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AvPR UK Box Office

AvPR got off to a good start in the UK in its opening weekend. It made £1.97M according to

“AVP sees the extraterrestrial species visit a Colorado town Horror film Alien vs Predator: Requiem has slashed its way to the top of the UK box office in its opening weekend. The sequel to the 2004 original took £1.97m, beating the other new entry, Oscar-nominated No Country For Old Men, into second place.”

Thanks to DazAvP01 for the news.

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  1. ZEN
    "opinions are like arseholes , everybody has one and they stink!!!"  Lol could'nt agree with you more on that one!(   :D  ).Nowadays everything is a lot more expensive,back in the 50's they could make an hour long movie with less then $250,000.But as the years pass things become more expensive because people want more.If you watch DAREDEVIL you can see the CG effects,but for BATMAN BEGINS they showed people the real batman and the CG one and the CG one was so good that people thought that THAT was the real one.Just look at the CG facehuggers for AVP-R.You can tell their fake at a glance.But with the more money you have the better the effects,the better the effects the happier the fans,the happier the fans the more money they'll make,and the more money they make,the better the sequal!   ;D  .
  2. konradski
    Mr.Cameron made TERMINATOR with $6,000,000.Think of what he could do with,oh,lets say,$60,000,000?.   exactly the same .you realy think a studio,s gonna throw money to a new director .  would you say aliens was shit as that cost the exact same amount to make and from what i read it still beats all the new more expensive movie,s that have come after and maybe , just maybe that fueled  his desire to make a better film with his alloted budget ill admit cash helps but without the other elements of a production it will fall flat on its arse everytime. just because you throw shitloads of money at a project dosent mean its going to be better  there are many films out there that cost a fortune yet fail to engage you   opinions are like arseholes , everybody has one and they stink!!!
  3. Rob - - - - - - ski
    At $6million I could make a county-made epic of AVP in my own town or the Appalachain forest.  Have the best Alien and Predator fans in and around town to help.
  4. ZEN
    Rob-----ski:If you had all of those guys then the movie would have a chance at being super f***ing awesome because you would'nt have a fan twisting the movie to their own selfish needs (*COUGH,COUGH,STRAUS BROTHERS,COUGH,COUGH*),and you would'nt have a director who did'nt give a s**t..Also yes,a movie does'nt need a big budget,but as you said,Mr.Cameron made TERMINATOR with $6,000,000.Think of what he could do with,oh,lets say,$60,000,000?.  dachande89:Yes,we ALL need that epic battle,something we would all list as GREAT rather then OK or DISAPPOINTING.Then they would have to stop and wait a few more years because if they keep putting awesome movie after awesome movie out then it would lose its awesome-ness.  SHREK:Ya,they should have at least 10 preds (7 for cannon fodder,3 for main story),2 warring hives(F***ING SWEET!),and a enough humans to keep it from looking like national geographic.  PEACE OUT!!!. l..l_   ;D  _l..l
  5. konradski
    the only way theyd get an illegall dvd thru qauranteen is by sabotageing certain fanboys minds with the hope of a 3rd film  "i say we grease the ratf**k sonnaffa  bitches"
  6. Rob - - - - - - ski
    All you people talk about is a film being excellent no matter what by it having big digits numbers in budget. It's not how much is spent, but how is it spent.   At $40 million I can do so much with that money. I still find so much better actors that won't cost a cent more. The special effects and sound effects may not be THX surrond sound and digital perfection. But what matters is that you hear it to move you and special effects can still impress while lacking the perfection in most ways. I can make the Alien be as terrifying as it was when it became a legend with the first two films and have Wolf be without idiot support the best Predator on screen, no addition charge.  Lots of money doesn't make good movies. It's the genius of the director that can make a scene spectacular by the perfect execution. Ultimate Example is James Cameron's TERMINATOR done at only $6 million. He got great actors working on a great script and Cameron knowing the best way on how to make each sceen in all perspectives the greatest imaginable without having a forest of money growers.
  7. Tony
    Exactly dachande89 that's exactly how I feel. Bring on AVP3 Colin and Greg. Come on haters just one more AVP movie and we'll be done then we can focus on Alien 5 and possibly Predator 3.
  8. dachande89
    Look we need an AVP3. We need the titanic clash that we all have been craving. To see a massive throng of predators and aliens ripping each other apart in a foreign battle field on some far off world. If it has to end, let it end with the awe and magnificence it truly deserves.
