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Original Alien Isolation Pitch & 3rd Person Footage

For a long time Alien Isolation was going to be third person. In fact, our first glimpse at the game were of that third person perspective. The game then turned to the first person perspective during development which was something we discussed during our visit to Creative Assembly last year. They revealed to us that their original pitch was first person.

Thanks to Destructoid, footage of both the early 3rd person perspective and the original pitch have finally surfaced online.

“One of the great joys of attending GDC is going to panels conducted by developers talking about your favorite games. Not only will you learn new and exciting details about the development, but you might even see something that you would not expect.

During a postmortem panel for Alien: Isolation, creative lead Alistair Hope talked about the title’s former life as a third-person survival horror game. As they were developing it, they talked about the trends the genre stuck to, thanks in part to Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Clock Tower, andSilent Hill 2. They initially sought to emulate that perspective and style, but after experimentation, eventually decided to return to Isolation’s original vision as a first-person title.”

The 3rd person footage looks to be set in the Engineering section of Sevastapol (the level looks very reminiscent of the first Survivor map). It’s really interesting to see these old videos but I think it’s quite safe to say that Creative Assembly took the better route with returning to first person. Thanks to RidgeTop and Stringer2355 for the news.

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