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There’s an interesting article on which predicts how movies are going to do this week at the box office. There’s a lengthy section on AvPR.

Why I Should See It: It’s aliens… fighting predators! Need we say more than just repeat the title?
Why Not: The first movie really wasn’t as good as it could have been and the fact that its sequel isn’t being screened in advance for critics might be telling that the sequel is even worse.
Projections: Opening day should be in the $7 to 9 million range including midnight shows, and then figure another $8 to 10 million on Wednesday and Thursday and another $17 to 19 million over the three-day weekend–roughly $33 and 35 million in six days–but it probably will end up somewhere between $65 to 70 million total, maybe slightly more with so few other movies opening in the next two weeks.

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  1. Hicks_0998
    We all remember how badly Daniel Craig was put down for the 007 role in Casino Royale.  Is it safe to cast judgement based on........roles or prior record or what?  And we all remember how well Casino Royale did in DVD and BR sales......not to mention worldwide gross.  I could safely say the revenue generated from AVPR will far exceed AVP's, purely because it has what the audience wants.
  2. Tapewormsupreme
    To honestly say that the first AVP was bad is okay, but in my opinion it was not. No, it did not have the constant fight scenes that we were all hoping for, but I think this movie will make up for that. I am afraid this one will not have the story that the first one did. Perhaps if this one does well enough and they make the third, then we will see a good mix of both, fast paced action with a good story. Again though, we just have to wait and see.
  3. Xenomorphine
    Because 'Alien Versus Predator' might not have been as good as it should have, but people are kidding themselves when they claim it was never entertaining. We can all do lists of things it didn't do right, but if you're honest with yourself and freshly rewatch it, you'll also be able to come up with lists of stuff it did right, too.  Yes, one of those lists will be longer than the other, but that doesn't mean to say the latter won't exist.  I've been saying for a long time that this addition is probably going to do some things better and other things worse. That's just how these things tend to be.
  4. Starkiller
    Including all overseas and the dvd sales this movie will make either the same or slighlty more than AVP   :D    But I only want AVP III If this movie is good and if its done rite    :(  
  5. Wolfs Girl
    I'm just happy to see some more alien and predator action first and foremost, secondly I am hoping for a good story and good characters and good effects, and mostly just a great time specially enjoying watching Wolf's sexy ass in action onscreen. Woooopie!!!
  6. Spidey3121
    I hope this one is better but i don't know. I have a feeling this movie will have all the action + gore that the 1st film lacked but the 1st film will have the better setting + storyline than this.
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