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Oomph! Music Video – New AvPR Footage

The German band Oomph! has put their new music video on their Myspace Website. How does this relate to AvPR, you’re wondering? They’re doing the title track for the movie which is called Wach auf. Their music video features them singing but it’s intercut with many scenes from the movie, mainly of Wolf fighting the aliens.

20071214 Oomph! Music Video - New AvPR Footage

It’s not a bad track, actually. I’ll probably download it. Thanks to HorusTheFalcon and for the news.

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  1. Bio Mech Hunter
    Starkiller, you can blame that on Fox's incessant want to meddle in the affairs of the directors directing their films. There was A LOT of awesome footage, material and plot points that were heavily edited or just plain cut from the final theatrical version. I was super pissed. Anderson actually had a fantastic vision for the first film, but even the Unrated Edition only had just a fraction of the material re-inserted.  Did you know there were originally suppose to be five preds and quite a few more battles between them and the aliens? Or that Grid and Scar were suppose to have a one on one bout while trying to escape the pyramid? Or that Grid was originally suppose to make it to the surface? It wasn't originally intended to be so light on the human gore either. There was also a lot of great character development and couple story arcs that got cut.   >:(    I REALLY wish Fox would let Anderson go back and create a Director's Cut version and reshoot, finish, and re-insert a lot of that material because there was some fantastic stuff there.   :-[  
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    Nchurch81, not only that, it was the most accurate portrayal of the aliens and they're abilities in any AVP material. It wasn't perfect and there were a few problems, but it was pretty damn faithful. Same goes for the preds considering their circumstance.
  3. Bio Mech Hunter
    Sulaco: "B-M-H...  Since when were aliens intergalactic hunters? That's what a predator is... aliens are more like parasites and I highly doubt that your bio mechanical alien from the first film could do sh*t to the original predator, how slow that thing moved and hibernated around the ship, but without weapons not even a predator could last in a hive. Bottom line: The predators hunt and toy with aliens, if the aliens have their way, they make you extinct. Little eco terrorists!"  Sulaco, I WAS reffering to the Preds. I meant predators are cheapened by hunting the supposed "ultimate prey", the aliens, and are able to deal with them so rediculously easily. Where's the "ultimate" part in that? The parasite part?   ::)   They're aren't the ultimate prey if their abilities have been bound and gagged, so to speak. That's for sure.  And no, the alien in the first film wouldn't be a lethargic pushover if push came to shove. For most of the film, it wasn't in any real danger. They're surprisingly cunning and are capable of feats of strength preds can only dream of accomplishing. And with so many nasty natural weapons, no wonder they're the ultimate prey. But not if the directors nerf 'em.   ::)  
  4. cab12394
    hey im an alien fan, and ive got a question ive been wondering about for the past couple of days,...if there is an existing hive whith a queen, and an alien gets a person, just how does he get the person to the hive for impregnation? i mean its been said in books that they carry them, but wouldnt the person be kiking and screaming? and in alien vs predator extinction, when the aliens attack the people/predator, they go comatose fo some reason!  ps:in alien vs predator requiem, why do the aliens need a hive if theres no queen, or any use for impregnation?
  5. Starkiller
    I dont mind predators getting hurt or killed because thats more entertaining and realistic but in avp the predators were just weak and there was no alien/predator action well not enough    :(   At least in avpr there will be loads of action and alien death but there is also predator death aswell which balances it out    :D   they are both great creatures and both strong in their own way.
  6. nudzi
    Yep got You got to remember the AvP crossover happened only in comics and games (with Predator 2 giving us the possibility). And in there Aliens are always fodder, dangerorous, but fodder to Predators. So for me AvP isn't Predator nor Alien, it's something different. We will see but the Strauses may have just caught exactly what was needed to the crossover be succesful and true to the comics
  7. nchurch81
    In defense of alien fans.  I think that there has been a lot of short changing for the fans of the aliens.  Because if you look at all the comics and games and the like, the aliens are almost always cannon fawder (sp?). And the predators have almost always been shown as unstoppable.  I think AVP was the only time, ever, that the Predators were shown as vulnerable.  So I guess I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the Pred fans (of which I am also one, I genuinely like them both) because it was really cool to see the aliens actually kicking people's asses for a change instead of just getting chewed up by gun fire.  It's just not very scary.  And aliens fans like the idea of their baby being a threat.
  8. Starkiller
    I like the track and I think its good idea to advertise the film in europe. And I agree with sulaco, predator fans (like myself) felt short changed after seeing AVP the aliens were just invincible. I think the bros. have done a good think with the whole 'Wolf' charachter plus the pred-alien is going to be the real challenge for him so can Alien fans stop moaning
  9. anon
    Wow, what an awful song.  Seriously, how can any of you support this crap.  Such talent it takes to play the same three chords over and over for five minutes.
  10. Lucian Laurentis
    Well as far as the music, OOMPH! has come a long way. A lot of their older stuff is far more gritty but I wouldn't really classify their new stuff as poppish. I'm sure if I played this to anyone who liked pop, they'd look at me weird. lol I just like the fact that there are parts where the lead singer actually sings, it's a nice change from other industrial metal.
