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Strauses Presenting AVPR at LA Con

Seems the Strause Brothers will be presenting AvP Requiem at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention on Sunday, November 4th in Shrine Hall at 1PM. They will show film clips, discuss the making of the film, and take any questions. Fox may have give-aways from AVPR, and the directors may sign autographs after the presentation. That’s not all, there’s also four new pictures on the Convention Website.

20071023 Strauses Presenting AVPR at LA Con

They’re not the best pictures in the world though. They’re behind-the-scenes pictures. The first shows an alien leaning over the guy who gets acid over him. Second one (shown above) shows an alien on a car, next one is a shot of the Predalien attacking somebody in the hospital and finally a shot of Colin/Greg. Thanks to JediMasterConor and Izzet for the news.

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  1. Tobias
    Will everybody shut the f**k up....JC with a rubber! What a lot of moaning and complaining bitches....  here is what Colin Strauss has to say a few hours ago on imdb;  That ain't in the movie... nor will it be on the DVD.      Okay!!!! HAPPY NOW?!?!?!
  2. Gul Kalvo
    I have seen production stills of many films. You can see rubber suits, flying things hanging for wires etc. But they look as production stills, I mean, the ones from AVP-R look as actual film stills -from a bad film-  Usually you get dissapointed when you see the movie after the promotional pics. This time you get dissapointed even before!   :P  
  3. msn_recon_marine
    I would have to agree with Space Disk Jockey wait untill the movie comes out.  I sometimes wonder why people can rant and rave about things that aren't even of they're creation. I do understand the right to an opinion but untill you make the movie and have a say so in what is going to happen ... just take what you can get if you want to see it. If you dont like the images dont look at them.   I think that it will be way better than the first AvP.  I may not like some of the ways dif. directors like to change things I still like the genre and always will.  I will take any Alien or Predator movie I can get, even the fan made ones. I am not picky, I am just happy to see them battling it out again on the big screen. I may have not cared for every movie they have made, but have seen them all several times.
  4. Dark Method
    I'm going to add to my last comment actually. The shot of the Alien on top of the car(probably a Honda Civic) really bothers me. As much as the other picture we saw of the Alien purched upon the roof of more than likely the same Honda Civic.  To me it looks like the Alien is on top of a vehicle waving his tail and getting a hard on for the humans inside!  Garbage. Fu<ked if I want to see that.
  5. Dark Method
    Boooh...Sorry, but what the f**k is this crap? Everyone of those pics look like complete and utter shit. My turn to bitch now.  The shot of the alien on top of the car was taken out, and it's probably a good idea. Filmed on my street I would assume.  The predalien shot attacking the girl in the hospital is shit. Utter shit. I can't believe they would release such garbage.   How about they stop releasing crap, and either release decent material or even better yet, release nothing until the movie is out?  I don't bitch about much, but this is garbage hardly worth releasing in my opinion.
  6. Mr. Teal
    The alien on top of the car, i kinda got used to that..thought it makes the alien look primitive and creepy again. But maybe it will be in the extended dvd edition or
  7. Space Disc Jockey
    Yes, the scene of the Alien ontop of the car has been removed, according to Colin. Besides, that's just a production photo, just like the other two photos. Basically, all the photos from AVP-R have been production photos. The only official "film" images (with the proper lighting, camera angles, et) are in the trailers. 've been reading the comments in the forums and I just can't believe how many people are so critical of production photos. Nothing wrong with opinions being shared, but come on peoople....wait and see the damn movie!! Jeesh. Stop slamming the movie, until you see the final cut.I have been disappointed with the people that have slammed this movie, from the start and are still slamming this movie now. The trailers have been great, imo. Almost everything I've seen so far looks good. Of course, I'm not sure about the human characters and the story, but just deal with the fact this movie takes place on Earth again and it will not destroy the continuity. The Strauses have said all the right things and the movie looks great. They are trying to make the best movie that can be made (with the kind of budget and script/story they have). Give the Strauses a f**cking break!! You might like the movie, when it's released in a few months.
  8. Yogie
    me think they shud release another poster more stills of gunnison and the characters & another trailer but more of a teaser type one. to further promote this up and coming title.   :P  
  9. Mr. Teal
    To everyone who want's to see more pictures of chet (predalien). I think they shouldn't release any more pictures. I mean it'll be better if we just wait for the movie to see her...that will be much better dont u agree?  Chet? what does that mean?
  10. Starkiller
    I kinda agree with cool dude, The movie's going to be cheap but better than avp. But you nevr know, the brothers strause might surprise us!!!  I pray to god that this movie iz good! May the force be with you strause.
  11. El Diablo
    Will do. I hope some of you who live in or near Los Angeles can make it out to the event. It's not one of the bigger conventions but they've had some great stuff debut there. They screened "Pitch Black" and "The Matrix" months before release and had a few working Terminators show up alongside Stan Winston to promote T3 (they were the T1-9's and you could feel them rumble across the stage as the FX guys controlled their movements by remote). They go all out with the movie related stuff.
  12. dDave
    The pics look good, but i think we must wait for the movie to see Chet as good as possible...or till they show us a predalien figure like the warrior. ---- El Diablo, maybe you could take a digicam with you, make some cool pics and show them us after LA Con.
  13. El Diablo
    I'll be there. That convention is like ten minutes away from me and I've been going there for a while (first experience there was meeting Joss Whedon while he was promoting ALIEN RESURRECTION in 1997). I'm hoping they'll show some juicy exclusives for those of us in attendance.
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