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AvPR Nominated For Razzies

It’s not even been a month and it’s finally happened. The inevitable. Directorial debut for the Brothers Strause, AvP Requiem, has been nominated for two Razzie awards:

  • Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie(which turns out to be a brand new category)
  • Worst Prequel or Sequel

This years event marks the Razzie’s 28th. AvPR’s predecessor was also nominated for Worst Prequel or Sequel in 2005. If you fancy seeing the other nominees, check out the Razzie’s website. Thanks to Ja for the news.

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  1. stevefk3
    AvP:R was a hell of alot better than AvP. The Aliens weren't perfect but pretty dam close to the ones in Aliens, and the wolf Predator was one of the best yet. If we could forget Alien 3, Ressurection, Predator 2 and AvP, the franchies would be in a lot better shape. No this AvP wasn't the best and could of been better, but it wasn't that bad ethier. The use of the old rubber suit for the Alien wins over CGI any day and that was the problem with the last 2 Alien films bad script and to much CGI. If they do another AvP they need to tie it into the first two Alien films some how,. and interduce the space jockey at some point and bring back a bader Queen Alien. Theres still a lot of life left in the franchies we just need a good script and directors.
  2. Tony
    The skinned bodies was a homage to the other Predator movies and probably put there so all dumb complainers don't bitch about not having skinned bodies again just like the first AVP. Seriously stop your bitching and grow up. A real fan like myself enjoys what a AVP movie has to offer. Are you guys real fans or do you just come here to sound cool. Let the aliens and predators kill who they want.
  3. Deco
    ZEN  Hi there man, yeah I took a step back from my script as an AVP entity. I think mine would work far better as a Predator 3 story as it encompasses alot of the Predator characters - kind of ties their stories up rather well - WAS THEIR ENCOUNTER WITH PREDATORS REALLY A COINCIDENCE??? (not in my story they werent!).   Anyway Ive decided to tackle a different AVP. I am re-writing the rules. Doing a Batman begins of AVP if you will. I am writing it as if none of the other movies/stories exist. Its coming along well.... It includes many huge wars. But I woiuld like to think the small human part is going to be solid, interesting, and a totally different take on how the humans should play their part in an AVP story. :-)
  4. ZEN
    Hey Deco hows your script going?.Mine failed because plot devices in mine are in the movie.I might be able to do P3,but its not looking good.From what i saw AVP-R should'nt mess up anything in yours,but i dont know how your script is working,i hope its doing well,im still interested in the whole conspericy thing with that guy you were telling me about    ;D  .
  5. ZEN
    The predator just killed the guy,and he probably thought "Well he ran faster then i expected,and i have a few minutes.....". And it does'nt take long to skin something,if you do it right then it will only take a few minutes.And have any of you ever heard of recon?.You go in,eccess the situation you go into the sewers .you see how far its spread."Oh hey,im a predator,whats that?.Aliens on earh?.Guess i better nuke em!.(3 years later).Ah shucks!.Its over-run with aliens hee-yuk!.".Wolf grabbed the ooze off the dead pred and used it for lots of stuff at first,then saw how far they had spread,and started using it on bigger stuff,then in the hospital he thought "Well,theres no point in using this,theres just too much!".And crammed the vial down the aliens throwt.And konradski,he did'nt kill those humans he liquified,so there would be no honor in taking a trophy.In my AVP omnibus Top-knot took most of the armor and left a predator to die on a planet because he took a trophy that was'nt his to take.And the xenomorphs are very dangerous bio-weapons,would you put your own species at risk to some short,pale wimpy humans?.No,youd destroy as much evidence as possible.You people are still thinking human.You need to start thinking cold-blooded killer with highly trained skills and a twisted sense of honor.Sorry you did'nt like the movie Deco.
  6. konradski
    thus the wolf is not a cleaner . as his  removing traces of another species encounter is flawed and his purpose is ironic   "i say we take off n nuke the site from orbit,,its the only way to be sure" lol  omg his plan is doomed to fail . in making sure no evidence of an alien encounter is found  DOH !!  dont you just hate it when somthing so small can unravel the reason a charachter is there . whether it is bred into them or not  is that cannon then , predators having to skin everything they meet/prey upon also why is it mr n mrs strauss said his purpose wasnt the same as hunting . he was their to erase any  trace,s of aliens not make new one,s also he would  have skinned the other human encounters instead of blue liquiding them ?
  7. Fury_616
    Is it just me, or are the Razzies just a snarky excuse to rip on the big screen releases by major studios?  The same movies keep appearing over and over in each of the nomination categories (Captivity, Norbit, I Know Who Killed Me, etc.) when we all know there's a whole treasure trove of fresh steaming shi*t being put out on DVD every day, also by the major studios.  The Razzies were actually funny when they were creative; now they're just as tired as the establishment they claim to be criticizing.  Besides, how can AVP:R get a Razzie nod when the latest Night of the Living Dead 3-D re-make crapfest didn't?
