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AvPG Reviews Alien 3 Novelization

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Alien, Titan Books has been republishing Alan Dean Foster’s Alien novelizations (in addition to their own original trilogy, the second of which is out at the end of month). I have uploaded a review I have done of Mr Foster’s Alien 3 novelization:

“Much like the final film, Alan Dean Foster experienced many issues when writing the Alien 3novelization. When we spoke to him back in 2006, Alan Dean Foster commented that he: “approach[ed] it in a twofold manner: as a writer collaborating with another writer (or writers) and as a fan with the opportunity to ‘fix’ those mistakes and errors we all mutter while seated in the back of the movie theater.”

You can find my review of the Alien 3 novelization in our Articles section – along with my review of Alien – Out of the Shadows, the first of Titan’s original Alien based.

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Comments: 4
  1. happypred
    The assembly cut is better than the theatrical version...but it still ain't a good movie IMO

    Alien and Aliens are far, far superior to any version of Alien 3

    The AC is basically a polished rock. A rock, no matter how much you polish it, still ain't a diamond. That said, I believe the novelisation is probably more bearable than the film. It's harder to get all the bald guys confused.
  2. FiorinaFury161
    The first chapter is one of the most eerie, unsettling chapters of a book I have ever read Pure terror and chaos. Overall, the novel is almost step for step for the assembly cut with extra tidbits thrown in. The extra information about the planet of Fiorina 161 and the settling of the mine/refinery is something I really wish the movie added in. I would highly suggest this novel to fan who is still trying to accept the film and all Alien 3 fanactics.
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