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Ridley Scott Dishes Details on Alien Prequel

After what seems like an eternity of silence, Ridley Scott has finally broken that silence. In a recent chat with MTV Movies, Scott has dished what has to be the most we’ve heard about the film yet:

“It’s set in 2085, about 30 years before Sigourney [Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley]. It’s fundamentally about going out to find out ‘Who the hell was that Space Jockey?’ The guy who was sitting in the chair in the alien vehicle — there was a giant fellow sitting in a seat on what looked to be either a piece of technology or an astronomer’s chair. Remember that?”

He talks about the date they want the film out, that they’re on the fourth draft, about consulting Giger and about possible re-designs for the early stages of the lifecycle. Read the entire thing at MTV Movies. Thanks to Undel for the news.

Update: There’s a few more details on HitFix. Apparently, the film will definitely be in 3D and the project is for two prequel films. The movies won’t be shot back-to-back, however.

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  1. Selthera
    With Scott at the helm, I see good things happening. Despite the available technology that we now have in entertainment, I see Scott going the more traditional approach, using real physical things to give that sense of tangibility, that sense of "real" that CGI is only now beginning to hit, and even then its still got a ways to go.

    If Giger is brought into this, then we should see the Alien as it is meant to be, the perfect organism, the ultimate force. Aliens, yes, brought something to the table Scott had never considered, the Queen, but every subsequent film did something to the Alien to bring it further away from what it really was: A biomechanoid.

    As the films progressed, the Alien became less machinelike and more biological, fleshier and less forboding. We saw a creature of strength, speed, agility, grace, and sheer ferocity become nothing more than particularly strong dog that you really don't want to piss off.

    I sincerely hope the Alien is returned to its former glory: "I admire its purity....unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality."

    That purity needs to be brought back to the big screen.

    Also, I would be glad to see Scott and Cameron do a joint project to bring something to the Alien saga. Each director has their own sense of storytelling and unique approaches to creating the stuff of nightmares.
  2. ColdDeadEyes
    3D? i smell epic fail already.....really want this to be awesome but I just cant see it after reading that. Asking Giger to work with them again and to also change up the design a bit is f**kin the worse idea ever and i hope Giger says yes but only if the design stays the same.
  3. cdiehl
    hey this sounds awesome! don't know how he's going to tie in the "wayland" part before it was wayland/yutani, but maybe in the second prequel it will come together. let's hope that the strauss brothers, if they do an avp3, will not screw anything up on the two companies forming together. new alien designs, new people, new storyline... i'm game! and in 3D, too. ;D
  4. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    rid won't do them back-to-back evidently. he hopes to film the first one later this year.and the other 2 Alien movies he will develop that will build the events to the original film "ALIEN 1". the 1 of the crew of ROBIN HOOD brought up again 2 him asked him if he's making another ALIEN and he said that "prequels". "2 ALIEN films".
  5. Rudy
    8) ;D i just read on avpspectrum that not only 1 ALIEN film is happening but 2 ALIEN movie prequel(s) are happening. sorry i misread u guys.its cool, he's gonna do it.
    so, its A1, A2, A3, AR, A5 and A6. a A7? who knows.
  6. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    8) ridley scott said that he may do "ALIEN 5" or "ALIEN 6" talking about the space jockey and the alien eggs themselves.and how many years was the alien derelict ship was stranded for a long, i mean a long, he said he'll say he'll do this "ALIEN 5" and i don't know, its maybe a rumor he will do a trilogy and then i have to get the ultimate Alien series with a lot of money its gonna come to if Rid is gonna make a whole trilogy.first thing first "ALIEN 5" and see from there.that's my opinion.
  7. Hmmmm
    The ALIEN franchise is already ruined.  A3, AR, AVP, and AVP-R were simply aweful.  Ripley 8 was possibly the dumbest idea in movie making history.  As "***burster" said: if Ridley nails this then really what we will have is a trilogy which is great.  We can just pretend that the others don't exist and hope that the next one continues to go in the right direction.  If Ridley can focus on re-creating that gritty realistic world then the rest will fall into place.  Hey Cameron, you're next....  Oh wait, how about Joss Whedon ::) :P
  8. insane
    lawl i'm sorry but i hope they don't do this , every single decent movie is now making how it started and lately they fail .

    if they end up doing this i hope they do not go the road of sfx seeing as every movie is now built around it and seems dumb.

    sadly i hope this doesent get made as it will most likely ruin aliens period .