  8. Sulaco
    Konradski/ Skinning the prey is breed into the beast. Predators have been doing that since day one. They do not think along the lines of human.    ;D  
  9. konradski
    .What i liked about the movie was that the predator was'nt on a hunt,he was just cleaning up the mess  but this is yet another issue i have with the film .yes i can sit back and let slight possibilitys and depending on film watched pass me by. but great stinking cock ups , as you have just pointed out annoy me heres why  on destroying all evidence of the crash site and alien activity our cleaner wally then skins  the patrol officer so why in chuffs name was he trying to cover it up if he , one our protagonist,s of the movie then starts leaving his own trail of alien activity I guess critics are'nt the only idiots........yes but their not blind either   now come up with yet another explanation why he did what he did in the movie ,as to me if i was the sherif . i would now be looking around town for a murderer who,s just killed a cop which would have been a much more interesting running back storey an action always require,s a reaction
  10. Tony
    What was Alien 5 supposed to be about. Wasn't it supposed to have the aliens appear on Earth for the first time ever.  I think it could still happen despite the AVP movies. I might be a huge Predator fan but I to like the alien series I even like A:3 and A:R. I think the aliens are cool but not like the predators and for alien fans who say that the aliens got raped in AVPR I say yeah so what the Predators got raped in the first one so shut up already cry babies. Predators rule and aliens drool ( alot by the way)
  11. Hicks_0998
    Deco couldn't agree more.  JC was an efx artist just like the Strausses and yet he pulled it off brilliantly.  His budget was far less than the brothers and you have to wonder why Fox still keeps churning out crap.  Style over substance now; swearing, blood, gore, don't make a good movie.  Atmosphere, setting, characterizing, dialogue; these are the things that make a good movie and combined with the aforementioned words make a great movie.
  12. Deco
    ZEN,   Yeah the alien lifecycle doesnt really bother me. I dont want to press my opinion on anyone but I sure like ranting about how bad this movie is! (If someone takes it personally then they have a problem, not me. If I disagree with anyone on here I do it in a respectful way, afterall, we're all different)   :D     I just feel that Its just really bad film-making - The movies are going back in time and dropping in standard. I would love to see a Batman Begins of AVP (Speaking of Batman - poor Heath Ledger) - a total revamp, something new and something fresh because lets face it, no matter how many of the fans enjoyed watching the movie, it still is a terrible attempt at film-making and an insult to movies and to Hollywood. Now dont get me wrong, im not judging this out of its category, but I would rather watch sit through Alexander again than watch this movie for a second time. (Slight exaggeration)  I just cant help tihnking about what watching a war between these races would be like... That is what should have been done a long time ago and trying to satisfy fans with low budget slasher movies, is just a shame.  This franchise has suffered a bigger fall from grace than Britney Spears.
  13. Requiem
    Aliens and Predators...we had a good run, but now your requiem has been sung.  Now we lay you down to rest, maybe you'll come back someday...let's hope for the best.   :)  
  14. ZEN
    konradski:  I was just using SHOOT'EM UP as an example because those idiots were bashing it because it was a shoot'em up!.I guess critics are'nt the only idiots........
  15. ZEN
    Deco:  And if one were to asume that the predalien were turning into a queen then it would make sense for it to lay more then just one egg with its inner mouth.And with the multiple chest bursters with the pregnant women,one can just asume its because of the emnionic fluid (I know i spelled it wrong).May i ask what you did'nt like about it?   :)  .
  16. ZEN
    Deco:  Its too bad you did'nt like the movie,but im not one of those freaks who go around trying to get people to like or not like a movie.I just make people look at the whole picture rather then just bits and peices and making up their own twisted logic for the movies/comics etc.What i liked about the movie was that the predator was'nt on a hunt,he was just cleaning up the mess.I imagen Wolf was thinking to himself "Oh great,those f**king bumb-a$$es let a predalien get loose,and now i have to clean it up,those morons." and to me it showed another aspect of predator life.The brothers did NOT break continuity with the aliens because in A2 there were only the drones and a queen.And as Tony would agree in the novel AVP:PREY Yeyinda said that in some cases a drone will turn into a queen if there are no hosts or a queen (if im remembering it right).And in the novelization of A3 it said that a drone can implant 1 embryo into a being to start a hive and 1 in 5000 is a queen,and if not the new drone can implant an embryo aswell.
  17. Tony
    I never actually read the comics just the novels which I own along with Big Game even though it's not connected to the other two but maybe some day I will get the comics since Im more of a Predator fan. I thought Predator 2 was cool the way it was but yeah I think they should of had Dutch's brother and partner instead of Danny Glover. But I have to admit the scene at the end of Predator 2 is awesome with all the Predators and the Elder leader in their ship. If Predator 2 was called Concrete Jungle then Predator 3 could have been Cold War.
