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Fangoria Convention Report

So, as scheduled, the big Fangoria “Weekend of Horrors” event took place this weekend. Unfortunately, there was no footage or anything. It just featured ADI duo Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis, and Colin Strause talking about the film for a short time. The main bit of new information is that they said that a “new monster” makes its way into the hospital. (Probably referring to the Predalien).

There’s another Fangoria event on the horizon. This time taking place in SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY between June 29-July 1. It says on the site, there’ll be a special preview of AvP2 like before but I woudn’t get your hopes up for any new footage at that one BUT a big event is the San Diego Comic-Con event between July 26-29. That will be an important event according to Colin Strause so I guess there’ll be some footage at that one.

Update: An IMDB user posted his report of the event.
Update #2: The info about the trailer airing with either FF2 or DH4 was false. There are some “big effects shots” that need to be done on AvP2 before the trailer can be released.
Update #3: AvPGalaxy member Pvt. Hicks posted a couple of pictures from the event in our forum.

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  1. atomicpunk
    Well,I have  been hearing so much about editing,reediting.This movie better be good.Hope they can deliver a movie better than Predator 2 and AVP.The creatures look great but what about the actores and the acting?
  2. Ermac
    A trailer is one thing, but we still haven't heard ANYTHING about this movie. No plot, no official title, no nothing. I can at least wait for the trailer to come out, but apart from one or two unofficial production stills, we've not seen anything.
  3. AB2K
      :o   OMG!!! Greg Said This On IMDB About An Hour Ago!!! ( We've had a rough edit since the end of feb. The process of refinement has been continuing all spring, and has been going quite well. We do not plan on doing any test screenings. Those have been limited to our circle of insiders. Plan on seeing alot more at Comic-con in San Diego. We'll be there, teaser in hand.)  I Live Here In L.A. I Am So There!!!     ;D   WOW!!! I Can't Wait!!!
  4. Diablo
    Sorry about the mix-up, Colin. I posted my report on Imdb and I misunderstood what was said about the trailer (there was a panel in progress showcasing horror composers on the loud speakers directly behind the autograph session so it was a bit hard to hear). The term "crossbreed" was tossed out by the moderator so I'm not sure if it carried any real weight as far as a valid name for the new creature (if there is a new creature...    ;)   ), but I honestly like that term better than "Predalien."
  5. AB2K
    I Want To See Something Just As Bad As The Rest Of You But I Was Just Thikning That If We Stop Asking For Stuff Maybe They Just Might Give Us A Pic Or Two! You Know Patients Is A Vertue! Just A Thought.     ;)   Peace All!     ;D  
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