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AvPGalaxy Interview with Brian Tyler

Corporal Hicks got the chance to interview music composer Brian Tyler about his work on AvP Requiem. He just finished recording the score last week and we even have some pictures of them recording the AvPR score.

Brian Tyler AvPGalaxy Interview with Brian Tyler

AvPGalaxy – How long did it take you to actually write the score…?

Brian Tyler – The great thing about this film is that we were all on the same page in what we wanted musically. We wanted it gritty, scary, adrenaline pumping, anxiety ridden, huge as well as quiet and creepy, epic, with a wide dynamic range. We wanted the score to reflect the tradition of the aliens and predators. So it was intensely hard work but in lock-step. The Brothers Strause, Fox, John Davis, Robert Kraft, Mike Knobloch, and the editor Dan Zimmerman were all awesome in pushing forward towards the same goal: let’s make this score kill!

The interview covers a lot of different areas about composing AvP Requiem as well as the processes involved in composing. Check the rest out here.

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  1. Deco
    Totally disagree guys, the chanting choir adds a different dimension to battle scenes. Epic is what we need, and that sort of music brings Epic. Dont get me wrong, I agree that parts of AVP needs the themes weve gotten so far but AVP is a different movie to Alien and indeed predator. Its time to break the mould; the chanting choir would be great I think. Anyway, thats just my opinion
  2. zen
    csutkakoma:He means that the one track is 44 minutes long.And theres going to be other tracks as well.And personaly i dont think a choir whould work.
  3. csutkakoma
    "Why O why, (not just for this film but for all highly intense action movies) dont composers use big battle themes with a chanting choir anymore?!!!!"  The AvPR is not the movie what it needs the "chanting choir" music. That is Star Wars and it already has.
  4. csutkakoma
    Great news!! But im not understand something. My english is not perfect yet! Smiley  Brian told this:  "Well, there is a section of the movie that is 44 straight minutes of music. To tell the story musically and have ebb, flow, dynamics, while continue to ratchet up the tension is extremely difficult. But of course, that is why composing films is such a great job."  That means the music in the film will be only 44 minutes long?   ???  Or i just missunderstand something?!   ;D  
  5. Deco
    Why O why, (not just for this film but for all highly intense action movies) dont composers use big battle themes with a chanting choir anymore?!!!!   It is single handedly the only element that can transform a fight scene from a good one, to a truely great one.
  6. Rhys
    He seems to generally know what he's doing in terms of direction for the score. Great news, whilst I kinda enjoyed the first, it was kinda bland in places, so here's to hoping Tyler can pull it off. I'd love some Alien3 like tones, but that's me.
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