  18. Hicks_0998
    No worries Tony, do you think Predator 2 would've been alot better if they had stuck to the original comics and had Dutch's brother and partner?  The comics were huge in their own right.
  19. 1900
    "The 'going back to the roots' feature is just so amazing it leaves you speechless"  yeah really. it leaves us speechless - so dumb these "going backs" are, so far this "movie" is from originals. but it is right what comics-based universe deserves )
  20. Hicks_0998
    Hey Tony nice post man, you've really got it nailed.  From what I've read I take it you've researched a helluva lot and taken bits and pieces and formed a cohesive story.  The bit that I find the most interesting is Dutch's cousin as you only heard about Dutch's brother in the comics.  The emphasis on the marines also sounds more akin to the games and novels than anything else which would translate well to screen.  Awesome job mate    ;D     ;D  
  21. Tony
    On the forum there is only two check boxes I see one that says I am 14 on top then the agree button. I don't know why joining certain things is so f**king hard these days I was lucky enough to join You Tube ok. All this email and password shit is pissing me off. I probably won't post any more versions of AVPR or future news I just wanted to share my ideas with all of you to see what you thought in comparison to Shane's script. But thanks anyway for trying to help me out. From now on I'll just post normal comments like the rest of you.
  22. konradski
    @tony dont forget to tick both the boxes on the signing up page one to say you are over 14 years of age ,and the agreement at the bottom  if your not getting an email check your bulk folder and remember to set it accordingly ,ie if youve made changes to its function or switched it off  still having issues ask  admin ,
  23. Deco
    ZEN:  I agree, some critics dont approach these movies the way they should. But even as a popcorn flick, even as a movie, this just takes the biscuit. I mean the script is non-sensical! Example: The sherif orders an evac on the town just because the lights go out everywhere. (Not really but since he called an evac not knowing what was going on, because he, nor anyone explained that aliens were overtaking the town, the lights going out was the only major event that caused panic) there were only 10 people or so who we saw being directly affected by the aliens - the evac would have been justified if we had news reports about dozens of people being killed off. I really hate that Predator and alien are associated with this movie.  I AM A PROUD HATER OF THIS MOVIE  purely because I AM A PROUD LOVER OF THE ORIGINALS.  THis movie is truely a mess and AVP 1 is gold compared to this. Im serious, I actually see AVP1 in a whole different way now... (ITs still crap but my God, this movie is like an episode of Dawsons Creek)  PS, I did like the scenes with the predator alone on screen
  24. Rob - - - - - - ski
    In short: which is the better film to watch? A film about characters that features violence or a colaboration of violence that uses people as a reason or excuse to help display that violence?  AVP and, even worse, AVPR are bad films PERIOD (NO JUSTIFICTATION) are that things that matter most , that the PURPOSE a story exists, are being TRASHED DOWN TO SHIT to only have factors , EXISTING ONLY WHEN A STORY AND IT CHARACTERS EXIST, could be put there with an excuse to EXIST AT ALL.
  25. Rob - - - - - - ski
    When it was all those better or worse Alien and Predator films. The focus was on the characters. How they got into the situtation and how they'll out. The interaction between themselves and the promblem(Alien and Predator) itself. It's how the Alien and Predator affects or effects them. Those two icons were the prime FACTOR of the story. Movies are bad (NO MATTER WHAT) when the characters and story become the FACTORS THEMSELVES. Charactes that are used only so they can display all the sex, language, violence that make the story INSTEAD.
  26. Rob - - - - - - ski
    Despite of me given the most obvious reason why AVPR is worst movie of either franchise, I still hear people given the thumbs up. It's the story itself (situations, setup, characters in it) that make a film made in the first place, not factors (sex, blood, action, cursing languague). I bet some of you people cheer your lungs out once blood is seen and boo the best actors and characters on film.
  27. Tony
    Thanks to those who read my 6 version presentation of AVPR if you haven't well it should be easy to find. Sorry if I repeat myself or if sentences are not written correctly but shit happens when you type fast.
  28. Tony
    Well gee Konradski I'd love to discuss this on a bigger area like the forums but they for some reason don't allow me to enter so Im stuck here with all yall. And yes I tried to register but they think Im 14 when Im 22 years old.
  29. freshbreath3
    I hate it when im wrong   i was waiting for two months to see AVPR  but it didn't turned out great.  To my opinion it would had been great if AVPR was longer and had more facehuggers including a queen facehugger.  they should had put more soldiers on this movie, so we can see how they died by the aliens.  the predalien should have been more smarter as in using some of the predator's weapon  they should have showed more aliens to get their ass kicked by the one predator.  they should have also showed the aliens breaking the people's car for those who are trying to evacuate the town and killing men and taking more women to their hive.  how do you think of my opinion
  30. konradski
    i watched a film called elephant and guess what it was crap   no elephants in it same as one flew over the cuckoos nest  no cannon firing clowns over tree,s what a bummer  lol sarcasm for ya   >:D  
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