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Tony Scott Confirms ‘Alien’ Prequel

Looks like this new Alien movie is definitely happening. Collider caught up with Ridley Scott’s brother, Tony Scott. He confirmed what Bloody-Disgusting revealed a few days ago. Carl Rinsch is going to direct a prequel to Alien.

Collider: 20th Century Fox is talking about remaking or redoing the original Alien. What’s going on with that?
Tony Scott: Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the prequel to Alien. He’s one of our directors at our company.

He also says he expects shooting to begin before the end of the year. You can check out some of Carl Rinsch’s commercials on /Film. Some of them do look pretty good. Thanks to Dusk and Coolness Cool for the news.

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  1. automirage04
    Gotta say, I have high hopes for this movie. Bringing Scott in on the project shows that they are at least taking the series seriously again.  ...although I will say that some of the interviews he gave a few years back have me concerned about what ideas he might try to implement.
  2. Bob
    I agree with pissedoff.  FOX are no longer film makers when it comes to ALIENS and PREDATORS.  They are money makers.  They don't care about the films.  Just look at AR, AVP, AVPR.  The only hope is that RIdley is involved in someway, but FOX has proven that they have inlimited capability of ruining ALIEN movies.  If they don't ruin this one I will be awestruck.
  3. Xenomorphine
    1: Nobody "released the Aliens", Rudy. I'm not sure what you meant by that.  2: Whoever sent the Nostromo out, obviously trashed all the data, for fear of criminal involvement. Nobody in the company knew about it. Why? Because they would have sent out another mission in the 57 years between the Nostromo going by Acheron and Ripleys' return, otherwise. Certainly, they wouldn't have bothered to help fix the colony up. They would have simply gone and got eggs. Burke took a risk. It was his doing so, which presumably cued others in the company to search hidden archives. Hence, the team in 'Alien 3'.
  4. Predator is prey
    Wow im really excited about this and i am speaking like a normal person does not like some geek fanboys. I hope they do an Aliens remake hahaa. Lets all make a petition to FOX.
  5. TheAncientEnemy
    Rudy, I'm trying my best to get through your grammar here but I think I can answer for Xenomorphine by saying that the company threw Ripley to the dogs. Do you think they would have any shred of decency and say "we believe you because we sent you there" etc etc? Do you think that the people at Ripley's hearing were even remotely informed by the higher ups? Of course not. The company lies, manipulates, and utilizes.  Questions like that make it no mystery at all as to why Fox can make money producing awful, stupid movies.
  6. pissedoff
    I'm really pissed about this. I knew Fox was greedy but I refused to believe they would stoop to this level. Once again Fox has shown that it has no respect for its IPs. I thought things couldn't get any worse. Now Fox is going to tamper with the one film that still gives them a degree of artistic merit. The days of good films are over people. As long as Fox continues to profit they will continue to put out mediocre garbage. Even if this film has potential Fox will cut every corner until there's nothing redeemable. Anyone who thinks otherwise need only look at what happened with Alien Resurrection. AvP was simply a confirmation of Fox's total lack of respect for the classics.
  7. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
      :o   the company doesn't believe Ripley that the Alien she blew out through the airlock.Then who send out the Aliens? Xenomorphine, who really send them out? if not the company, then who else?
  8. Xenomorphine
    And, for heaven's sake, the company did not release anything! They intercepted the signal! That's all! If they already had people on site, years before, they wouldn't have diverted a refinement tug, for such an unsuitable venture!
  9. Xenomorphine
    Ancient Enemy, totally agreed. Nobody agrees on which version of a 'homeworld' we should see and who seriously wants to see something as clunky as the Space Jockey's torso lumbering around?  Let's not introduce things, just for the sake of seeing them.
  10. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
    Tony Scott is directing for Ridley. and the Alien prequel is "Alien 5" origins of the derelict ship and how it crashed landed there. from the ompany themselves of course. they released the... well you guys know the rest.
  11. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
    hey guys! i just found out on the empire that this "Alien" film is NOT a remake, its a prequel to "'Alien"'s first film and the second one. it will be about how that derelict ship got crashed landed there and especially leaving the eggs there while the queen left her children and started to make more in "Aliens".so, after A4 it all goes in a loop and to the prequel and then to A4 again.
