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Cancelled Dubai AVP Dark Ride and Land Revealed with Concept Art!

While we just discovered that an Alien themed area will no longer be coming to the Genting SkyWorlds theme park in Malaysia, we have come across some concept art that shows what could have been at the other planed 20th Century Fox World park in Dubai. This theme park project was put on indefinite hold and if it ever does happen it will be nothing like what was planned.

The excellent Theme Park YouTube channel ReviewTyme recently put out a video going through the history and ideas of the planned and ultimately cancelled park, which you can watch below:

After watching this video I was inspired to do some more digging to see if I could find additional concept art on the project. I was especially curious about the AVP dark ride which ReviewTyme said in their video was not revealed:

“The attraction was a large dark ride, the largest in the park. Though this is one of the least known aspects of the entire Fox park, with no concept art or even story treatments being revealed for the ride.”

Well, I found the concept art showing what the ride experience may have been like!

These concepts are by Studio Pages LLC, which is the site of artist Gabriel Pages. They give us a pretty good idea of what seems to be a dark ride/motion simulator hybrid, similar to the Universal Studios ride system used in Transformers, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and the upcoming Jurassic World dark ride at Universal Studios Shanghai.


Unlike the previous concept we saw for AVP at the Malaysia park featuring a pyramid setting, this one looks to have been set within an Aliens-inspired colony, yet also featuring Predators!

Some additional concept art by Justin Martin and Rethink Leisure & Entertainment shows the entrance for the ride as well as the ride vehicles:

 Cancelled Dubai AVP Dark Ride and Land Revealed with Concept Art!

Concept art by Justin Martin

 Cancelled Dubai AVP Dark Ride and Land Revealed with Concept Art!

Concept art by Justin Martin

From what I can see in the story boards, it looks like guests would have been part of a marine convoy gathered with tanks, APCs, and dropships. The convoy would be attacked with the ride vehicles venturing inside the colony complex and then into a xenomorph hive, where a queen would face off against Predators.

There’s also some additional concept art showing off what would’ve been the Alien themed land, which may have been mixed with other Fox sci-fi properties as we can see the ‘Serenity’ ship from FireFly tv series.


The other attraction in the area would’ve been a much less elaborate power-loader themed ride.

It’s really unfortunate that these great Alien and AVP concepts for both Dubai and Malaysia won’t see the light of day, but here’s hoping Disney might be considering including the franchises in their own parks.

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Comments: 4
    Oh man - i am genuinely gutted about this! I've thought and dreamt about an Aliens inspired theme park land and rides for so long! This would have been epic in so many ways and hoping it'll make an appearance at a Disney???

    Side note - nice digging around though! Loved seeing the concept work 👍
  2. Kailem
    As someone who suffers from motion sickness if said motion is too extreme, and thus isn't a big fan of rollercoasters, that Aliens/AVP Dubai dark ride sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'd want to see from a ride based on these franchises! I love dark rides and Spider-Man and Transformers are two of my absolute favourite theme park rides period, so an Alien ride using that same system would have been amazing; so of course it's no longer happening. :(

    Granted it's not like I ever would have flown out to Dubai to ride it even if it had been built, but it sucks that yet again another Alien ride came so close to existing only to be cancelled.

    One day......
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