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Fox & Ridley Scott Clash Over Alien Prequel

It looks like the conflict between director and studio is starting already:

Ridley Scott is at odds with 20th Century Fox, the major studios behind the project over budgetary and creative differences, according to sources close to the production.
It would seem Scott wants a budget of around $250m to make it a sci-fi spectacular, and is also pushing for an 18-rated level of violence and horror. Fox, however, don’t plan on investing anywhere near that sum, and are keen to get a 15 rating to maximise the audience appeal.”

This is the second time we know of that Fox have intervened with the Prequel, demanding Ridley direct it. We can only hope this isn’t another Alien3. Check out the original article at ScriptFlags. Thanks to Richard Daborn for the link.

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  1. Ralok
    to explain why exactly they are idiotic for wanting a reduced rating

    1. this is a movie about space rape bugs that burst out of tyoru chest in unimaginably violent ways

    2. People under that age DO NOT HAVE CARS, nor are they really old enough to have been around when the original movies were out. Thus, they will have to get a ride from their parents, and their parents (who saw the movie when they were younger) will gladly allow them to see it

    and R rating does not mean they kick kids out of the movie theater, it means they have to have a parent there. Which they will have anyways, since they are thirteen f**king years old.

    they dont seem to understand, pg-13 does not mean that it will appeal to younger people, it means younger people will be allowed to see it alone.

    hard to believe a movie studio is so unbelievably dumb
    I'm guessing if they made 2 films for 125 each?  I guess it's expenisve to make films 3Dtarded these days.  Yeah I don't feel like an idiot wearing those terminator shades or anything either.  We don't want an avatar style film, we want what was made in 1979.  Same quality, same feel.    One film for 250 is only gonna give us a Turbo Alienavatar. We would witness what happens to those blue people if they were a host for an Alien.  And I, say that would suck the biggest pg-13 ass.
  3. shinigami
    rating 15? Are they f**king kidding me? This would totaly suck if that rating would appear. I wanna see it in an R rating. This is an insult. >:(  Fox, just provide him what he needs and he won't disapoint nobody (hopefuly).  :P
  4. Guest
    shit give me a million i will make a movie about me spending the budget :D haha...really tho make it rated R and drop to 200 million JUST because hes day he will die sooooo do him justice :)
  5. frostedone
    The way I see it Ridley is the BEST and ONLY one capable of the Alien Prequel, that said a $250,000,000 for an R rated film is way too much considering most R rated films REALLY struggle to break $100,000,000.

    Maybe that was just his bargaining chip, for negotiations. Still Fox should let Ridley have as much creative control as possible given the history of the franchise.
  6. Darkness Visible
    Given the box office returns of the Alien films, it's not unreasonable for Fox to expect a smaller budget. I am with the rest of you in hoping the prequels are as magnificent as the original, but it's worth considering that the most expensive sci-fi extravaganzas hardly match the aesthetic quality of alien or its first sequel, which are essentially low-budget films. To me, the alien never looked more real than in the first movie (Giger bias, I know) despite rudimentary effects. I suppose the point is that Ridley Scott can make an exceptional film with high production values without an obscene Avatar sized budget; he has done it before. I can't blame Fox for looking at the prequel from a profit standpoint, but hopefully they realize that a great film will attract audiences even with an R rating. Let's just see what happens, and I'll hope like you that it doesn't become an Alien 3 scale debacle.
  7. Bio Mech Hunter
    @JediMasterGabe: I completely agree. They raked in a ton of cash on Avatar, and an Alien prequel has incredible potential. For crying out loud Ridley Scott is going to be at the helm. Truly, Fox better not f*** THIS ONE up.
  8. Dallas001
    >:D Fox two words and its simple. RATED R. No more pg-13 crap, and no more using monkey's to run your business. And give RIDLEY SCOTT creative control, or else you'll have what, oh yeah ALIEN 3 again. Stop dicking around and do the right thing. 250 mil is a lot, maybe a little less, but DO NOT CROSS RIDLEY and make him leave. No more fanboy directors like the Bros Strauss.
    Now this is so totally f**ked up on fox's part. I mean I want an R-rating to this new prequel to the Alien movies. I thought once they got Ridley on board to direct these two prequels to the Alien movies we'll finally break the curse that fox has put the Alien movies in since Alien Resurrection and both very extremely crappy AVP movies. GOD I HATE FOX!!! All those f**king execs at fox cares about is money money more money but not the fans of these great franchises. I think Ridley should walk out and let some other director to do it and tell fox to go to hell and also say "f**k YOU" to the fox's execs since they're nothing but assholes!
  10. Rudy
    i agree. FOX should let Rid direct the movie. was it FOX who were directing the 1st Alien 1979? NO. They asked Tom for Ridley Scott to do it "NOT FOX!" FOX is B.S. "sorry"  my cussing. We should think Ridley could do it anyway he wants. This isn't "The Hobbit" like N.L.C. or MGM refusing P. Jackson to direct the prequel to LOTR. and that's still a problem. still a problem.
  11. OhBrother
    Fox, HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM AVP?! Granted, I don't think Scott needs 250mil to make a good movie, but Fox should trust him and his vision. It was Scott that made Alien such a huge franchise from the start.
  12. JediMasterGabe
    Well $250 Milllion is a lot but its not like Fox doesnt have the money (Avatar). Not to mention I would love to see what Scott could do with that big of a budget. But seriously if Fox f**ks this up....
  13. Bio Mech Hunter
    Damnit, Fox. Every time they "intervene" they f*** up a potentially great film and THEY NEVER LEARN. They could give a rat's ass about the fans or the integrity of the franchise. They need to leave it up to the people who know how to make the the damn films. That being said, $250mil is an awful lot to ask for.

