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AvP Requiem Box Office Figures

The box office figures are in for December 25. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie made $9,515,615 on Christmas Day. It’s slightly more than the $7-$9m ComingSoon predicted. It’s also the third all-time highest opening on a Christmas Day according to /Film.

1. Ali – $10.2M
2. Catch Me If You Can – $9.8M
3. Alien vs. Predator: Requiem – $9.48M (estimate)
4. Patch Adams – $8M
5. Cheaper By the Dozen – $7.8M

Update: Figures for Wednesday are in. AvPR takings dropped over 50% to $4.28M according to /Film. Update #2: Thursday estimates are in. AvPR dropped another 35% and has gone down to $2.78M. Update #3: In Australia, AvPR opened in second place on Boxing Day with $1,113,225. Update #4: Friday figures are in. The takings went up slightly to $3,360,000. Update #5: AvPR made $3.46M on Saturday. Update #6: AvPR made $3,100,000 on Sunday. The domestic total so far is $26,880,000.

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  1. hunterD
    yes but in hollywood for anything to get the big wigs attention it has to at least hit the golden 100 mil which it may well not. Pred 1 didn't make alot, pred 2 bombed but fans still love it but fan love means nothing to a bunch of fat suits. Still it is too early to be saying about the figures if its only been out like 2 weeks and england had to wait and dvd sales are yet to even be in the picture. I think this is the end my friends
  2. O.W.L.F.
    to Stamos : ..... come on...the numbers are not final will make 70 mil. in foreign least!!.....and i think that 50 mil. in USA can be still reached.........
  3. Stamos
    Total US Gross     $31,627,890 International Gross    $15,900,000 Worldwide Gross    $47,527,890  Don't need anything now, hopefully someone acquires the rights  to the franchise other than Fox. They are not interested in making good movies, just money.....the old days are gone....  I would assume that the good directors of old, and those passionate to sacrifice for the cause with minimal payback, are the only hope.  Figures like these spawn either direct-2-DVD, or death of franchises.  I never thought this day would come a week before seeing this movie  Non Fans I know liked the 1st AVP as they have no idea of the worlds or previous movies....that's why it grossed 3 times more than this one.  Anyone on this site will try to ignore the damage that has been done, returns like these do not create sequels, but my hope outweighs my logic and is secretly hoping for another.  I don't care if it is worse than Alien4, I just want to watch em again...
  4. drone01
    Holy crap I didn't know there were so many writers, artist's and movie makers at this site, I mean WOW..... you all..... geeeessissss..... you have got to be kidding me cannon? kannon? canon? hhhmmm... yup missed the boat and am glad....   ???  
  5. hunterD
    Another point I am sick to death of people saying no cgi aliens and preds. Suit work can only have flashes like the old films because they don't move well but you want to see alot of the creatures, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!! If you want alot of aliens you have to have alot of CGI, when the alien warrior climbed out of the drain into the street it looked the best because it was CGI. To have them move inhuman like and agile for both CGI is the only way, I said the only way, break down!!  And get stan winstons ass back here, WHY THE FUK DOES A LAST MINUTE MADE 1987 PRED FACE LOOK MORE REAL THAN A 2007 20 YEAR LATER PRED FACE????
  6. hunterD
    I've seen the film twice and had a few days to think about it. If you come in expecting something as good as aliens or pred 1 you will be upset so don't. This film had enough action for me to enjoy it and I like the blue heat vision and all the proper sounds brought back for both. AVP aliens sounded so crap and for some reason I would love for someone to tell me why is there not one but two elephant noises in avp 1 for the alien?? The preds in avp 1 were way too weak so a tough pred in avp 2 just evens things out, I'm a fan equally of both so no complaining alien fans. Aliens brought in heaps and an oscar and alien 3 had the crap cut out of the budget so you are kidding yourself to say avp 3 will have a bigger budget, if anything smaller. Nothing they do can revamp an idea that has had so many films on it (I'm talking aliens) nothing will bring in the masses just us fans so they give us enough to get our cash. Unless avp 3 is in space let it die!! I say that knowing I'll see and buy on dvd any piece of crap they would throw at me that has aliens or preds in it.