  11. Sulaco
    B-M-H... Since when were aliens intergalactic hunters? That's what a predator is... aliens are more like parasites and I highly doubt that your bio mechanical alien from the first film could do sh*t to the original predator, how slow that thing moved and hibernated around the ship, but without weapons not even a predator could last in a hive. Bottom line: The predators hunt and toy with aliens, if the aliens have their way, they make you extinct. Little eco terrorists!
  12. spunkmeyer
    I'm an alien fan and I understand the need (movie-wise) for Wolf to get the best of them.  I just hope he works his ass off doing so.  Besides,  we alien fans know that if Wolf was stripped of his armaments, he'd only last about 20 seconds in a hive.  Look at all the weaponry he has to use in order to stay alive.  Aliens aren't pushovers. Only the elite can handle them in such a way.       ;D  
  13. SoulWounder
    Nice song.  ;D   Though I love Industrial Metal, I would prefer Fear Factory and Red Harvest over the dance nu-metal type Industrial Metal, but the song wasn't too bad. The clips for the film was awesome though. The song will only be put in the German version of the film.
  14. The G-man
    SDJ and Nchurch81 ur absolutely correct! all those wining Alien-fans need to understand that their favourite pets are going to be slaughtered because Wolf is an Elite pred. if he was just a young, noobie-pred like in AvP There wouldn't be much of a predator in AVPR and it would look more like an Alien film   ;D  
  15. nudzi
    I don't think the music will be in the movie at all. The video was made do advertise the movie to german public. Anyway, video roxx, music suxx.
  16. Firestorm
    Title track? Wtf?  This track is awful, seriously. OK i do like my heavy rock music but it's inapropriate to be used anywhere in an alien or predator themed film.  I just hope what someone said about it bieng used right at the end of the films credits is accurate.    :-\  
  17. Space Disc Jockey
    Awesome footage! Damn does this movie look good. And I wish people would stop complaining about the Aliens being pwned every where. Wolf is an elite hunter He knows how to deal with the Aliens. That doesn't mean the Aliens won't have a fair chance against him (I'm not jus talking about the PredAlien)...
  18. nchurch81
    well we've officially seen the whole movie beginning to end.   And aliens fans... of which i am one... quit god damn belly aching about the "wolf is too tough" stuff... he has to be or it would be a very short movie.  I think this is going to be one of those tracks that's just played at the very very very very end of the film.  This a publicity thing to get people into the theaters is all.
  19. Griffith
    Ok plz somebody explain to me where did they get that footage because it's not in any trailer, tv spot, etc.. They are just a band with never before scenes of Wolf/AVP-R..unless they have stole/ripped the movie from somewhere else.  P.S. Apologize for my bad english
  20. Wolfs Girl
    OMG My hearts flipping big time over the  Wolf scenes..omg...drool city, hes so awesome and SEXY!! I'm sooo in LOOOOOOVEEEE!!! *faints* PS does anyone have a link where we can download this video????
  21. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, the MV was very well done, but I don't really care for the song. Not my style. It practically worships Wolf, though.   :D     :P    Man, it seems like 'The Brothers Strause' have gone to great lengths to piss on the aliens and the fans who love them. They've been seriously nerfed. All against only one predator? Hardcore vet or not. Seriously, come on. They've indirectly cheapened our favorite intergalactic hunters quite a bit by doing this crap. I have yet to see any pic, clip or behind the scenes and in-film info that does the aliens the justice they so deserve.  The frustrating thing is, there's so many things the Strause brothers are doing right with AVP:R, and yet the biggest, most important point to the film has seemingly been butchered to bits.
  22. Otnip
    Thats why I'm not going to watch it, Alien300 :)   I'm glad I didn't see that spoiling concept art either. Can't wait to see this with my friends, going for my sweet 16th birthday    8)  
  23. rocknweird
    man this movie is gonna be great, I've got a big crowd getting ready to see it in kc.  but a flipp'n music video? wasn't the big ordeal about avp 1 that it was catering to a younger demographic (12-18?) and isn't the strause bro big mission to bring back some credibility to the alien and predator franchise as horror films, especially with the edge of mystery.  but I think that in a lot of minds, hiring a band to write a song for avpr is going to kill the legitimacy of the movie going back to the originals.  there is something to be said for using a band as a marketing tool for a movie, but in this situation it just doesn't fit alien or predator.  its almost like wes anderson hiring marilyn manson to do the soundtrack for resident evil.    I'm just not buying this little stunt.  but on a not whiney note the cut scenes were pretty flipp'n sweet.
  24. Starkiller
    original idea to have a 'music video' for a alien or predator film. The songs okay! the clips of the movie are ace! but i agree fox are showing way too much, by the time jaunary rolls i would have a seen the whole movie    :D   still i enjoyed that   ;D  
  25. Greenband
    Wow, FOX really does want us to see the whole movie before we we see it in theaters. Song was alright, action was pretty sweet. But doe this really belong tacked onto this movie?   What happened with the good music Brian Tyler wrote! I would have rather seen a music video for one of his songs. They are pretty badassed.
  26. Lucian Laurentis
    OMG I love OOMPH! And just for your information all, OOMPH! Has been around since long before Rammstein. They along with  KMFDM helped define the german industrial rock scene. They've been together for a long time. So please don't call them Rammstein 2.    :P   If anything, Rammstein = OOMPH! 2 XD But I love both since I feel they have different styles.
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