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AvPR DVD Release Date

The first release date of the AvPR DVD has been found on the Australian shopping site EzyDVD. It has a release date of April 23, 2008 for Australia. It will cost $AU29.83 and will come in an exclusive collector’s tin.

Expect the US release date to be around the same time and UK release date will probably be in May. Thanks to Chocolate Man for the news.

In box office news, AvPR made £954,000 in its second weekend in the UK ( and its cumulative total is £3,724,016 (IMDB). The worldwide total is $120,570,852. (Domestic: $41,470,852 / Foreign: $79,100,000).

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  1. ZEN
    Sora:If that were true then i would have gotten SILENCE OF THE HAMS years ago for my sibling   ;D  .  Rob-----ski:There will be at least 1548 people buying the NE,SE,CE,UCE,UECE or the UEDCE on DVD/Blu-ray/HD.I would get the UEDCE (Unrated Extended Directors cut Collectors Edition) if it were worth it,but I'd probably just get the UCE (Unrated Collectors Edition) if it did'nt cost a kidney.So,if they were selling it at $20.00 each,it would rack up $30,960.00.Thats not counting the people who thought it was "good" or Okay" or the people who wanted to complete their collection (I was using the previous poll as a refference by the way).So it will make a minimum of $30,960.00,but it could make it upto anywheres around $5,000,000.00 or beyond   ;D  .
  2. Optimus Maximus Virus
    Okay I hate all the ppl who are dissing the bros. they did a great job with the script and budget they had! these guys have to direct the next avp movie! (avp war) I really cant wait for the DVD and I hope they insert all the scene's apart from the skinned predators and cemetry scene. Rock On Strause!    ;D  
  3. Hmmm...
    Wow, the "hardcore" fans sure are whiners. If you guys were expecting something as good as ALIEN or ALIENS, then that's your fault. Those movies were masterpieces, this movie is eye candy for the fans. I liked it, but I wasn't expecting it to blow my mind.   I think every fan has their own idea of what would make a good AVP film, and this one definitely isn't what most people wanted , but it definitely isn't "excrement".  I blame the writer and 40% of the speaking cast. The visuals and the direction wre great though.  I just wanted to see a Predator and Aliens fight.  And they did. And it looked awesome.   ::)     ::)  
  4. Deco
    Rob.....Ski.   Dont get me wrong man,.I just really dislike this movie. Im a gigantic alien/pred fan and I just think requiem is a homage to the first pile of dung that was ever excreted by a human. Peace to you though mate
  5. YautjaElder13
    Well that seems a wee bit short compared to the first. Not that that's a bad thing. It's awesome. I can't wait to see it again because there was a fight in my theater when I went to see it and I missed a whole bunch! Anyway, back to relavence, yay! 2 Months!!!!!!   ;D  
  6. Redfield
    yeah Rob's right. This film wasn't a masterpiece by a long shot, but it was undeniably profitable at the box office, and besides, all films head to dvd. they don't pick and choose...
  7. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To Deco: DVDs make more profit for the studios than the Box Office.(I hope films will still run big screen on the long run) AVPR is a dud in comparrison to AVP and all the other films> The DVD sales will help make up for it so AVPR is still profitable enough for the AVP3, Predator 3 or the Alien 5 we want. AND DONE RIGHT>
  8. Predhunter
    A Predalien with an ability to cloak?? Now that´s funny. AvP.R would have been a comedy movie...How would the Predalien activate his cloaking device?With his big fingers? It would be dificult to push those buttons...Or with his tail??
  9. Hmmm...
    Where is it stated that Fox wanted to give the cloaking ability to the Predalien?   I figured any Fox exec or producer that would have any sort of "pull" would know that that would be impossible ... since the ability is not genetic blah blah etc.  I know they filmed a scene that featured skinned and hanging preds, but even THAT is pretty far fetched, and I'm glad they didnt add it in the film.