  7. O.W.L.F.
    to Ok7 :.... that means that AvP: R made 3,8 Mil. on Tuesday because I assume that theaters were closed on Monday ( year-breaking ) in the my country it was like that
  8. atomic punk
    i've got a question for anyone to answer?do ou remember how the alien was trying to inpregnate the woan he atacked?take a good guess or watch the film again?anyway the pred.was a bit thin in the legs.he being a liard type crustation would have bigger thighs and calves to jump from place to place like in the first 2 movies.upperbody was perfect.all the aliens moved way to quick glance and there on you.
  9. Greenband
    Additionally, Rotten Tomatoes has posted a bit more infomration:  --------------------------------------- Opening in sixth place was the sci-fi action sequel Alien vs Predator: Requiem with an estimated $10.1M over the weekend and $26.9M over the six-day debut period since its Christmas Day launch on Tuesday. Attacking 2,611 sites, the R-rated pic averaged a mild $3,849 and skewed male to nobody's surprise. The six-day bow still fell short of the $38.3M three-day opening of 2004's Alien vs. Predator which carried a PG-13 rating and launched in the late summer period.
  10. Greenband
    The Associated Press released this estimate of box office sales tonight (Sunday):  -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Other films that debuted on Christmas had solid weekends. "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem," a sci-fi horror sequel from 20th Century Fox, took in $10.05 million, raising its total since opening day to $26.9 million. Sony's Loch Ness monster fantasy "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep" grossed $9.2 million and lifted its sum to $16.8 million.  Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Media By Numbers LLC. Final figures will be released Wednesday.  1. "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," $35.6 million. 2. "Alvin and the Chipmunks," $30 million. 3. "I Am Legend," $27.5 million. 4. "Charlie Wilson's War," $11.8 million. 5. "Juno," $10.3 million. 6. "Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem," $10.05 million. 7. "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep," $9.2 million. 8. "P.S. I Love You," $9.1 million. 9. "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," $8 million. 10. "Enchanted," $6.5 million. -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
  11. Max
    They can easily leave the franchise at AVPR, the same way they ditched Predator at P2 and Alien at AR.  Fox should cut its losses and stop the AvP movies here.  AvP is a great concept for games and comics, but the concept just doesn't work on film.  I hope Fox realizes this.  Ridley Scott doing a 5th Alien film would set everything right though.  I don't consider the AvP movies as serious Alien films, and I'd love to see a real Alien film in theaters some time.
  12. Bio Mech Hunter
    Boostedlsj, alien fan's are upset because the alien's were seriously nerfed. They were physically weak and fairly un-intelligent compared to what they're suppose to be. That's why. Not only that, they had about four stupidly missed opportunities to kill Wolf. Instead of impaling him, they decide it's better to give him a good swat.   ::)    Elite or not, it was unrealistic to send only one predator to deal with an alien infestation all by his lonesome. An entire clan of elite preds would've been far more believable. Nerfing the aliens was they only way "The Brothers Strause" could use one badass predator for the majority of the film.  Anyone else wonder why in the world the one injured pred in the beginning sent a distress signal rather than setting his self destruct sequence?   ::)    This isn't to say I hated the film. On the contrary, I rather enjoyed it. Was just really disappointed for reasons already mentioned. I have to say I prefer the first film.
  13. Hunters Moon
    also maximus i dont think they can leave the franchise at avp-r they need to make another one with a decent budget, script cast and crew, and either have the strause brothers return to direct or get an experienced director, and finish the 'avp franchise' with 3 films and nice litlle trilogy would be nice I think?   ;D   rather than wreck both franchises then just leave it at that    :(  
  14. Hunters Moon
    I agree with you maximus but still i would like to see another avp movie? and i definitly want to see alien 5 with either cameron or scott behind it or both. I only watch the avp films for the predator    :D  
  15. Maximus
    But the thing is, I don't want an AvP 3, the series has no integrity left after AvPR.  The formula has worn thin and no one takes it seriously anymore.  Then again, Aliens and Preds never belonged in the same movie to begin with.    After two movies, you'd think that Fox would have made a good film by now, but they haven't, and they never will.  Although AR was sub-par, it never sunk to the level of indignity of AvPR, and I would love for Ridley Scott and Weaver to re-team for a fifth and final Alien film.  AvPR being a box office bomb serves them right.  AvP is dead, it's time to pull a "Casino Royale" and get some good filmmakers and actors back into the original Alien series.
