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20th Century Fox World Malaysia – Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

Three years ago we reported on the announcement that 20th Century Fox would be getting it’s own theme park. Dubbed 20th Century Fox World, one of the themed areas would be of the Alien, Predator, and AVP franchises. Though originally scheduled to open in 2017, construction of the project has been slow and quiet.

Recently, however, I checked the themeparX message board which has been posting construction updates and it seems as though light may be at the end of the tunnel for the project. I was surprised to see a few images of Alien themed attractions. Check them out below.

 20th Century Fox World Malaysia - Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

We can clearly see Weyland-Yutani Logos on these attractions, of which there appear to be three so far: an elevator drop ride, a scrambler, and a suspended coaster.

The elevator better be called Express Elevator To Hell.

It would be disappointing if these are the only planned Alien & Predator attractions in the area, though rumor is we’re likely to see a coaster/dark ride main attraction for the themed zone.

There was supposed to be another 20th Century Fox World park to be built in Dubai, but it seems that project is totally dead. The Malaysia park is being built as part of a hilltop resort complex called Resorts World Genting, which features multiple hotels, a shopping mall, nightlife, a casino, and entertainment venues.

It’s likely the Genting Group has solidified the Fox license for their park, so even with the impending Disney acquisition, the Fox theme here should not be affected. Such was the case for Universal’s Islands of Adventure park in Orlando, Florida, which acquired the Marvel license long before their primary competitor, Disney, acquired that property. Universal Studios still maintains the Marvel license in their park.

 20th Century Fox World Malaysia - Construction Update for Alien/Predator Attractions

Conceptual Artwork for the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park in Malaysia. Not the Derelict in the upper-middle.

I would guess this park will finally see opening sometime in 2019. What do you think of these attractions? Will you be traveling all the way out to Malaysia to experience these rides?

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