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  1. awesomeman
    GOD i hope they dont screw up another movie with there popcorn flick ideas!    >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(     >:(  
  2. Johnny Handsome
    "Saying they were "perfect" is something not even they would agree with"  You didnt understood my post. I didnt said that they did a perfect job with this movie, but they were the perfect choice because i personally think that nobody could have done a better movie with the things given to them. Does that mean the movie is perfect? Absolutely NO. Does that mean they still did an amazing job with the things they were given such as the piss poor script? Yes.
  3. Xenomorphine
    Of course they could have done better. Saying they were "perfect" is something not even they would agree with, as they were the ones who have pointed out they learnt a shitload of stuff, during this, about the process of actually doing a film.  Even with that acknowledgement, there are a disturbingly high number of very basic directing errors in the film, whcih had nothing to do with the ffects, script or budget and everything to do with their directing technique. Many of which they continue to think were the right things to do.
  4. Le Celticant
    The Brother Strause are the worse director i never saw before...  @Corporal Hicks: Indeed, that's propagenda for make another sequel... They will destroy Alien & Predator franchise in their next movie, all admirator of AvP:R don't come cry, we prevent you    ;)    For me, this franchise stop at Predator 2 and Alien:Resurrection... AvP and Requiem don't exist.
    I agree Johnny. I don't want anyone else to touch AVP franchise. The brothers are perfect for this job. For a low budget, first time film they did one hell of a good job. Paul Anderson had a much bigger budget and his film still wasn't as good as AVP-R. With a bigger budget and more freedom, the brothers will do way better on AVP3 and thats saying a lot.
  6. Optimus Virus
    The bro's did a good job with the budget and script they were given. I know ppl dont like em! but you have to give them a chance, if they do AVP3 providing they have a great budget, script, cast n crew! they will do a fantastic job!    :)  
  7. Johnny Handsome
    The strauses are just the right guys for the job, nobody could have done avp2 better with the budget and script they had.  So i think they could pull it off perfect if they could do all the stuff they want to.
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