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20th Century Fox World Malaysia – Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

Three years ago we reported on the announcement that 20th Century Fox would be getting it’s own theme park. Dubbed 20th Century Fox World, one of the themed areas would be of the Alien, Predator, and AVP franchises. Though originally scheduled to open in 2017, construction of the project has been slow and quiet.

Recently, however, I checked the themeparX message board which has been posting construction updates and it seems as though light may be at the end of the tunnel for the project. I was surprised to see a few images of Alien themed attractions. Check them out below.

 20th Century Fox World Malaysia - Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

We can clearly see Weyland-Yutani Logos on these attractions, of which there appear to be three so far: an elevator drop ride, a scrambler, and a suspended coaster.

The elevator better be called Express Elevator To Hell.

It would be disappointing if these are the only planned Alien & Predator attractions in the area, though rumor is we’re likely to see a coaster/dark ride main attraction for the themed zone.

There was supposed to be another 20th Century Fox World park to be built in Dubai, but it seems that project is totally dead. The Malaysia park is being built as part of a hilltop resort complex called Resorts World Genting, which features multiple hotels, a shopping mall, nightlife, a casino, and entertainment venues.

It’s likely the Genting Group has solidified the Fox license for their park, so even with the impending Disney acquisition, the Fox theme here should not be affected. Such was the case for Universal’s Islands of Adventure park in Orlando, Florida, which acquired the Marvel license long before their primary competitor, Disney, acquired that property. Universal Studios still maintains the Marvel license in their park.

 20th Century Fox World Malaysia - Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

Conceptual Artwork for the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park in Malaysia. Not the Derelict in the upper-middle.

I would guess this park will finally see opening sometime in 2019. What do you think of these attractions? Will you be traveling all the way out to Malaysia to experience these rides?

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  1. RidgeTop
    Apparently the lawsuit regarding the park has been settled...

    "As part of the deal, Genting Malaysia said a new memorandum of agreement grants it "a license to use certain Fox intellectual properties" for the park, though which ones were not specified. It is updating plans to "complete the outdoor theme park utilising both Fox and non Fox intellectual properties," it said. The outdoor theme park also is getting a new name."

    I'm glad a resolution was found that allows for Genting to use some of the Fox properties they were planning to. Given some of the recent construction updates, my guess is the Alien franchise will remain as part of the park.
  2. RidgeTop
    Some new updates...

    Looks like a suspended coaster:

    You can get a good view of the Alien area (Not seeing any Predator or AVP elements) in this video:

    I count four rides in the zone, the main one likely being the large building with the orange track going into it.

    Still, who knows how this will all end up considering the massive lawsuit.

    Though the park remains under construction, the gift shop is open, here are some shots of the Alien and Predator merchandise.

  3. Corporal Hicks
    aims and Answers: Three juicy tidbits from the Genting-Fox-Disney lawsuit

    QuoteIn its countersuit, Fox attempts to show that Genting did not understand the intellectual properties it was working with. Among its examples: the Alien vs Predator Dance Show.

    Fox states: "Demonstrating how little thought it gave to the integrity of Fox's intellectual property, Genting proposed taking some of Fox's most significant science fiction film properties— Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator—and using the main characters in a cruise ship-style dance show, featuring a dancing Alien and Predator."

    But in its answer to the claim, Genting says the show wasn't its idea: "[Genting] never proposed having a dancing Alien or a dancing Predator in a 'cruise ship-style dance show.' Rather, it was Fox that suggested 'a stylized costumed Colonial Marines, Predators, and Aliens dance show,' including that 'Predators then perform a 'dance' circle outside of the circle of Marines.' Accordingly, [Genting] designed a show in which the Colonial Marines would simulate action/fight scenes involving two Predators and an Alien. Moreover, it was Fox that demonstrated a lack of understanding as to how its own IP should be represented, as Fox requested significant changes to the show concept it had already approved and its representatives gave conflicting guidance as to what they wanted to see in the show. For example, one Fox representative instructed [Genting] to '[a]dd some comic guest interaction between Colonial Marines and guests,' while a few months later, another Fox representative countermanded that instruction, stating that '[c]omedy is off brand from the properties (not comedic movies).' These types of mixed messages from Fox, along with the aforementioned bad-faith Fox conduct in connection with the approval process—not [Genting]'s actions—caused the delays about which Fox complains."

    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Nov 26, 2018, 09:34:04 PM

    Not surprising News.

    Theme parks based on intellectual property and corporate strategy is high risk, low yield exercises. Get the balance right and you'd be raking in Millions per day (as Disney's heyday attested). Get the mix wrong and you can bankrupt the parent company and devalue the brand (as Paramount land attested).

    Look at the YouTuber who did the "Defunctland" video series (who started by reviewing retro, commercially successful rides), but then went onto post mortems of failed expansions and lost millions- or theme park park closures.

    As much as I love Xenomorphs and Predators- I wouldn't bank on a million dollar theme park.

    An ALIEN- WAR like they had at the Trocadero London in the early 90s is more suited.
  5. RidgeTop
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Sep 13, 2018, 07:53:54 AM
    Glad to see this is still happening. I'm a tiny bit disappointed it's looking like a traditional attraction - mostly because I hate rollercoasters and stuff - was hoping it'd be some sort of interactive thing.

    Agreed, really hope it's not just traditional coasters and other such thrill rides with logos stamped on. They really should have some kind of dark ride with animatronic characters.

    Looks like the Fox World Store is already open at RWG, you can see some Alien and Predator merchandise, other than the NECA toys, I can't say I've seen those items anywhere else.

    Definitely going to snag me an AVPR shot glass should I ever make my way out there.

    Seen here at 0:31

  6. Corporal Hicks
    Glad to see this is still happening. I'm a tiny bit disappointed it's looking like a traditional attraction - mostly because I hate rollercoasters and stuff - was hoping it'd be some sort of interactive thing.
  7. SM
    Everything is already there in Genting Highlands in terms of infrastructure (hotels, theme park); this sounds like a complete refurb.

    I remember this was announced back in 2014 or 15, and we were in Singapore at the end of 2015 into 2016 and was hoping to get up to KL.  First Born got Dengue and got stuck in hospital for a week which put paid to any ideas about seeing if this was going anywhere.
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