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Prodos Games Return With New Products For “One Last Mission”

Prodos Games’ Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins miniature game returns today for “One Last Mission” in which the Prodos store is reopening for a final clearance sale. In addition to one final chance to get your hands on any miniatures you’re missing with a 40% discount, all orders over £55 will receive a special 2 pack ... [Read More]

Prodos Announces Last Expansions as AvP The Hunt Begins Is Discontinued

I’m devastated to be reporting that Prodos Games has announced that as of the 30th of April their Alien vs. Predator miniatures are being discontinued, and they are no longer able to sell any more miniatures. Before the last facehugger has jumped and the last plasma caster is fired, Prodos are releasing two final expansions: Machiko Noguchi (in ... [Read More]

Updated: AvP Galaxy Competition: Prodos Games’ Elite Predators Expansion!

And that’s the competition closed! I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the competition. This one turned out to be a little harder than I was expecting. The correct answer was 3. Predator: Concrete Jungle. While it was still a tougher competition that I’d anticipated, plenty of you still got it right! So congratulations to our three winners: Chris ... [Read More]

Prodos Games Announces Elite Predators Expansion!

Now that their first major expansion for Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins has started shipping, Prodos Games have announced their next expansion and it’s some of the new units mentioned in the updated ruleset for Hot Landing Zone! Say hello to the Elite Predators! Each of the new Hunters come with something new: The Scimitars Predator brings a Shuriken to ... [Read More]

AvP Galaxy Competition – Aliens vs. Predator: Hot Landing Zone!

We would just like to thank everyone who entered the competition! Unfortunately, there could only be two winners! And they are Tracy Williams and Joseph Guilar! Emails have been sent requesting shipping addresses. Once again, we’d also like to thank Prodos Games for providing our community with a chance to win their new releases! If you entered but didn’t win and would like ... [Read More]

Prodos Games Announces Aliens vs. Predator: Hot Landing Zone Expansion!

Having spent the week teasing the upcoming release, Prodos Games has officially announced Hot Landing Zone, the new expansion to the Aliens vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins miniatures game! Unlike the previous expansions, Hot Landing Zone is larger scale expansion and continues the storyline of The Hunt Begins. The jungle is calling, time to respond “Through a combination of ... [Read More]

Updated: AvP Galaxy Competition – Unicast Predator Hounds & Female Predators!

The time has come to draw our winners! Congratulations to Jon Berry, Juan Antonio Cerdeiriña, Jay Stewart and Matthew (aka Zombie Weasil!) You will have received emails requesting your shipping addresses. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy and Prodos Games are teaming up once again to give members of the Alien and Predator community a chance to win some their recently ... [Read More]

AvP Galaxy Competition – Prodos Games’ Evolved Warriors & Unicast Praetorian!

We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition! Unfortunately, there could only be two winners and they are: Joe Marty and Bruce Robertson. Emails have been sent out requesting shipping addresses. Once again Alien vs. Predator Galaxy is teaming up with Prodos Games to give our community a chance to win one of two sets of ... [Read More]

Prodos Games Announces Evolved Warriors & Unicast Praetorian!

Prodos Games has just announced it’s August releases for their Aliens vs. Predator – The Hunt Begins miniature game. Next month we’ll be seeing a unicast release of the Praetorian, a unit they’ve previously released in multi-part. Also due for release next month is a new leader unit for the Alien faction, the Evolved Warriors! As a xenomorph hive ... [Read More]

AvP Galaxy Competition – Prodos Games’ Predator Jungle Hunter Statue

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the competition! Unfortunately there could only be a single winner and that lucky fan is Chris Marthis! Alien vs. Predator Galaxy and Prodos Games are teaming up once again to give away a bundle containing one of their upcoming 6″ Predator Jungle Hunter statue and one mini-me miniature of the same ... [Read More]
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