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AvPR – LA Convention Video

Remember the AvPR Q&A at the LA Comic Book and Science Convention? PlanetAvP have uploaded a video of the event. If you have the patience, the file’s 837MB and it’s available on FilePlanet. Hopefully, somebody will upload it to YouTube when they’ve downloaded it.

20071127 AvPR - LA Convention Video

Even though a new clip was shown, I don’t think this video contains any footage of it. I think it’s just the Q&A session with Greg/Colin but I’m sure that’s interesting too. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Update: You can now download this at MegaUpload (139MB). Thanks to Yellow_Alien for uploading it somewhere.

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  1. Deco
    Hi Guys, this is just the same interview that describes the fight scene in the hospital which then leads up to the rooftop battle.  Not to worry no real major news. Can we please have some new footage!!?
  2. Sulaco
    Staying true to canon is key {peace zen} Only if wolf records and plays back the cries of the babies before the alien kill can we have respect for the predator after the disaster {AvP}!!!!!!
  3. Scarecrow
    Could somebody post the LA Comic Con Interview on YouTube please?   Thank you. and i agree mr virus, the japan trailer does seem lighter.
  4. $cHm0cK
    There is definitely the Pred, Alien or the space jockey homeworld. ... with Humans! Well ... at least i think so .. i bet at the end there is one scene in the future or smth. like that!  greetz
  5. $cHm0cK
    Info from the Video!  The rooftop Battle is after the Hospital Fight (The clip which was showed) and is about ten minutes long! Predalien and drones fighting with Wolf. Humans try to escape.  Also they said, that they wanted the Predalien to be smth. new.  Chet is bigger then Wolf (9 feet), and moves / behave different ... not like simple drones etc.  1/3 (the last part) is completely in dark and rain ... power is cut.  greetz
  6. $cHm0cK
    What u are talking about?  You dont have to pay man ... you can register for free .. i have an free account there and almost finished the download ... i'll go watch it now ;).  greetz
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