  16. Hunters Moon
    killzonewithbladesandteet | 30 Dec 2007 22:06173  The ONLY way we will get an AVP film that we think we deserve is to support this one to even remotely justify a decent budget therefore a chance of a decent script for a third. This film was rushed, an with a less budget a stronger rating which cuts the market before you start plus a poor script. And this is what you get. If you really want that big budget film show Fox that there's a market for it. ________________________  So true! lets all watch this film again, plus there are alot of avp fans in the uk and other europeon coutries so lets hoping they go watch it    :-\    I want avp3? FOX better make it and this time make a 'good' movie!!!!!   >:(  
  17. killzonewith bladesandteet
    Theaters DON'T take half the profits they get paid a percentage of the screen rental by the distributor, which is why concession stand prices are high that's where most of their money comes in. And as far as saying American companies don't care about how much money their movies make in international territories that's just bullshit.  AVP-R will make a profit but not what people were expecting in the short term compared to AVP. And it took almost 9.5mil its first day  not its first weekend. While this may not be a great film it will be a commercial success probably turning a samll profit once you factor in DVD sales. It is also not too shabby for a directorial debut. The ONLY way we will get an AVP film that we think we deserve is to support this one to even remotely justify a decent budget therefore a chance of a decent script for a third. This film was rushed, an with a less budget a stronger rating  which cuts the market before you start plus a poor script. And this is what you get. If you really want that big budget film show Fox that there's a market for it.
  18. Maximus
    AvPR is #6 in the box office in the first week, that's pretty poor.  It's only going to go down from there, and American companies don't really care how much money their movies earn overseas.  Plus, theaters take in half the profits, so Fox has only earned maybe 13 million dollars so far.  The simple truth is, critics and fans have panned the movie.  AvPR is a piss poor film, and most likely the end of the franchise until Ridley Scott does Alien 5.
  19. Rob - - - - - - ski
    And as for overseas. I looked it at Box Office Mojo at what were the highest profitters for the first AVP. Then went to the IMDB and compared release dates of AVP and AVP-R. I saw that the countries that earned the most for AVP are released like within the week or month of USA (and other AVP high profitters) release. Those countries earn good bit of money even when they were knowledged of how bad it was a month earlier, but could earn more if not knowledged of that. So they are released sooner so the knowledge of it possibly turning bad again wouldn't effect profit so much.
  20. Rob - - - - - - ski
    I think it'll do fine at the Box Office, both domestic and overseas. So far it made $26.8 million, with $10 million on the first weekend at 2611 theaters. I think that number of theaters for a major FOX film is a bit small. I believe they're trying to, while it having a small weekend, drop far less in the later ones than AVP. They opened it at 2611 theaters while there are 3 mega films open at 3,400 or more. So a lot are booked. Than next weekend, which will be "ALVIN" 's and "Lengend" 's third weekend meaning a theater count drop, opening the door so AVP-R could be wider distributed. Likely by the next weekend it be in the 3,000's. While the money for theater avg. would drop the weekend total wouldn't. So it could be $10 million weekend again, likely.
