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Updated: Behind-the-Scenes Videos Surface for Alien Theme Park Attractions!

Some new behind the scenes videos have been posted showing off both storyboards and production footage for Alien and Alien vs. Predator themed attractions at the almost complete Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

Be advised of minor spoilers of the attractions if you plan to make the journey to Malaysia!

These videos were posted as part of demo reels for Kenneth Nakada and Sungyoon Choi.

“Ken Nakada served as Director, Art Director, and VFX Designer for “Alien Terrorforma” Theme Park Ride. The video shows samples of Nakada’s art direction and design for props, set pieces, costumes, environments, future technology, exoplanet data acquisition/analysis systems, production design, and VFX design. Nakada also directed live action photography and served as director on all 5 shows.”

You may remember way back in 2015 when we covered the announcement of a planned 20th Century Fox Theme Park in Malaysia featuring the Alien & Predator properties. Once planned for Dubai and Malaysia, the Dubai park was cancelled and the Malaysian highlands park opening was long delayed. Resorts World has experience managing other theme park IP in Asia, such as with Universal Studios Singapore.

In 2018, after the Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox, now 20th Century Studios, the park’s future became uncertain after Disney and Resorts World entered a legal battle. Eventually the companies would reach settlement, with the park’s name dropping the Fox branding to become ‘Genting SkyWorlds’ yet retaining some of the 20th Century Studios IP for already planned attractions.

Not completely losing hope, I continued to follow construction updates for years on the ThemeParX fourm. From what I can tell, there will be a few attractions in an Alien themed area with the showcase ride being an indoor/outdoor coaster-darkride hybrid, similar to ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ at Universal Studios parks.

Based on what I’ve seen in the construction forum, this may be the track layout and ride-system for the Alien-themed coaster:

 Behind-the-Scenes Videos Surface for Alien Theme Park Attractions!
The elevator-drop attraction featured in the production demo reel will apparently be called ‘Alien Terrorforma.’

I like the name. As a theme park aficionado, it reminds me of the now defunct ‘ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter’ at Disney World.

The demo reel video featured some nice concept art for the theming:


Less is known of the AVP attraction storyboards, and they’re dated from 2017. I have to wonder if the coaster will be AVP themed, or if plans have changed and they’ve dropped the Predator side of things altogether.

In any case, the Alien theme park experience announced back in 2015 may finally be about to become a reality, as construction for Genting SkyWorlds is nearly complete with a planned opening for later in 2021.

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Looks like we could see an Alien themed restaurant as well in the park:

 Behind-the-Scenes Videos Surface for Alien Theme Park Attractions!

Source and full layout:

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  1. RidgeTop
    Looks like we could see an Alien themed restaurant as well in the park:

    Source and full layout:
  2. Kailem
    Nice find! That second video looks especially cool. Looks like it must be pretty far along! And I like the name too, as you say very reminiscent of The ExtraTerrorestrial Alien Encounter.

    I highly doubt I'll ever get to go on it myself, but it's cool that one day it looks like it's actually going to exist! :laugh:
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