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Steven Pasquale on AvP2

MTV Movies Blog have published a positive interview with Steven Pasquale, who plays Dallas in AvP2. He talks about his character and what happens in AvP2:

““[He’s] our convict who returns home to his small town in Colorado to find aliens and predators,” he said. “Haven’t we always wondered what would happen if they made it to Earth? [Well] now they have, and drama ensues. It’s more about survival. Clearly we don’t know what the hell these things are, so me and my little brother and a couple of the other main characters are trying to just get out of town with everything intact, and that’s the journey rather than trying to sort of conquer the invincible monsters.””

Unlike the first film, which saw criticism over the small amount of actual screentime between its spacey warring factions, Pasquale says that won’t be an issue this time. “Aliens and predators will be fighting to the death,” he stated, also hinting at something big in the offing. “There’s a little secret surprise that I can’t tell you about that the sci-fi fans are going to go bananas over. It’s going to be awesome.”

I wonder if he’s referring to the hybrid with that last comment? He also says AvP2 will be scarier than its predecessor.
Special thanks to Brian from MTV Movies for the news.

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  1. Cellien
    @dDave:  I understand your English just fine!  Everyone has their own opinion.. Sometimes I feel sorry for the directors that have to try to please everyone... Messing with the Aliens and Predator franchise is a perfect example of trying to please rabid fans and the general public audience :P
  2. dDave
    @Cellien...I dont agree with some of your points. I could understand that humans like to see humans beeing heroes, but in my opinion thats going to be lame. Since a few years I noticed that i like more and more of taht movies that have a unhappy ending or that there are no heroes. I think thats so because the number of HERO-movies is very high and it is going to be lame, especially those movies (and that is a enormous number) where americans are the heroes   :'(  . And  it is a fact that more and more people get the same effect then i. the last movie that i saw, "pulse", isnt so good, but the point that it has a bad ending for humans etc. makes it  a way spacially.  Relating to AVP2, i would like to see, that at the end the whole town, including aliens, predator and humans, blowing up.......    8)  ......But i'm even happy when "any site, fight any side"^^ or that the predator make no reltionship with a little girl^^, but that is already confirmed by Colin S.(    ;D   Im so happy about that   ;D   ) i hope you could understand my bad english^^.....
  3. Cellien
    @Jonesy.. I do agree with that.  Humans like to see humans being heroes.. so it would be nice to have some badass marines or something give'm hell.  But really.. in Aliens, my favorite parts were the parts the marines were getting picked off slowly and they kept regrouping (basically slowly retreating).  I think the most important thing is to have characters you feel like you can relate to somehow.. cause no one can relate to Aliens and Predators so much, although they sure went that route with AvP1 with Predator...
  4. Jonesy
    I think this is a mistake. They should have had the humans fight back ( i thought the national guard was suppose to be in this?). That was the problem, one of the problems, with AvP - the humans were wimps. And the only one that fought back became friends with the predator (which was really really stupid).  I also dont see how you can have "aliens and predators fighting to the death" when theres only suppose to be one or two predators (maybe Im wrong about that though, I havent read the script).  You need a hero(s) that takes action and saves the day like Ripley (and the marines) in Aliens, thats what people loved about that movie. Who do you pull for if its aliens vs predators and the humans are just hiding and acting like pussies trying to stay alive?
  5. Venenoso
    I think the surprise will be either Arnie (unlikely, although rumour has it that he is going to make a cameo in T4) or Danny Glover.... it must for sure be an old character from one of the two franchises, and I'm 100% it aint Weaver    ;D    The absolute worst they could do, was having a cameo of one of the characters who died in the previous franchises.. like some homage crap    ::)   Hopefully they are smart enough not to do that though
  6. csutkakoma
    i think we dont need Space Jockey and i hope they dont want to put it in the movie. But lead to the film in the future. Well thats a great idea! I hope the future thing will be the surprise!!   ;)  
  7. dDave
    Space-Jockey???^^ Could it be that the species of "Space-Jockey" live in harmony with predator.?^^So those could be the brainy part of the civilization of the homeplanet. Predator are for the food etc and to defense the planet and "Space-Jockies" produce the technologie etc... Then, in ALIEN we saw a planet, where the "Space-Jockies" make biological weapons for their planet or, which we prefer, strong prey for the religion of predator..... That is a sooo crazy theory, but its funny^^
  8. Xeno
    Space? Maybe is the final battle on the predator ship in space or something like that. I don't think that there will be Space-Jockey in the movie. But if there are, it will be a good surprise.
  9. Danger Close
    If the surprise is for the Sci-fi fans... that means, space to me. The only thing that would actually surprise me is if the Space Jockey showed up, if so, it better be well done. No hockey crap, ( the Space Jockey saves the day?)    :'(  
  10. Mystex Sawridge
    Yes, Xeno, I told you, that Dutch died 6 Weeks after Predator 1.  I have the Information from the Predator 2 Making-Of.  @ Topic:  Great news. Now, I'm really excited. Can't wait until the Teaser-Trailer comes out.
  11. Originalsin
    Right now any news is better then the whole  "NO PEACE ON EARTH" crap. The only thing that would make me totally go gungho crazy is if they had an ALIEN and PREDATOR love scene!!!! That's when you know shit's hit the fan. And if Arnold Shows up in this movie.... i'm done   ???  
  12. Pvt. Hicks
    No shit. Dude Ive read the old interviews with Anderson, as to review.  But the Strauses are most likely serious with going back to the roots because, because, look at the new designs *expects some smartass to say they suck*    ::)  
  13. Ermac
    Two words: Lip. Service.  This is exactly what the cast and crew of the first AVP said during production. "It's gonna be what the fans have been waiting for", "They fight to the death", "Redeem the franchise" etc.   There's nothing exclusive about this interview except what we already knew all along.
  14. ArielAleXCo
    sci-fi character... guys I think you are forgetting very VERY important from the FOX production....  Danna Scully and Fox Mulder... that is!!  I mean... finally they get some extraterrestial beings. XDD jajajaj
  15. Highland
    mmmmmmmm i dont like surprises, it surley cannot be the predalien, thats like saying jack spara is a surprise for pirates 3, we already have a big idea its in there, plus he did'nt say Alien or predator fans, he said Sci Fi  If another Movie monster shows up in this or the terminator kills the aliens and predator, I will burn my whole   ???  
  16. Mr. Weyland
    this surprise sound weird, like others said, we know about the predalien, maybe its the new alien life cycle or arnie falls out of a tree and goes "I am here, kill me now, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  17. Danger Close
    I don't think the Predalien will be the surprise, Ask yourself this: Would you actually be surprised if the Predalien was in AVP 2? C'mon, we know it will be in the movie, they spoiled that surprise in AVP 1. Unless he is thinking about the general public.
  18. Krycek
    I don't think when he says "little secret surprise" he means the PredAlien. I'm thinking that he might be talking about a cameo by a former star in one of the other movies. Where's Michael Biehn when we need him?
  19. Bio Mech Warrior
    Well, this is great news indeed. As long as the Strause bros. stay true to the original Alien & Predator films (I mean all of them, not just the first of each), and there are quite a few preds, the movie will kick ass. lol
  20. Cellien
    @Fawdrey:  Thats even how I thought Aliens was.. Once they came in contact, the humans were pretty much running from the Xenomorphs.. aside from when Ripley owned the Queen.     8)  
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