    At this point, it's the principle of the matter. I have absolutely no respect for Fox anymore. They've butchered too much, for too long.
  14. rycher
    Fox is def. more Pred fanbased... they let Robert do whatever he wanted for Predators... and now a movie that actually HAS a good story to it,  FOx has to butt in... DONT f**k UP THE ALIEN FRANCHISE MORE PLEASE!!
  15. will
    is the 250 million for both prequel movies? either way yes i agree with some of you that it is too much to ask for for a single hard r-rated movie. i mean avatar cost 237 million to make and he wants more than that. however, if its 250 million total for 2 movies im all for that. i honestly like the idea of a scifi spectacular, epic movie(s) in the alien universe, that would be freakin amazing. i mean alien and aliens (and even alien 3 and resurrection) were such small movies in terms of location seeing some huge scope having to do with something like alien could be awesome.

    i think thats my fav part of this news is how big ridley wants to go with it.
  16. Hmmmm
    Why is 250 mil too much for an Alien film?!  Why should he aim for around 100 mil?  Do you work for FOX?  Who are you Phantom?  Seriously.  You sound like a FOX exec.
    250m budget lol! First of all what the hell is Ridley smoking? I'm all for a big budget Alien film but that's just being unrealistic to want 250mil for a film like this.

    What the hell is he trying to make? Avatar level special effects with massive Colonial Marine space wars against the aliens on the xenomorph planet? Haha, Lets be realistic here, 250mil is too much for an Alien film. The Alien franchise is popular but not Star Wars popular.

    Ridley should be aiming for an Alien film around 100mil at maximum! And even that's pushing it. Predators cost around 40mil to make and it had a big budget feel to it, 80-100mil you can make the most amazing film imaginable.

    Lay off the crack Ridley 250mil is too much, it's not Fox thats blowing it, Ridley is blowing it.
  18. Hmmmm
    OMG.  I'm sorry.  I hate FOX so much.  They are just hell bent on making more CRAP.  Is it any wonder why all these Alien movies suck?  They don't care how much of a shocking disapointment it is.  They know the fans will keep coming in hopes of seeing something good.  They know this and they EXPLOIT it.  The success of Alien and Aliens have allowed FOX to make lousy alien movies ever since and still make money.  They don't care that people walk away disapointed.  Now they have Ridley in the drivers seat and they are trying to play the same game.  Man they are sneaky.  It's like they wanted Ridley to direct just to get his name stamped on it as a selling point and then not allow him to make the movie he wants to make.  Always scheming they are!!!  FOX just needs to sell the rights to a company that won't always try to take advantage of people.  I'm tired of being taken advantage of by them.  All their slick marketing and fantastic looking trailers, only to be dismayed and shocked by how dumb the movie is.  Although we do have to give FOX some credit, I am stunned that they didn't go for the PG 13 rating   ::) .  AvP Galaxy should organize a fan based production cause so all of us who actually care about the movie can donate to Ridley's cause.  I'd give to it and I think there are millions of others who would too.  The only condition would be that FOX doesn't get crap!!
  19. Meathead320
    250 million is obviously a bargaining stand point. If you want say, 120 million, ask for double that.

    If you wanted 120, you would not dare ask for that amount, as likely they would give you half of what you asked for.

    Its just a game of chips guys.
  20. Michael Harper
    So, let's see... Fox screw with Alien 3, which could have been incredible (considering David Fincher's work following Alien 3), they screw with the Ratings of the continuing franchise. And now, they're actually going up against Ridley Scott.

    Ridley Scott should fight them, with all he has. And, if he really has too, get James Cameron on board as an Executive Producer or something, to back him up.

    Give Scott the money. Give him the 18-certificate.

    Let him do something for the fans. Instead of trying to make another trillion dollars after Avatar.
  21. MrLee
    Are they intent on forcing directors to make shit movies or something?

    It always seems that its constant "yeah, we dont wanna pay you much to achieve your vision, oh we also want you to dumb down the content so we can get a lower rating so we can make or money...even though we are not prepared to invest alot of money"
  22. BISHOP 93
    fecking hypocrits! they want scott to make the movie successful then they tell him what THEY want not what scott wants. FOX seriously give him the money not like they havent got it then leave him to it without him alien wouldnt of been the success it is.
  23. WolfPred987
    Fox....seriously....invest some time, energy, and money into the Alien and Predator franchises before you totally ruin the films that have many of us fans so loyal and supportive even the crap produced from Alien Resurrection to AVP:R. You did good with PREDATORS but quit holding back. Has Ridley let you down that much over the years?
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