  9. SHREK
    well fox have spent alot of money on terrible films before...just wud b nice to see them actually give the directors of AVP3 (if there is 1) a big budget to see what they can actually do with the franchise because im starti 2 wonder if the whole vp concept can actually b made int a good film but we wont know until there is good directors and a big budget
  10. Dual Blade
    It comes down to money, if FOX can only be prepared to throw some GOOD money i KNOW IT WILL TAKE ALOT OF PEOPLE BY STORM.  I loved it personally and again know that the Strause bros were going inindeed in the right direction
  11. Le Celticant
    Well... if AvP-R movie make more than 111 M$ that's the same reason like the first avp... all people fell on the trapp and was thinking this movie would be great.. but most are disapointed (if i knew how the movie was ... no comment... be sure i never paid any ticket to go watch it... it was just curiousity). French Website allocin
  12. davebhamuk
    They should forget live action AVP and do an animated adaption of the original comic and get that out on dvd.  Aliens vs Predator as an animated movie or series of animated movies would be great.
  13. SHREK
    fair enough ZEN.... and i agree AVP3  needs 2 be at least 120 minutes and definatley needs 2 be more than 1 predator cuz wen there is only one predator it means there will be lots of aliens being killed which wont go down well with alien fans, so loads of predtors and loads of aliens would be interseting...
  14. Deco
    because they are money grabbing animals and they know that all they have to do is make the trailer look good to tap into the massive fan-base of this movie.   The trailer is the most mis-leading trailer ive ever seen, It shows practically everything....  God I hate this movie    :D  
  15. Predhunter
    I wonder why FOX reduced the budget that much...In what were they thinking? What were their piorities at the time? What was so important that it got to remove AvP from their top investments list??  I really would like to listen to the answers...
  16. chaz
    i read a looooong time ago the budget was estimated from some directors/writers/etc to go to 200 mill. i read this when avp came out. thats why fox never made the movie people wanted to much...TO DO IT CORRECTLY!!!
  17. Predhunter
    This coment is mostly directed to CHAZ.   First, i agree with you when you say that this franchise´s latest movie is better then the first one. Definatelly!!  In what it concerns to AvP3 budget, i must say your coment on that wasn´t much realistic. Otherwise let's see...A budget of $200miliion, that´s maybe not impossible to happen (i certainly would like to see that happen), but highly unlikely! Remember that those are super production numbers... It should be more like ($80-$100)milion. At least for now...That is, if FOX decides to invest prpoperly in this franchise...  As for good acting, it may not be essential for the war itself, but that´s one of the main characeristics that will give emphasis to the scenes, cause good reviews and bring people to theaters, fans or not.   I´m not asking for an absolutely brilliant movie, just an absolutely decent one. I want the most critic people of this franchise to say "AvP3 is definatelly worth watching!"
  18. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Just because they directed the previous films doesn't mean they are only ones who can direct any future films. There are a lots of other directors and/or writers that can do it and have proven their worth in previous hits. And these directors listed as example have had various results in their carrer by boxoffice, fan and critic reaction, but they can do TENFOLD a better job.  EXAMPLES: Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye, Zorro) Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum) Francis Lawrence (Constantine, I Am Legend) Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3, Hidalgo, Jumanji) Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Prestige) Wolfgang Petersen (Air Force One, Das Boot, Troy) Tony Scott (Deja Vu, Man on Fire, Enemy of the State) Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, Last Samuri, Glory) Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld films)
  19. Deco
    ZEN  Cool man, thanks    ;)   When I am finished it and it is copyright, I will be getting some fan opinions. (only a handful)  Ya know what else bothers me - some fans keep saying that we are expecting too much:  The original Alien won a friggin OSCAR for is design and was nominated for its art direction! Among others, it won a saturn award for best Sci Fi movie along with numerous other nods for 'best writing' - as it was called back then.  Im not saying that an AVP movie should be worthy of the OSCARS or that it should be tackled that way- but for God sakes, at least treat the franchise with some dignity.... What was the point in all of those awards and nominations back in 79'?? Theyve just bastardised them with this installment, even more so than Anderson did.
  20. ZEN
    Heres something all of us can agree on.How it should go for AVP3:  Directors:John McTiernan,James Camerron & Ridley Scott.  Budget:At least $80,000,000.00  Leingth:At least 120 minutes(30 for humans,25 for preds,25 for aliens and 40 for aliens vs predator)  Title:ALIENS VERSUS PREDATORS:APOCALIPTIC WAR!.  Stars:Jessy "the body" Ventura (If its in the future)          Others (I'll think up the rest later).   Writers:Thomas bros.,James Camerron & (I dont like saying this) Dan O'Bannon.  They would know how to do it,and thats the closest anyone can get to the roots.