    dont get me wring i want it but i have bad feeling its gonna be a f**kup like rest of the movies lately going all the way on spec fx making it seem just way to unbareable to watch .
  9. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    8) i think as well Karol. it will talk more about the "ALIENS AND THE SPACE JOCKEYS".the audience wants it, the us fans wants it.but only hoping if it makes it and the story, well, the story from Ridley Scott seems finally going backwards.even though its "ALIEN 5 - ALIEN 7" we'll see what happens.and how much money Ridley Scott and the movie and the box office will recieve and make.oh, and the story it will turn out fine.
  10. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    8) hey guys,i've read that ridley might or might not do 2 more "ALIEN" movies which it might be a trilogy after the prequel and it may be the end of the last new survivor from the prequel itself and no one is alive to the original version movie.and it may say "MORE" about the aliens. how about that? i forgot where i read it but i don't know it may or may not happen. who knows?
  11. MrFacehug
    TWO prequels? While I believe in Ridley Scott and all, I'm doubtful about this. To make two movies just seems like an effort to squeeze more money out of the franchise. And is Ridley gonna be onboard for the second one, as well? He usually stays away from sequels, so I doubt it.

    Cameron for the second one would be sweet. It probably wont happen though.
  12. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    8) when i saw the behind the scenes of the AR crew on the alien quadrilogy talking about the space jockeys and the alien(s), i was shocked that the crew of AR they wanted to explore that. i've been waiting for many how many so years?
    and seeing it as the 5th movie prequel going back to the 1st original as a loop, starting from original beginning to the last as the backstory beginning.i'm sure this one explains a "lot" more.
  13. Guest
    The Space Jockey is like a giant.  I never understood how the facehugger could impregnate one.  Hopefully, that is explained in the prequel.
  14. MasterRich
    I agree Ridley and Giger together is so great! I hope like all of you have said, don't go too much into explaning the Space Jockey. I hope they do a good job in making the set, the costumes and the feel look like it was made before ALIEN film just so it fits in nicely!!
  15. Assburster
    I love the idea of Ridley and Giger teaming up for this, I only wish Dan O'Bannon was still around to complete the trinity. A small part of me hopes he left something in good hands incase this ever happened. As long as its rock solid and tastefully done, I will consider this the long awaited 3rd movie in the trilogy.
  16. Semaka
    I'm not going to rain on your parade man, but please, not Space Jockeys.. they would be better left untouched. And please, let there be aliens. I would really love to see a colony, because, that is the thing that we haven't seen in the second movie, what happened in the colony, how the colonists reacted, how they fought the aliens, how the kids escaped, how the queen was born (I know that there is a comic about what happened in the colony), but I want it to be a movie, I hope it will be like the first movie, the feeling of isolation, and the feeling that you have to survive and hide rather than fighting with the aliens
  17. Dash
    We are truly, incredibly fortunate to have Ridley Scott come direct an Alien prequel. We can at least expect a work that has more integrity and enjoyment than the AvP series.

    This combined with Predators, it's a good time to be a fan.
  18. dallas001
    Its been too long to finally get it right. I wonder if ADI is banging there heads on the wall about having Giger work on the designs and not them. If they do, they need to do some MAJOR ASS KISSING to Giger for the 1990 debacle (aka ALIEN 3 disaster). If you want clues about the space jockey stuff they are talking about, check out the Dark Horse Comics Presents ALIENS collectors book. The space jockey story is fantastic! I have had the platinum edition since I was in high school. Mr Scott, please return this franchise back to glory.
  19. Alien Genesis
    Finally.  Finally!  FINALLY!!!

    It's about damn time someone addressed the mystery of the Space Jockey.  Ever since I first saw the first movie, I have wanted a backstory to that creature.  What is it?  Where did it come from?  Did the Space Jockey and the Alien come from one and the same place?  Different places?  Was the Space Jockey harvesting the Alien?  Where was the Space Jockey traveling to?  Did the Alien hijack the derelict, kill everything on board, and cause it to crash on the planet?

    I'm not expecting every cotton-pickin' question about the origin of the Space Jockey to be answered, nor do I want it to.  Just shed a little light on the story; that's all I'm asking.  I'm so happy about this, I'm just fit to burst.

  20. aciddreamer
  21. MrFacehug
    This is the best news of the week! Finally we learn some details about the movie. I'm glad they're going to explore the Space Jockeys further, but I hope they won't go into too much detail. I also like that the movie will be a place of discussion about terraforming which will lead to "Aliens", in the end.

    I'm really hopeful with this movie. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but I'm sure Ridley will pull it off. Finally he's back in the Alien franchise and that's a great thing. While I look forward to Predators, this takes the cake!
  22. invisible hunter
    sounds ok, not looking forward to this as much as predators though! aliens is one of the best films ive ever seen. but this just dosent grab me,
  23. David
    The idea of bringing Giger back into the picture is really, really exciting.  However, I still hate the idea of exploring The Pilot. That's something that I think should be left untouched.
  24. Federick Gonsa
    THANKS GOD!!! So they are really working on the damn film. I was beggining to think that this was one of those projects were they say "I will work on it after I finish the movie that I want to make after the one that I am going to make as soon as I finish th eone that I am doing now", and then do nothing. Cool. glad to know they are moving forward.
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