  10. Deco
    This movie isnt worthy of being released on DVD.  Who the hell thought of putting the concept into an animated version??! Thats probably the most ridiculous idea ive heard....Oh wait sorry its not; Fox were going to give the Predalien the ability to cloak....
  11. Sulaco
    I just watched the adi slideshow on the galaxy and I'm in awe. Magnificent work, very detailed, fantastic artwork, I really appreciate the production design and hardwork these people went through, excellent job and with the avpr flaws... great visuals. WOW!!!
  12. Redfield
    from these figures, i expect there will be at least one more entry in the franchise. it hasnt done brilliantly after taking away money for marketing, but there would still be a pretty good profit from this film.
  13. Ptt
    AVP-R DVD Thai edition is released for a while -->  BUT!!! It's Thai local edition (LC not pirate) that's mean it have only Thai sound and no any features with a little drop digital transfer, you can see on this page -->  It's the new policy from FOX that will release the TOP HIT movie first in local edition after movie is showing in theater for 1 month,in cheap price ( 5-6 dollar ) and only local dubbing.You know - for destroy the pirate dvds - (Most of you can download the bittorrent but not in Thailand, they like to buy the dvd pirates more than sit infront of the monitor and "click" download).  Also the real Zone 3 edition will be release on April.
  14. shred predator
    to rob ski-  I like Will Smith- he always has pretty good stuff-i was just saying I don't thhink he would work in an alien/predator film. Some of the actors in the avp's are ok- I'm just generally dissapointed in how theyThe avp's have turned out and don't feel they can be resurected now. I had High expectations for them but it seems FOX has no regard for them. I was just answering your question/comment #22 from above my comment
  15. caliban
    Not really sure if any of you will be interested but there is already a Region 3 DVD rip of AVP-R online, perfect audio & video. Not that I would advocate piracy and would recommend seeing it on the "big screen".
  16. p-d.james
    yeah I know  ... but like I said i have found april 15 th on a french canadian site I think thats gonna be the official date for the release ... but it'a only concerning the DVD... the blue-ray release is not mentionned on this site ...we gonna see
  17. Rob - - - - - -ski
    To shred predator: I was just using Will Smith as an example. Call him bad? Then what would you call every actor and actress in the AVP films? Actors and actresses within the higher ranks have made the movies they star in general high earners because they are so many people want to see them in the act. How else would they be highed ranked? The reason that AVPR is limited sucess, as I quoted before, was because how small publicity they gave the films. They advetised the films only to attract their fans when they should have made it attract everyone who likes sci-fic. What makes them think they could have any success when they have trailers in small, ignored films, skip Comic-Con, and advertise all the rest to a depleted fanbase rather than the rest of the unaware world. If those ablivious newcomers watch AVPR and hate or like, then we can introduce them to the rest of the FANTASTIC, BETTER films of the Alien and Predator.
  18. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Why am I continusly hear people want to have AVP into an animated series??  I generaly hate it when people transfer franchies or genres into different dimensions. Disney and a lot of other studios with a great reputation of animation abandon traditional 2-D animation and they iconic characters for cheaper 3-D animation. Sure you can do better camera and panning views, but that's just it. I perfer the handcrafted, painting, drawn feeling and characters that turn out to be more creative and inventive than 3-D. All that because they had a bad streak of films that didn't work out to begin with and can easily be fixed. In AVP's case, I perfer to see all that I love about the two creatures in big screen. And who says that the script for animated TV series will be any good compared to the two films?
  19. SiL
    I doubt that's the special edition, unless 29.83 is the pre-order price.  Then again, the 2-disc Spidey 3 set, with tin (and mouse pad!) was only 29.83 ...