  21. ZEN
    Deco:None taken,if you did'nt like the movie then thats cool with me,I liked it,its like what chaz said,to me its just a groovy versus movie (I like your idea for your script,sounds nifty!).  SHREK:I was'nt trying to pick a fight or anything (to me it sounded like I was),I was just pointing out a fact (I like to do that sometimes).From a financial aspect it was a big hit,but with all the fans if you combine the percentages of the people who hated it and thought it was great it equalsl out to an okay movie (5/10).Also i do'nt care if its nominated for worst film in the universe,I liked it and thats all that matters to me    ;)  .
  22. Sulaco
    I'm on the same page chaz, avp set up this ridiculous alien life style and avpr had to go in with all previous 6 movies canon and the mess Anderson created, all in all a tough task, not to mention lousy budget. When I see the brothers second movie I can better judge their directing and not be bias because I'm such a fan.
  23. chaz
    i think people were holding this movie with expectations that are way to high, me and my cousin hated the first. we liked this one overall (7/10) but compared to the trash anderson put out this was 10  the acting was not good but who cares the humans dont mean crap. ive seen worse acting. avp acting IMO may have been worse  the only thing i didnt like was the poor lighting. def hurt the movie a lot.   not to mention fox needs some blame. do many of you know when fox wanted an avp movie people wanted 100-200 mil for the budget? avp 1 and 2 combined have been almost 100 mill. thats bogus this type of movie needs a lot of money to lie up to its expectations  fox deserves a lot of blame  avp r was a step up from avp and a DECENT/OKAY movie overall. take it for what it is. its not story driven like alien or aliens or even predator. its a VERSUS movie
  24. Hicks_0998
    Commercially the movie did well as Zen pointed out.  Critically the movie did not as Shrek, myself and various others have pointed out.  Man the movie didn't even last a month for its theatrical release and by 24th Jan in Australia it is not available for viewing.  Many points to argue and most of them are true, not just one sided.
  25. Deco
    Figures absolutely DO NOT indicate how many fans liked the movie, it indicates how many fans of these franchises there are out there.  I wish i could say it was great but god dammit it was the worst film ive ever seen.  I felt cheated - this was a glorified straight to DVD, then straight to the bin, film.
  26. Sulaco
    Wanna talk stupid, that would be Sulaco... I actually started chewing tobacco when I was a kid because Blain did in Predator. Anyway I cant find nothing on that lost boys 2   ;D  
  27. SHREK
    .....actually i take that back, u no wat.... as a money maker u can say that yes, it was successful,  but as a filming spectacle it was a faliure, and that cant be argued with.....
  28. SHREK
    zen u truly are stupid....i cant be botherd anymore im just astonished that despite seeing how crap this film was, aswell as the total gross it has made which is poor (because ZEN i dont think u fully understand) and even with it being nominated for worst prequel/sequel and worst horror....little fanboys still have orgasms over it.....   ::)   but wateva
  29. ZEN
    The A&P (funny) movies make most of the money from the DVDs.Because you have people going to see the movie at the theater ($10) and then buying it on DVD ($20-50).I'm not saying they should skip the theater,im just saying where most of the money comes from.If they made AVP:ANIMATED like what the did for HELLBOY that would be cool.Strate to DVD with an R rating.Sweet!.  SHREK | 23 Jan 2008 22:48 36  where do sum of you people get the idea that the total gross avpr has made is a good? .....its a box office failure and fox isnt making any profit from this film even though the budget was only around 40 million....  The very moment a movie makes double its a hit,its only a failure if it makes less then its budget+%50.It bombs when it makes less then the budget.Already its made like what,$100,000,000 or so?.Also heres the polls:Great 45.73 % (1402).Good 22.41 % (687).Okay 12.17 % (373).Disappointing 11.02 % (338).Hated it 8.68 % (266).Yaaaa,suuuure,this movie bombed alright.(*smiling and nodding with thumbs up*).
  30. Predhunter
    AvP:R wasn´t a box office success...Comparing to AvP, it was even worse. But certainly, these two movies weren´t box office successes, in spite of being low budget movies, which could justify such a failiure.  This franchise raised money so far, so apparently, there´s no financial reason not to make an AvP3...
  31. Hicks_0998
    Iron calm down mate, the movie was good but not great and the results speak for themselves.  In Australia AvPR has already finished screening but I was fortunate enough to see it twice.  As much as we want AvPR to be on par with the originals we all have to face it at some point because if we dont we will all think it shits all over Aliens and we would kinda fooling ourselves.  Thats great that you loved the movie but take a step back and hear both sides to the argument man.  The fanboys will lap it up with anticipation that they will cream themselves, but for true die-hard afficianados, the originals still stand the test of time.
  32. Hicks_0998
    No worries mate, how would you feel knowing that your beloved franchise is going straight to dvd? lol betrayed, used and abused and very pissed off coz the Aliens and Predator movies have all gotten a theatrical release.  Thats not to say direct to dvds are all bad, the lost boys 2 for example.
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