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Green Band Trailer Online!

Well it’s been a good month or so but the green band trailer previously seen only before Death Sentence has finally made its way online – legally, that is – via IGN:

20071003 Green Band Trailer Online!

It’s just what it says on the tin. It’s got all the bells and whistles of the trailer seen in the cinema – Silent Night, underwater attack and etc. You can download the trailer at IGN. Ten screencaps have also been added to the Gallery which show the new scenes in the trailer.

Update: For some reason, IGN have removed the trailer. You can download the trailer from MegaUpload.

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  1. Godzillaboy 2008
      ???  Mabye,I think the Image above is chestbursters that have bursted out of some people,and they hear the search party coming,(or some animal)so they hide in a log.Then, when the coast is clear they burst out of the log and start to grow into drones.

      8)   I really like the part when the hospital door close's,and the doctor looks at the Alien.(or is it the Predalien?)The doctor looks like he's about to crap in his pants when the Alien drone or Predalien is about to jaw-bite him in the face!!LOL   ;D 

    The Predalien in AvP Primal Hunt is O.K,but I'm sure the Predalien in AvP-R will be better.

      8)   Zero,your soooo weird sometimes.I agree with you Zero.You might be right about the chestbursters coming out of the Space Jocky.Your idea is similer to mine a little.My idea is that at the beggining of the film, the Predators travil to the Space Jocky's home world.Then, they kidnap some Space Jocky's and use them as test dummy's to experiment with the Aliens life cycle.Trying to make a new species or hybrid.Meanwhile, the Predalien starts to grow into a Predalien drone while the Predator's mess around with the Space Jocky's.Then the Predalien goes on a killing spre and sloters 50% of the Predator's.......                                                                                                                                                  Stay tuned for part 2 of my Hypothosis of what Aliens vs Predator Requiem the movie, will be like.   ???     :'( 

