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How Alien Isolation Survived its Difficult Development – Video Documentary

Noclip, a crowdsourced company known for making game documentaries, have just released their latest one and it’s dedicated to the development of Alien Isolation. The team at Noclip went to Creative Assembly’s studio and interviewed Console Creative Director Alistair Hope, Console Technical Director Clive Gratton and Chief Studio Officer Tim Heaton.

In the 20-minute documentary, Creative Assembly talk about their original pitch for the game and how they crafted a demo in just 5 weeks to convince Sega to greenlight the game. The documentary contains footage of Creative Assembly’s original pitch as well as third-person gameplay before Isolation was changed to first person. The pitch and third-person footage was previously released in the 2015 Game Developer Conference but this documentary contains better quality of it.

For those wondering about an Alien Isolation sequel, the documentary says that they received no indication that Alien Isolation 2 was in development. Released in 2014 to a positive reception and despite selling 2.11 million copies, it didn’t quite sell well enough and according to Creative Assembly in 2015, any sequel to Alien Isolation would be extremely unlikely.

We did get the Alien Isolation digital series early last year which was poorly put together in my opinion but 2019’s Alien Isolation Switch port from Feral Interactive was better received. I still think Alien Isolation is one of the best titles to come out of this franchise. It’s a shame we’ll never get a sequel to it.

Thanks to PushSquare for the news.

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