting.
  14. BodySnatcher
    Ye quite a few people hated it but i thought klosers stuff was pretty good, nothing compared to the originals but one of the highlights of avp.
  15. WisePredator
    What, everyone dying? Well, thanks ;D

    It would be silly to see the Wolf die at the hands of a Xeno, or human, since the Wolf has fought thousands of creatures across planets, and creatures that are tougher than the PredAlien.
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