    Oct.16,2007......                                                                                                                                                  Next, Wolf runs to a Predator's excape ship to try to escape the imfested Alien ship.On the way,Wolf see's some dead Predator's,and soon see's some dead Space Jocky Hybrids in broken containers.Wolf decides to make some new weapons out'a the hybrids.But what Wolf doesen't know is that while the Wolf is busy making new weapons,the Predalien has already made his/her way to the reasearch ship and hid itself inside the reasearch ship to try and rest and heal from the injuries he/she got from the other Predator's.Wolf sets the ship to explode because he can't risk the hybrids geting on his home planet and wiping out his own species.Wolf finaly makes it to the research ship and set's cordinates for his home world and soon blast of into space.The Predator home ship explodes, and the blast hits Wolf's ship and nocks him out'a orbit.Wolf sudenlly is heading twards Earth,and can't controll his ship.Then Wolf, and the Predalien hid away from Wolf, come crashing twards Earth....                                                                                         (Part 3 coming soon.....)
  2. Sheriff Eddie Morales
    Hey,guys....i know most of you did liked the Predalien look. Actually i am not agree a little. The directors shouldn't have maked it different than the one in AvP 2 Primal Hunt,cuz i am sure many fans will be very dissapointed from the look of the hybrid. I don't have an big opinion about his look,but i was going to be more happy if it was just like the Predalien in the AvP 2 Primal Hunt. Anyways....i don't think that movie will be more cool than the first one,but sure will rock ! We all wanna see how it will end and what will happen and will be there AvP 3.... But from all Predator and Alien movies one of the rules! Predator rules!   ;)  
  3. thorghal
    wow how is de queen gonna like   :o   Only she can produce this eggs. Maybe there are 2 queens now I can't wait to see it. Very cool trailer  nice work from mister hicks to   ;D  
  4. XeoSnake
    The only thing that bothers me in this is how in the RB trailer...we heard the old school AILENS sounds but now I hear AvP and ALIEN Resurrection. As much as I enjoy that alien being underwater the sounds...just...killed it for me. I thought somewhere on here there was proof that FOX was going to make the old school sounds remastered for this film.
  5. Zero T.
      8)  I see The brothers did a little bit of changing to the chestburster.It looks like a egg that insteade of producing a facehugger,it produces chestbursters insteade.Or like I said earlier,it looks like a Space Jockey being chestbursted,or a animal like a hog,cat,the little boy,or the man that was hunting the woods.
  6. Zero T.
    :shocked!!!!-My hypothosis is:I think the Predalien has the ability to give birth to other aliens hybrids or other predaliens!!!,OR,(In the image above) it looks like it could be a space jockey being chestbursted!?.But to me,it looks like it could be the predator's experementing at the begining of the movie(or End) with the aliens.The swim scene looks like it eather takes place in the pool,or a ocean,lake.And the part when it shows the aliens moving past the soilders is cool to.
  7. Optimus Virus
    Really good trailer, love the underwater scence, ther predator when turning his head and his sholder cannon activates and the pred-alien look's pretty cool! after some thought! very excited. It mite just be a good film!  Rock On!
  8. Dual Blade
    Don't worry folks, if its gone you'll see it again and trust us ... the tiny snipits that they showed makes it well worth it.  I reckon that end fight is going to be truly epic     ;D     ;D  
  9. Otnip
    Maybe IGN jumped the gun on releasing it on their website? Its on youtube in much better quality then the pirated one (kudos to the guy who put that one up) but I wanna freeze frame it in high def    :)  
  10. CanadianHero67
    I think the green band trailer was AWSOME! I liked the part when the alien is behind that doctor. I noticed that when the guy is running in the forest at night and gets killed by the cloaked predator there was blood in the r-rated trailer but there was no blood in the pg-rated trailer( there was blood on the wristblades ). I guss it's because the green band trailer is for a younger audience. But it was still cool to see the trailer.   ;D  
  11. Dual Blade
    Thanks for the heads up YAUJTA    :D   Its just I can feel that whole essense of a great film in the making. I don't mean to go OTT but this is almost looking at a true match up between two of the most greatest horror monsters of all time and so when handled with a great sensitivity it only echos out allowed to not just fans but to all audiences to say YES, THIS IS A BACK TO BASIC ROOTS OF TWO CLASSIC ICONS SHARING THE SAME PICTURE AS ONE ANOTHER, thats what the brothers are trying to achieve and again I think they might just do just that.    ;D     ;D     ;D  
  12. Spoon
    I just hope the aliens dont swim like they did in ressurection becuase it was totally not realistic.  The alien has a long head.. long flat tail and with those features and looking at reptiles they swim side to side.  Doesnt make any sense whats so ever that they would swim up and down motion like a dolphin.  Only feature is their feet that will do well as a padal but everything else doesnt fit plus side to side motion is much more scary
  13. Dual Blade
    Now THATS A TRAILER : )   ;D     ;D    From what I've seen already it looks like will see alittle bit more of what the last film didn't have (but the last film was good in my opinion). The sherif ( Morales I think) looks already to being my favourite character. Its almost now his thrown in to this situation that is WAY over his head but needs to be calm and handle things in the best way he can.  * THAT ALIEN SWIMMING UNDERNEATH THE WATER .... MAD!!!!!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D    * THE PREDALIEN ABOUT TO FACE OFF WE ASSUME THE PREDATOR ... THE MATCH UP WE ALL WANT TO SEE.  I think that this is going to be THE MOVIE that WE turn alot of peoples heads, the brothers may just achive the impossible, no matter what I want to say that they have in my opinion done a hell of a job and I think we as fans NEED to acknowledge them ...   :)  
  14. Bio Mech Hunter
    Awesome. It's about damn time.   :D     ;)   The 'Silent Night' theme still reeeeaaaaally doesn't fit. lol  ...and no HD Version? Awwwww...   >:(    The predalien's face does look pretty sweet. Now if the Strause Bros. only axed the stupid dreads and (considering it's suppose to be a queen) increase it's size considerably, it'd be perfect. However, it seems like they're screwing with canon. *gulp*   :-\    I examined the cluster of chestbursters (@ 1:46) and they all look like human "birthed" bursters. It seems the Strause Bros. altered their design just a tad, though.
  15. Deco
    Xenomorphine:  Thanks a million for your advice there. I would copyright the script. I really dont think fox would look at it anyway even if I did put it through the correct process. I still want the real die hard fans opinion. Perhaps I could email it to you when it is finished (after it is copyrighted of course!) for a read? Im not sure how hot you are on the technicalities of a script but I can guarantee that if your in anyway a fan of either franchise, you would find my story interesting to say the least!!! My story focus' on all of the old characters from Predator and some references to Alien. (difficult to bring Alien in as it is set so far in the future.) But basically its a giant conspiracy, its looking good at the mo.  How are you feeling about AVP2 so far?
  16. frankaster
    facehuggers have two testicles, so in each one holds an embryo, so maybe, maybe the victims get hugged a lot more time so the hugger inserts to embrios, butthe rothers are doing something really new and hope to be new, because since alien 3 we don´t se natural mutations
  17. Spawningcarnage
    Looked cool.  I really liked the parts of the aliens creeping around and just seeing small shots of them.  I don't know if its just me, but some of the movie takes me back to Cameron's "Aliens".  The STrause are being influenced by all the right people.  The only con i could see was the goofy silent night song at the end; it just screamed CHEEEEEESY.  Aside from that, i am looking forward to this and dammit they have some cool compositions in this movie!!!  Looks like the had some REALLY good storyboard artists!
  18. Xenomorphine
    Saber: They're ordinary chestbursters. The mouths look weird because ADI are recycling they're old ones, with the weirdly design mouths, which lack the elastic tendons on either side and look a bit fake. That's why you might get the impression they don't look 'right'.  Deco: If you have any sort of hope in actually giving that script to Fox, don't publish it on any public forum! Do that even once and you'll never get them to accept it. Don't even send them the script first. Send them an enquiry letter. Studios never look at scripts unless they've got express legal permission by the author of them, first. If they didn't do that or chose scripts which are in the public domain, they are in danger of being sued by those authors at a later date, if a future project so much as happens to include similar details by coincidence.
  19. Vemados
    I hope the 3 chestbursters didn't come out of the same host... that's way too big of a change to make, unless it came out of some kind of hydra.  Or maybe more than one facehugger got to him?
  20. Saberjunky
    I bet its one of the pred's from the opening scene's where they all get wiped out by the Hybrid, she shag's them dead or alive! & hey presto alien baby's through the face or chest....reminds me of my last relationship. I dont know if I should go see this now? May be a tear jerker   :D  
  21. vortep
    Cool cool.......verry cool.The RB trailer was about pred mostly,the PPL trailer about the humans and the GB trailer about alien.Love the scene with the alien sneaking behind doctor.One of the few pred shots there is in the trailer i like the one he's turning sudunly and target the laser.   RB trailer- 10/10 PPL trailer- 9/10 GB trailer - 10/10
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