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Ridley Scott to Direct Alien Prequel!

Variety have confirmed that Ridley Scott is going to direct the upcoming Alien Prequel movie. Fox have also hired Jon Spaihts to write the prequel. The studio was impressed by his work on two space thrillers called Passengers and Shadow 19.

Twentieth Century Fox is resuscitating its “Alien” franchise. The studio has hired Jon Spaihts to write a prequel that has Ridley Scott attached to return as director. Spaihts got the job after pitching the studio and Scott Free, which will produce the film.

The film is set up to be a prequel to the groundbreaking 1979 film that Scott directed. It will precede that film, in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them.

This is excellent news about Ridley Scott returning. Thanks to dDave, Aiden, Alien Genesis, Kirkempk, Clayton, and Giger_Incubator for the news.

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  1. redalert51
    L believe Ridley Scott has become a living lengend ( pun intended ) in everyones mind,including me, his track record though of late has been pretty low,e.g Political Thrillers etc,but really he is a SCi Fi filmmaker ..........              :)  
  2. Rudy
    the story should be about only the derelict ship and the space jockeys not about of the nostromo cargo ship answering a distress call and on purpose bringing the creature in the cargo. why does it say that on the where it says: Ridley Scott directing the Alien Prequel and now its showing is it the synopsis of the 1979 film or should it be just the alien ship being stranded with the egg?
  3. Selthera
    1. The new movie should have nothing involving anything human.  2. Any Aliens SHOULD be CG, but done under the careful supervision of Scott and Giger. Give them the nature of movement and grace such a beautiful creature deserves.  3. Explaining the origins of the Alien and the Space Jockey's involvement will be the most curcial elements to this film. Explain too much, the mystery is gone.  4 IF any new Alien types are to be shown, they should be done so according to the natural and expected natures of the host they respectively were birthed from.
  4. PyroAcid
    this sounds more like a reboot, like everything else these days  thats good in this case becouse they really nerfed avp flims bad  i want to fear these things with lil pred honor hunt code in with it.not go ok yah kil these  stupid  teens lol then bomm bang moives over. also with oredators comeing out we shall see. good news
  5. Starkiller
    the prequel should be titled:  Alien Evolution  and i dont think we need a young ripley, i am bored of her charachter, she died in alien 3.   the prequel should have all new charachters, an innovative plot leading up to the events of Alien (maybe even the merging of the two companies, Weyland Industries & Yutani) It would be more interesting, after all, this isnt the story of ripley but the origin of the alien themselves.
  6. Rudy
      8)   let's put a young Ripley in it. just like Halloween remake, they put a young Michael and a young Laurie Strode for the new prequel/remake of Halloween. i think the girl from Live Free or Die Hard which the girl played the daughter to Bruce Willis. i don't know the name but i think she will be the best action actress.
  7. K
    Even WITH Ridley at the healm, they're gonna have to dig DEEP to conjure up any kind of quality story and plot for the idea of a prequel... Ridley Scott =/= automatic success.
  8. ScarFan
    Little to NO CG.  NO ADI.  NO PG 13.  NO FOX making creative decisions.  NO Comedy.  NO new alien designs.  NO chestbursters that look like hotdog buns with teeth.  NO aliens trotting around like raptors and if Jean Pierre whatever, Paul Anderson or the Strause brothers come within 100 miles of the filming they must be aprehended and a restraining order must be placed.
  9. RoaryUK
    WHY are some people assuming that, just because the new movie is a prequel, this new Alien movie will be about Space Jockeys or even Ripley??  If you didnt get it in the original movie then you obviously wern't watching, soooo, do yourselves a BIG favour and read the book by Alan Dean Foster.  CASES IN POINT...  Space travel has obviously been around a long time.... NOWHERE is it stated no one had seen the Alien Ship before it was only assumed, but it WAS stated that ship has also been on the planetoid a very long time.  Read between the lines people theres BAGS of scope for this.
  10. Dallas
    This had to be a prequel because AR ruined the franchise and there was nowhere to go with it.  Ripley 8 was one of the dumbest ideas in modern film making.
  11. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i am happy as well, this took 4ever but finally a new Alien film: a prequel. i also will see both comic movies: ALIEN 5: Prequel and PREDATORS. long time no see "ALIEN".
  12. Rafael S.
    THE ALIEN GLORY IS BACK!!   ;D   I knew, I still had some kinda hope this day´ll come when the Alien would be as great as it was 30 years ago.
  13. TheAncientEnemy
    Let me ruin the ending for you: a warning beacon is placed on the ship on LV426.   At the very least though, Scott will make the movie tasteful. He won't drown us in CG imagery. He might, however, confuse an already bruised and beaten idea when it comes to the alien life cycle. The guy had a lot of weird ideas before Cameron took them in a less surreal and more logical direction.  I guess we'll see.
  14. rudy m alapag jr
      8)   if this gonna be about the alien coming aboard. then i'm not seeing this one, if it is about the derelict ship then i would be game to see it.
  15. rudy m alapag jr
    this film isn't about the crew of nostromo and ripley. speaking of ripley, why is she involved? this is before her isn't? why the towing ship instead of the alien ship? if this is a prequel then this one is just about the space jockeys and that alien ship with the eggs. remember  what lambert said: i wonder what happened to the rest of the crew".
  16. rudy m alapag jr
      8)   should the Alien movie be about: the derelict ship (if i'm not mistaken) crash landing on that planetoid and finding out who and why the ship was taken and why it was doing there in the first place? i can't even see this being like the first film of Alien  (1979). can't just be the same. any thoughts, guys?
  18. WildStorm
    Great News! :smile: Looks like FOX is putting more effort into the 'new' alien franchise than the 'new' predator one.  I just hope both Alien Prequel & Predator's are great films. Both franchise's have suffered enough in recent years (alien ressurection, avp 1 & 2)  Lets hope this is a new beginning and a good start to both these creatures!   Ridley is the man    ;D  
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