  20. Slugworth
    Cockroach... Yes, AvP-R was a success compared to most movies, even compared to the first AvP which earned 50 million more and was released in over 800 more theaters than AvP-R.   Compared to the other Alien movies, AvP-R didn't do as good.  Okay. so far the AvP movies have made a combined total of over 290 million dollars.... that means Fox has made a profit of over 190 million dollars.  If Fox cant give a measly 50 mill for another sequel (done right), then I've lost all hope...and David Giler and Walter Hill can suck my ****
  21. davebhamuk
    What people dont seem to get is that in general the longer the series goes on the less it appeals to the mainstream audience unless they shake it up and add new things into the mix which they cant really do due to continuity.  I remember when I went to see The Lost World Jurassic Park and my friends at school when we came back from the Summer break said why didnt you just re-watch Jurassic Park instead of seeing The Lost World?  People dont see these films as having any story potential and just as special effects spectacles.  Hopefully the dvd will do well and maybe Fox will realise that adapting the original comic book story into an animated direct to dvd film would also sell.  I know we'd like to see that story in live action but they'd never do it because of the budget. So an animated film in the same style as the Spawn Animated Series would be a good alternative.
  22. cockroach
    ok im crap at figures... so was avpr a box office success... ignoring the reviews & only considering cost of making the movie?  ps - calm down kids... its only a movie     ;)  
  23. shred predator
    because FOX doesn't want to pay high salaries to cool action stars, and Will SMith would suck in a Alien movie. The avp requiem dvd tin box might as well be called a trash can.
  24. Rob - - - - - - ski
    To ZEN: If Predator was such a huge hit because people want to see huge stars likely meet their match with those excellent examples of out-of-the-world intellegences, then why didn't try it with the AVP movies. Imagine seeing Will Smith fending off aliens instead of the I AM LEGEND zombies.
  25. Rob - - - - - -ski
    killzonewithbladesandteeth: Yeah I agree it is a good job for your first film. But David Fincher did a better job with a better film domestically and overseas.   And the tickets sales shown how many people have seen the first films and make you wonder how many people would have seen AVP. Half of it's admission was from the first weekend. Better films have opening weekend gross and admission take a smaller fraction, a third, quarter, or fifth, showing how better they carry on in later weekends.
  26. killzonewithbladesandteeth
    hey when you factor in inflation AvP:R also probably had the lowest budget AND first time directors AND the backlash from AvP. Its doing just fine.Of course, we'd all like those figures to be higher to be certain, especially in the US, but 120,000,000 is pretty impressive for a first movie
  27. ZEN
    gameoverman:Well i didnt know about Weaver not being popular,so sorry.And if you do'nt want to see the scenes with Kendra and Curtis well then thats fine by me.Just buy the normal edition then.  PEACE!!!!. l..l_   ;D  _l..l
  28. ZEN
    Bio Mech Hunter:I finaly got around to reading your last 2 comments in the New Colin/Greg Interview post,and i have to say,you brought up many good points,such as "the ultimate prey".As for the elder,i know it's not a very popular idea,but it could be that the preds in AVP were of a different race.And i agree that they should of had more then 3 preds,and the fight scene should have been longer.I also agree that Grid was'nt a super alien,it was just an alien like the one's from A2.And i hear a lot of the time that the aliens had pure instincts to go after the preds first.I find this to be untrue,because Choppers was the closest and he had his side-arm blade rased,Grid just perceived him as trying to attach him/her/it and killed him,then Celtic saw it and charged at it,so Grid tossed the corpse aside and engaged Celtic.And also when that alien attacked Scar he flung it to the side,where it started to attack Lex.If it did have the "pure instincts to attack the predators" it would have continued to attack Scar.  PEASE!!!. l..l_   ;D  _l..l
  29. gameoverman
    @ZEN - No one knew Sigourney Weaver when Alien came out.  It was successful because of Star Wars and people wanted more space movies.  And I hope we never see those Kendra and Curtis scenes otherwise I will hate AVPR forever.
  30. ZEN
    I wish they would release an unrated extended directors cut with those scenes with Kendra and Curtis and those other scenes,but not with the skinned preds or cloaking predalien (those are such stupid idea's,almost as stupid as the idea with the aliens turning into predators   >:(  ).That would be cool to see it with an extra 20-30 minutes!   ;D  .
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