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Creative Assembly Talks Alien Isolation Engine Development

AMD has posted up a YouTube video in which Creative Assembly developers Gary Napper and Michael Bailey talk development of the game engine used in Alien Isolation. They talk, amongst others, about creating the engine from scratch, the use of the lighting and their particle system:

“Exclusive interviews with Lead Designer Gary Napper and Lead Engine Programmer Michael Bailey discussing the creation of the Alien: Isolation game engine. Also, Creative Assembly Studio Director Tim Heaton describes the integral role AMD played throughout the development process.”

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  1. The Cruentus
    Quote from: Bio Mech Hunter on Feb 06, 2015, 07:19:13 PM
    A:I's game engine is absolutely superb, but I wish to God they'd correct the lip-synch issue and add player reflections and shadows. :-\

    Yeah, that is one thing I noticed and could not help be slightly disappointed about, Amanda casts no reflection, this would not be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that Amanda frequently picks up space helmets and holds it in front of her, then there is the fact she has no shadow, this could have been a good mechanic, having to hide your shadow as well yourself. However, I still loved the game and since its CA's first time, I can't hold it against them. It beats both A:CM and AVP2010 easily. I love this game a lot.
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