  21. Starkiller
    If everyone is so worried that avpr hasn't doesn't well enough or wont do well enough to get our 'space epic' avp3? Then why dont US fans go to the cinema again and tell there non avp fan friends to go watch it aswell?    :-\    As for me im going to watch it twice (uk fan), first with family then again with friends even if the film sucks! beacuse id rather have avp3 than predator 3 and I would still like to see alien 5    ;D    So go avp fans ''spread the word'' and go watch the film again needs our hard earned cash    :D    Im still going to be open minded and watch the film and ignore the bad reviews
  22. chrisr232007
    Well as you can see the total box office is 23million plus so if you use the rule of half than it will only make around 11 million by end of next weekend which would put it at 34 million than the week after that it would be around 40 million so when all said and done AVP_R is only going to make maybe a lil over 50 million in the USA so i hope it does good around the world or AVP might just be dead and ALIEN AND PREDATOR as well   :-\  
  23. killzonewith bladesandteet
    the film was okay. But I feel due to contract/budget limitations plus directorial inexperience it suffered.I mean usually when a movie makes a ton of money don't they spend more on sequels to make more money? I am at a guess thinking that Shane Selermo's script was a contractual thing after the success of AVP. It could have been better in that framework IF the Strausee Bro's Knew their  basics about directing-especially the actors a for instance would be when they go into the hospital and they see the hive no-one reacted in a remotely realistic way when seeing  no "WTF is this??" no OMG's or anything just stares. Remember in Aliens when the troops see the hive for the first time? That's what I am talking about about the Strausse Bros directorial inexperience. They weren't bad just inexperienced. And more action and fights and Predators costs money which they didn't have for the scope they were trying to pull off-again an inexperience factor,is  how I see it. Its not a bad movie  I've seen a lot worse but it was stopped from being  better because of directorial inexperience. If AVP3 goes ahead a bigger budget could bring better actors and a better script writer
  24. Dual Blade
    I still haven't seen the movie (UK) BUT WILL DO.  In the end am going to go and watch what the title says, anything other than that would be a bonus.   :D     The Strause I feel have done well.  Fox had done a poor piss job of promoting the movie, they should have started between summer and autumn time to raly up the interest not leave it to the last seconds, I mean other than the poor reviews that wouldn't have stopped the people coming through its not like they couldn't afford it.  If there is a next movie, FOX, try and listen TO THE PEOPLE, REALLY LISTEN. BECAUSE I REALLY DON'T THINK SOME OF THE TIME YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THIS FRANCHISE, WHY SHOW SO MUCH FOOTAGE FOR??  (am still going to see the movie though)
  25. nudzi
    Oh and one last thing, the cinema was PACKED, people were sitting on the floor and stairs, because there were no free seats. That tells You something, I go see it again tomorrow.
  26. nudzi
    I really do not give a damn what the "critics" say. I wouldn't listen to people who live from writing revievs, and mostly didn't even know what a predalien, or who Yutani is. I'd listen to the fans of the franchise, which means movies + comic books + games. And first of all I believe what I see, and what I saw was an AWESOMELY done Aliens and Predator. By that I mean, perfect movement, gestures, behaviour, costumes, and action between the creatures. Top noch visual effects. You can see that maybe Strauses aren't great directors (yet!) when it comes to directing human caracters, but they really dig  the creatures and directing them was perfect, fights were perfect. I really love this movie, just because of P and A are in it. So for P & A action I give Strauses A+, for human caracters D, but I really couldn't care less about them.
  27. predalien hater
    are you kidding?  I Am Legend, a very average flick itself, takes in 65-75mil plus its first weekend and you're getting all squishy about 23 mil for 5 days?  AvPr, the numbers Aren't Very Promising, Retard.  Shouldn't have been requiem, shoulda been RIP.
  28. Hicks_0998
    Moivegal, first off thanks for the reference to Aliens.  Secondly, like Aliens, AVPR had a small budget so it wasnt exactly going to be "Titanic" in quality.  If the budget was well over 100 mil mark we would've seen a squad of Preds "clean up" Gunnison.  The only reason fans of the Alien and Pred franchise are fed up, or even love it, is because they base the new film incarnations on the originals and thus style over substance ensues.  Of course all Alien and Pred movies will not match or even top the originals because we all know the mythos too damn well so what can we expect?  The comics, the graphic novels and even the games have rounded out all we know and love so when some director comes along and tries to make it "their" vision they will be shot down in flames .  It would take writers thousands of scripts to get it right, in the meantime they should check out the amount of literature e.g. the aforementioned media.  Only then would legions of fans worldwide herald the return to form of our beloved series once and for all.  Not bagging you or siding with you; just think the film iterations could benefit by bringing the comics to life because it seems comic-to-film adaptations are all the rage nowadays.
