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Ridley Scott To Helm Alien Prequel?

Well it looks like 20th Century Fox aren’t as keen on Rinsch as the Scott brothers and despite earlier confirmation from Tony Scott, Fox wont be moving forward without Ridley Scott in the directors chair:

“While the Scott’s have given approval of Rinsch, 20th Century Fox apparently doesn’t want to greenlit the film without Ridley himself at the helm. “

Follows on with the latest trend of not trusting newbies (Fox pulled support from Halo due to the inexperience of the director despite the very experienced producer). Either way, it’s good for us. Rinsch looked rather talented and we know Scott can deliver. You can find the article at Dark Horizons. Thanks to Ryan T. Farkas for the news.

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  1. JMPredator
    Shakerman  while i dont think scott has made a 'crap' film i dont think anyone can argue the point that everyone of his films are great..cough...white squal...cough gi jane cough cough.  but i do agree with Dallas with the point that scott is not the problem here, its fox.
  2. Dallas
    shakermakerman   There are no crap Scott movies.  In my opinion they are ALL outstanding.  Scott is never the problem, its FOX.  You have FOX people with no artistic or creative ability making the decisions that affect the quality of the movie in order to "protect" the bottom line.  It has failed miserably and ruined the last three movies (AR, AVP, AVPR)
  3. what
    by: what> on June 11, 2009 at 19:44:07  just the usual sssshhhhit, reboot means remake, I don't care how different you say it they are all remakes  talk about unoriginality. they will also ruin the alien movies, no fffuuucking remakes, reboots, or prequels, if anything just make a continuation alien 5.  don't want ridley or tony scott making alien 5, how about a new director.
  4. Nachtfalke
    This phobia of new talent is terrible. If Fox had that much of a phobia, why give AVPR? Rubbish IMO. Personally, I like to see new blood. People get too attached to names like Scott, Cameron and Lucas. They don't realise that they are not going to be forever.
  5. JMPredator
    its fox guys come on...this is just some big marketing strategy of using big names like scott and rodriguez to cover up incredibly rushed reboot cash-ins. is no one else here concerned that fox wants to put RIPLEY in this? as much as i'd like to get excited by this and predators, i learned my lesson with alien ressurection, avp and avpr.
  6. Hicks_0998
    Hmmm I dunno how this would work now.  It's like Fox are trying to cover all their bases in case something goes wrong.  But this comes hot on the heels that Predators is going to get made so who knows now, especially with the stink tank that was AvPR
  7. AnP Fan
    This is awesome.  I love proving arrogant jerks like you wrong.  Hey pvt. hicks.  I am not on the forum and I have never been on IMDB.  I just made the name AnP Fan up.  "its annoying when people dont know their facts."  Follow your own advice you nitwit, and watch your mouth as well.
  8. Ash 937
    In the Alien commentary track from the Quadrilogy Box Set, Ridley Scott said he would like to revisit the franchise and go to the alien home world.  So when he announced that he would only be producing this film I thought it was strange.  I guess you just gotta be careful for what you wish for.
  9. pvt. hicks
    "AnP Fan"  you f**king posted that in the forums, you f**king posted that on imdb, and you just posted right now.   dude, get a grip. the whole reason fox wants to do this project is so that scott can direct. they never were gonna do it without scott. scott goes, this movie goes. and scott aint going. theyre slicker than you thought? youre denser than I thought.  its annoying when people dont know their facts.
  10. AnP Fan
    Ahhhhh. I get it.  Yes.  The Scotts will walk away now and FOX will be able to hire any one of the cheapest cheeseball directors they want and still look good because they demanded Ridley.  Man these guys are slicker than I thought!!!
  11. Bill
    Extremely hard to believe!!  Has FOX finally learned their lesson that being cheap money mongers instead of film makers doesn't pay?  This is like Moses parting the Red Sea.  Definately a miracle if this is happening.  Hopefully this is a trend that will continue.  Hey FOX, keep those dollar signs out of your eyes and focus on the quality of the film and it will pay off in the end!!
  12. redalert51
    Has anyone noticed, that Ridley Scotts films of late have not been blockbusters the only one post Alien has been Gladiator, I have always considered him a Sci Fi director. What ever timeline Alien 5 will be set it will be fantastic I hope they bring in HRG as well....
  13. JMPredator
    dont know bout you guys but even if ridley returns to direct, it would be like a hall of famer coming out of retirement to ruin his legacy as there is no possible way, given the curerent state of the film industry, that ridley can or would make a film a hfilm half as groundbreaking as the original.
  14. Kimarhi
    Don't get to excited.  Lots of people think this is simply another way for Fox to assume control.  Rinsch is practically family with the Scotts, kicking him off the production is likely to piss Tony/Ridley off.  Thus letting them voluntarily leave and allowing Fox to bring in whoever they want.  Don't trust those snake oil selling board guys at Fox.  It could be true in them wanting Ridley, its more likely they are trying to publically crush any outrage before it starts by seemingly playing nice.
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