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Prodos Games Announces Elite Predators Expansion!

Now that their first major expansion for Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins has started shipping, Prodos Games have announced their next expansion and it’s some of the new units mentioned in the updated ruleset for Hot Landing Zone! Say hello to the Elite Predators!

Each of the new Hunters come with something new: The Scimitars Predator brings a Shuriken to the game. A throwing, ranged weapon which doesn’t inflict much damage, but ignores all negative modifiers to RS while in use. All of the hidden Aliens on infected tiles and targets on engaged tiles – suddenly become easier to take down. The Glaive Predator comes with a Ceremonial Dagger in his equipment. Think you are safe making a successful armour save against this weapon? Think again and Re-roll please! And last but not least – we introduce a classic Alien Versus Predator weapon, the Speargun, which is wielded by the Whip Predator. This unique weapon provides an ability that hits additional targets while performing a shooting action. Yes, spear projectiles go straight through their targets.

All of the Elite Predators come with the Expert Hunter passive ability. It’s a more advanced version of the Seasoned Hunter skill. Every time the Expert Hunter is revealed, it may move one tile, including towards the enemy.  That’s the difference.

sklep - elite predators + pudełkoFB - elite predator - city hunter 3FB - elite predator - greyback 2FB - elite predator - warrior 3FB ad - elite predators + female marine

And as they so often do, Prodos also has a sweet new pre-order incentive bonus to go along with the Elite Predators!

Your February bonus miniature is a USCM Female Marine with a Flamer, that comes with a very special skill. Cooked well done – once per game, the flamer hits much harder than it usual does. All at the price of loosing a medkit. For the sake of game balance you must swap out any existing Flamer model with the Female flamer model.

 Prodos Games Announces Elite Predators Expansion!

The Elite Predators also come with a new mission that continues the story of the Hot Landing Zone storyline. The “Prison Break” scenario is available for download now. The Elite Predators are available for pre-order now and are expected to ship on the 1st of March.

Prodos Games and Alien vs. Predator Galaxy are also teaming up once again to offer our community members a chance to win copies of the Elite Predators and pre-order bonus. So keep an eye out for the upcoming competition!

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Comments: 5
  1. Thunderjack88
    Thanks JokersWarPig I'm trying to focus one one model but finding it hard.
    Soilders have a power glove each now and hydra bits picked out.

    And finally something for when I set up a display for them. Predator Skull throne inspired by Necas.

  2. JokersWarPig
    Quote from: Thunderjack88 on Feb 14, 2019, 08:22:29 PM
    Okay so memory vs resource material didn't match up so here is the base for my new Blazer Gun.

    Also I snipped the Tracker of the base (only two breaks in the whip) so he could be added to a clear base (pinned for painting purposes). His claw goes around the handle of the spear gun but still needs a little detailing before he has the Stalker Predator vibe I want.


    I'm definitely digging those  8)
  3. Thunderjack88
    Not a fan of the unhelmed Predator footing pose but otherwise a nice set of additions.
    Annoyed that I have a custom Speargun on my tracker and if I waited a month this guy would be available...

    On other news I have now received all my Kickstarter stuff from Prodos (Thanks Jarek and Dave). So to go with my 1500 points of Predators for my Extinction Project, I now have another 500+ Predators 500+ Marines and 500+ Xenomorphs that I've outsourced to 3 of my work colleagues.

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