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LA Comic Convention Report

The AvPR presentation at the LA Comic Convention was a couple of hours ago and we have the first report of the footage shown thanks to forum member El Diablo:

“The footage begins with the Predator walking through the hallways of a hospital, which has now been turned into an alien hive. the predalien dropped down from the ceiling behind him, smacks the predator with his tail, and sends him crashing through a wall. An alien warrior drops down in front of the predalien, almost protecting it, and attacks the predator. the predator shoots it with a handheld plasma caster. a second alien attacks, the predator drops it to the ground, shoves a glowing blue vial into its mouth, causing it to melt from the inside out.

this blue vial as later explained by the straus brothers”, is actually a chemical that the predator uses to get rid of the evidence of the alien bodies while on his mission. there are two more alien warriors that are climbing the walls of the hive towards the predator. he throws two shurikens. it kills both aliens, but one shuriken continues flying, that’s the scene from the trailer where the female character, who is running past the hallway with the rest of the humans, is pinned to the wall. (her death was an accident).”

Keep checking that thread as it may be updated with some new stuff. The directors mentioned something about AvP3 in the Q&A session.

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  1. Rafael S.
    I agree with Sulaco. Scar was the worst Predator in history. He was suppose to kick ass in the movie but (umm...) well.  Eather ways; thanks Scar for giving birth to the PredAlien.
  2. zen
    Blade-&-Burner:Step 1:Destroy the xenomorphine threat.Step 2:Destroy ALL witnesses(including un-armed females).Step 3:Destroy all evidence of contact(i.e. plasma bomb).Even if he missed hitting her after he killed all the aliens he whould go and kill them because they saw too much!.
  3. Blade-N-Burner
    I'm glad that chicks death was an accident. The Predator almost lost points from me on that one - killing an unarmed female human on the run, but I knew he wouldn't of done it on purpose anyway. Still what a waste of good pus...  ei.2 accidental kills, but that's because humans always get in the way - the Predator doesn't have time for our bullshit!
  4. Bio Mech Hunter
    Oh. My. God.   :o   This is f***'n rediculous. I think we all know how the Strause Bros. feel about the aliens now. They don't like 'em.   :'(    They've grossly cheapened the aliens to the point where it's just sickening. And by doing so, they've indirectly cheapened the Preds by quite a bit.   >:(    Me thinks the Strause Bros. need a good, hard slap.
  5. Sulaco
    Scar would have tried to save that dorks life, I hope someday I can see the cut scene in avp when Scar and Lex talk about getting married   :D  
  6. Spoon
    Wow 2 accidental kills by the pred!? First we see the pred accidentally kill that blond guy becuase the acid spilled ontop of him when the pred tried saving his life. Now that chick was an accident.
  7. Nomad
    never thought you have such problems with cinemas if you are not 18. The same with videogames I think. In my country there are no such strikt laws about it. Even if it is bad it is a fact. So there's going to be a lot of teen fans of avp in the day of premiere.
  8. PredClanLeadrr85
      ::)    This is my first post, I have been anticipating this movie since AVP came out. I think this all looks amazing and will blow everyone away!!! My only concern is I check this site on the daily, and I feel I am finding out too much by reading reviews, seeing trailers etc,,, i hope it doesnt ruin the experience when i see the movie... I just cant keep myself from wanting to find out more.... from the sounds of it this movie is the just the begining of new installments from the series and hopefully revitalizing the pred and alien individual series as well. ..steve
  9. Krycek
    Why do we need to know the "truth" about the space jockeys? I would rather have some mystery left in these franchises, especially with the hinted at view of the Predator home world.
  10. Starkiller
    They should make an alien film set before alien maybe ALIEN EVOLUTION tell us how the alien 'evolved' now that would be cool, I agree with ridely scott's theory of the space jockey's created the alien as a bio-weapon.
  11. Starkiller
    if we ever get to learn about the space jokey it should be in an alien film, directed by ridely action just a story and it shoulld be dark and scary. AVP3 should be just huge battles of alien's and predator's like 300 maybe..?
  12. Starkiller
    the scene sounds sweet! looks like the wolf is going to whack loads of aliens.  hmmm 'AVP III' now if Requiem is cool! and the brothers strause have done a good job, then im up for another avp, along as the next one is set in space and its not about humans caught in the middle and just about the aliens and preds!
  13. Zero .T 201.369
    Yes. But if you have a person with you that is 18 or older you can still see it. Anyway,that's what my sister told me.As long as you have somebody to go and see it with you, you won't get thrown out of the theater   ;D     ;)  
  14. Guest
    i'm 12 but since the movie is rated R i am going to stand on my tip toes and say that i'm 13 cause i'm not waiting till the movie is on DVD   ;D     ;D     ;D  
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