  12. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
    this is the "Alien" film i really looking forward to. To: I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. i've been waiting for this prequel to be solved and really for sure this one is the movie where we could find out about the Jockeys and the rest.i'm sure that this the only "Alien" film there should be and the only one it will explain everything.
  13. Hicks_0998
    @ RealAmerican: yeah i agree with you wholeheartedly on that one mate.  Dark Horse comics have fantastic stories with great characters that lots of fans would agree would make for a great movie translation.  Fox have had their chance at delivering a quality Aliens/Predator/AvP film for years now and everytime they bring one out they blow it.  I cant believe i was sucked into AvPR....
  14. JD
    I'm trying to think how this prequal story will pan out, or even how they are going to tell it.  We already know what the space Jocky is and why it crashed beacuse theres his whole story in Aliens: Book 1.  Unless there gonna base that whole movie on that book then it would be a great movie.
  15. RealAmerican
    What do you expect from the network that laps Bush's balls up like a candy treat? They dont know anything about anything, period. Any franchises they own are subject to complete annihilation by the stupidity of the idiot executives who run teh company. The DarkHorse comic line would have made better movies than any of the last 4 that came out. And millions of fans know this, but yet a few overpayed executives at Fox just cant figure it out. Fox dont deserve to exist. Freedom of speech is great, but once a level of sheer stupidity is reached (which they have surpassed) they need to be removed from our society as fast as possible.
  16. aliensun
    i say go 4 it pre alien and predators  alien aliens and predator will still be here when those movies come out  they are still here after alien3 predator2 alien res avp and avpr i just want 2 see if they would be better than those last 5 movies and would never mach the first 3 will may predator just have 2 wait and see
  17. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
      8)  alright just calm down. rycher. of course i want a Alien remake prequel. i was just...making my own comment. we all want a remake even though the prequel is the 5th Alien film but going backwards.
  18. mjacobson
    I have to throw in with TheAncientEnemy (#58). He's completely right. Here's the arc: "it's gonna suck, the leaked draft is awful!" "The production art is cool, the stills are awesome, I hope it will be cool."  "We haven't seen anything new in months, I hope nothing's wrong!" "It's finally being released, I can't wait!"  "What a piece of f$#%%^^g crap! Fox betrayed us again!"  This has been us during AvP, AvP:R and it's already starting with Predators. The magic from the first movies is gone. We are never getting that wonder and thrill back. Its time to wake up to that fact.
  19. Riptr2
    I will remain cynical until the movie actually starts being discussed by mainstream press, and we will be able to see if it is shaping up to be a good film, or another AVPR.
  20. Dallas001
      :-\   IS ADI going to be involved with creature fx again? Judging from recent trends its likely, but will they bring back giger to update the suit and have him finally resolve his hatred of ADI/FOX's mistakes? Plus also do real justice and homage to the ORIGINAL, not the ADI redesign to the ALIEN suit?
  21. Goldbum
    ALIEN HOMEWORLD PLEASE. and dont make the aliens so easy to kill as in AVP...make them the original killing machines that were in Alien/Aliens
  22. TheAncientEnemy
    Whenever fanboys clamor to see mysteries de-mystified in their favorite franchises they forget that what makes these things so cool is what's left to our imagination and not spelled out for us. I guarantee that people who are all jazzed up to see some "alien homeworld" or some kind of space jockey drama unfold will be bitching about how much it sucks when they see it on the screen. Not because it's necessarily bad (which it will be) but because they don't understand that mysteries are cooler when left unsolved and there is no image anyone can bring you that will be as stimulating as your own imagination even if you can't put a finger on what it is exactly that you want.  As soon as you get your uninspired "alien homeworld" and piss and moan about how lame it is and how it looks like Star Wars or is "gay" you will immediately turn around and say something like "yeah but in the NEXT one they will get it right! I can't wait!"  For the sake of good art, which is the last thing Hollywood can offer anymore, stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt and stop paying them to ruin the icons that greater, more talented visionaries created before them.  Oh well.
  23. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
    I, I'm sorry i lost my well, whatever i acted. i'll agree your ways this time Vemados. it has been difficult for me to disagree with your guys comments. hesitating on a Alien remake and forced myself to say whatever i had to say. how long we waited after Alien Resurrection, what story Rip and Call will do next. but its not their time. probably having Rip has a evil still half-alien Ripley.