  29. Ultimate-Predalien
    I wasn't dissappointed with It, I though it was pretty damn sweet being a hardcore AVP fan, The predalien was sweet, and the wolf predator as well, I hope they keep making these films, I can't wait til the dvd comes out, I'll definitely get the Unrated, I'll probably go see it again, and what it made opening day was good, and just cuz it hasn't made as much as other films don't mean it won't make more than it has now, its only been out for a few days now.....Think of that stupid no good for nothing critics......AVP-R ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Ultimate-Predalien
    Wow if that shrek retard could only c that its the critics who r saying things bad and coming on here and saying bad things, besides if ur not an AVP fan, WUT THE HELL R U DOING ON THE FANSITE ANYWAY? ppl are getting 2 be stupid.......Don't worry guys hes just a stupid CRITIC like the rest of em.......
  31. killzonewith bladesandteet
    The film was okay I will go and see it again. It had its moments but basically I thought the Strausse Brothers showed a lot of directorial inexperience.The biggest problem was the actors and the dialogue;  the pitfalls that were just completely ignored in order to go from point A to point B without fully thinking about things that could have made the danger/horror and disbelief at what they were facing more convincing.  I did love the fact at how the Alien take over of the town was just relentless was conveyed.  To sum up: not a bad film with some good ideas just overall inexperience on the Directorial side of things with the basics let the side down they really had an idea that could have worked better if they knew how to handle the story telling better
  32. moviegal1115
    Strause Brothers, I appreciate the fact that you wanted us to feel like we did from the other movies but sublety goes a long way. Music cues...okay. Mood Lighting (Except for the fight scenes, couldn't see who was who) Character development was horrible. And was almost parallel to the characters in Aliens. When the daughter looked up at her mother and asked if  "Are all the monsters gone now, mommy?" I almost vomited. "Will we be able to sleep now?" - Newt, Aliens Even in the Gun shop, I was half expecting Dallas (yeah, if that's not a throwback name) to show her how to fire a rifle. APC driver and Helicopter pilot? Whatever... And lastly, yeah, I'm longwinded about things I'm passionate about...Weyland Yutani has never known nor has it ever been privy to anything predator. Don't change our comfortable history....(or future) They have always wanted the alien species for their bio weapons division, Trust me, anything Predator would've been scooped up, greatly outweighing anything the Aliens could've provided them insight about. That's not what happened in the future we know. I'm not even going to touch Facehugging crap. Should've been a queen there, should've been more than one predator, should've been in the future, immediately after Alien Resurrection... I'm done...
  33. moviegal1115
    Uh, did IQ's just drop sharply while I was away...Come on people! Wake up and look at what this movie is, nothing but a sheep in wolf's clothing. Predator fans, unite. We all know what a Predator is and what his function is based on what we've seen and read, so someone please tell me...why on God's Green Earth would a "lone" predator just happen to get a signal about a ship going down and then after investigation, take it upon himself to just go and rid the planet of it. First off, correct me if I'm wrong now, a predator's main goal is to hunt for sport and collect trophies of the most worthy opponents. Then tell me why he was going to rid the planet? I would've thought after careful selection, a team of hunters would be dispatched to the planet AFTER the full on infestation to do there bidding and collect any spoils. The Strause Brothers made him like the Red Cross and hated it. On that same note: Sheriff's Deputies don't sneak up on Predators. Sorry. Don't believe it, it never happened. And Predators don't in turn skin someone that weak and leave them hanging with there skulls and spine intact. And as for the magical blue liquid that made every piece of evidence go away, total crap. Imploding the ship, yeah okay, I'll buy it. But magic blue liquid....No. Doesn't work.
  34. PredatorWarrior
      ;D     :o     8)   this movie was the shit, loved it, keep making more, went to see it with 4 of my friends and they all loved it too, the pred alien was cool too, something new and original, everything i ever wanted out of an avp film i got with this, been a die hard fan of this franchise since i was 10 and now 22, long wait for a movie like this, was not dissapointed at all, loved everything about it, keep them Alien, Predator, and AVP movies coming fox, f**k and the critics(who don't know shit)and the haters(who simply hate cause it wasn't like the last one), can't wait for the unrated dvd of this to come out to add to my collection, once again, i was not dissapointed, defanitely recomend this to any die hard fan who isn't picky with wut they get
  35. ewhtam3
    this movie is'nt bad, but it would have been better if it had the story line and the plot of AVP1. guess we,ll just have to see if they make over at least 100 million dollars.   :'(  
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