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Original Alien Isolation Pitch & 3rd Person Footage

For a long time Alien Isolation was going to be third person. In fact, our first glimpse at the game were of that third person perspective. The game then turned to the first person perspective during development which was something we discussed during our visit to Creative Assembly last year. They revealed to us that their original pitch was first person.

Thanks to Destructoid, footage of both the early 3rd person perspective and the original pitch have finally surfaced online.

“One of the great joys of attending GDC is going to panels conducted by developers talking about your favorite games. Not only will you learn new and exciting details about the development, but you might even see something that you would not expect.

During a postmortem panel for Alien: Isolation, creative lead Alistair Hope talked about the title’s former life as a third-person survival horror game. As they were developing it, they talked about the trends the genre stuck to, thanks in part to Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Clock Tower, andSilent Hill 2. They initially sought to emulate that perspective and style, but after experimentation, eventually decided to return to Isolation’s original vision as a first-person title.”

The 3rd person footage looks to be set in the Engineering section of Sevastapol (the level looks very reminiscent of the first Survivor map). It’s really interesting to see these old videos but I think it’s quite safe to say that Creative Assembly took the better route with returning to first person. Thanks to RidgeTop and Stringer2355 for the news.

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  1. NetworkATTH
    I actually prefer the design of the Alien in the third person build. It's a lot more..humanoid. It still has the Animalistic leg (I don't mind, the regular old human leg design looks silly), but it's more lengthy, skinny, and the dome has a lot more lighting effects on it. Still, importing that view into first person might have some complications. But I love the animations of it in third person, wish they could've salvaged some of those old Alien sound effects into the release build as well.
  2. Anonymous
    I love the alien sounds, I wish they at least gave us a difficulty mode without the "stomping"

    The alien shiny head also looks nice, love it.
  3. jimbob30
    to me all versions of the game look awesome would love to see the third person build in full screen and I liked the pitch video aswell the first person perspective works amazing but would love to see what its like to have a 3rd person perspective too just ashame the pitch build graphics look a lot better than the final build still a solid game though and game of the year for me I hope there is a sequel but more akin to camerons aliens this time the one alien was good for the first time but don't think it would freak me out so much in a sequel so I hope creative assembly do get to make a sequel but give us the game gearbox said they were giving us but obviously with keeping amanda ripley in the story I still yern for a 4 player co-op aliens game and I think creative assembly could really deliver
  4. RidgeTop
    The brown highlights, the shoulders, the jaw, the head shape. That's totally the Alien Resurrection design. Likely was just a placeholder for the pitch, but still, interesting to see. They used it for one of the concept art pieces as well. Not the exact design but very similar.
  5. NetworkATTH
    It looks like they actually had the planned "multi-weapon" in the third person build. For those of you who don't know, the original idea was, ala Aliens, Amanda was to just tape and mash together weaponry and equipment into one weapon. That makes more sense, in a third person build, if we're talking mechanic wise. It's different than just carrying a bunch of weaponry, that'd be terribly generic looking. The one weapon that's left that refflects those concepts is the Nailgun.

    But they decided to go and ditch that. I thought they didn't go through with it and just left it concept. Applying that to third person makes a lot more sense, but that translates, rather unwell in first person. It also looks like she was carrying the cut "SMG", maybe? There's whole load of cut material for this game.
  6. HuDaFuK
    They definitely made the right call going first-person. Third-person looks cool and all, and I like the character animations, but first-person just generates so much more tension and dread.
  7. NetworkATTH
    I'm really interested in how similar the environments are, but a lot of cut content! I know there are references to an smg, and different ammo types in files. I hope they plan on doing more in dlc. Not 3rd person, but just so much of that material.

    It was a good option to shift it into first person. Interesting looking at the Alien from 3rd person however.
  8. reecebomb
    Quote from: PsyKore on Mar 04, 2015, 11:09:46 PM
    Quote from: Stringer2355 on Mar 04, 2015, 10:18:45 PM

    That's interesting but I'm glad they changed to first person. It looked like it would play a bit awkwardly in third person.

    I will say, however, I like the sound design better here. No foot stomps and just a heartbeat sound effect and the hisses of the Alien. It sounded terrific.

    This. Also love the way alien attacks at the end.
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