  24. Rudy M Alapag (Ripley) Jr
    o.k. ridley really got ideas he had for "Alien" remake. i've been waiting for this movie to come and being made since the  film of "Alien 2" came out and seeing Sigourney and Paul talking to each other about that dereclict ship that had the colony ending up in there and being xenomorphing. we love the aliens and ripley. now its all coming as a loop starting with the ship landed on LB426 and with queen planting the eggs in there. then IT sort of disappeared. the way i'll see the series is: Alien 1 thru AR to the new Alien film. time to know about the jockeys and those eggs on board. the company has released the creature queen and starting on taking innocent lives and taking them to be cocooned. this is the company's fault. their doing, especially that 1st robot.
  25. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    i'm happy that another '"Alien"' movie was gonna come. i knew it. without Siggy to be in it one more time. should be again with the space jockeys and why that ship crashed landed with all those eggs without the queen shown. it was a story that i read from "Aliens: Original Sin" and also a ending commentary of "Alien" from the cast saying we should go back and find out about the creatures being released and never being left alone, before the crew bringing a Alien facehugger  aboard. This time its with Ripley but this is a prequel  and its before her, before Ripley and her crew. and the android - how unpredictable. can't wait but its coming out 2011 summertime release.
  26. Starkiller
    Im all for a prequel to alien, however im dissapointed ridley isn't directing it    :(   however, as long his involved that's something, I also agree with an earlier comment, it better involve giger. Fingers crossed this turns out good, good story & direction aswell as cast & crew   :)   FOX dont screw this up!
  27. Starkiller
    Tony Scott: Yes, Carl Rinsch is going to do the 'prequel' to Alien _____________  its a prequel to alien i.e its set before the first one, its NOT a reamke, why dont people read the news before posting lol
  28. Space Disc Jockey
      ;D   I LOVE this news. Finally, they are going to tell us about the Space Jockey and show us the Alien homeworld...and it's a prequel and not a sequel to Alien Resurrection! And this Carl Rinsch dude certainly has a GREAT visual eye. I can't wait. Should look amazing. Now, I just hope the script/story will be good. Who the hell is going to write it? Dan and Ron? I'm very excited about this news. Hell, even Ridley is involved...idk, I have high hopes for this. They should call it "ALIEN: ORIGIN".
  29. Jay Thomas
    Bring on a new era of Aliens! I would love the film to be as amazing as the originals but knowing that these days, that's not always the case, I'll settle for another round of Dark Horse Aliens novels that might ensue!       ;-)
  30. new
    More News On Fox's ALIEN: LAST FLIGHT OF THE SPACE JOCKEY!!! Beaks here...  Remember that ALIEN remake Bloody-Disgusting reported on last week? Well, thanks to some pointed questioning by Collider's Steve "Frosty" Weintraub (who probably just attended his last Fox junket until Tom Rothman is tossed out on his tuchus) at today's THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1, 2, 3 press junket, we know now that it's a prequel. 'Cuz that's what hot.  Weintraub got this scoop from Tony Scott, who's producing the prequel with his brother Ridley at Fox. He also confirmed Bloody-Disgusting's report that the Scott brothers' protege, Carl Rinsch, will helm the project. There are no plot details yet, but my good friend and former colleague Drew McWeeny is probably not far off the mark with his fervent enthusiasm for a Space Jockey origin tale on Twitter. I hope this bittersweet scene makes it into Rinsch's film:  "'One day, Mommy Space Jockey, I'll go to the stars and I'll meet someone from another planet!' Sad, foreshadowy music."  I've got nothing but apathy for this movie. Maybe Ridley and Tony will hire a talented young screenwriter to knock out a sequel that doesn't trash the memory of the first and second films (I really like the third, too, but the first two are indisputable classics). I wish I could be optimistic, but they'll be working under the aegis of Fox aka The Prequel Factory. Here's hoping they've got a significant degree of autonomy over there.
  31. RavagerDX
    I don't know what to think of this. I don't even know how they could make a prequel (at least, without destroying the other movies). I'd love to find out more about the origin of the Alien, but then again, the mystery is what makes it so great. I'm confused, lol!   :P   Anyway, I'll just wait and see (which is something I'm saying a lot about AVP related things lately). Well, at least Scott is involved! Praying for something good here! And after the horrible AVP movies, could it get any worse?
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