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New AvPR UK Reviews

There’s a couple of new UK AvP Requiem reviews. The first is in the News of the World (There’s also a scan of the newspaper article here.) and another one on Empire. Both are very negative and they give it 1/5.

The box office totals so far are $40,081,000 domestic and $36,536,503 foreign giving a total of $76,617,503. Lastly, if you’re in the UK, switch on to FilmFour tonight. They’re showing Alien at 9PM, then a five-minute AvPR preview at 11:10PM and then Predator 2 at 11:15PM. Thanks to kcirtap33 for the news.

Update: More reviews at TotalFilm (2/5), TimOut (1/6) and Manchester Evening News (2/5).

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  1. davebhamuk
    I disagree about people only seeing Pulp Fiction because of critics as I believe word of mouth is a much bigger tool in the long run. When a film first comes out some people do check out what critics say but AVP-R isnt the kind of film in the first place that a critic even if he or she liked it would admit to it because its a vs movie. I doubt even the original alien or predator would get such great reviews if they were made now and released. Alien was embraced because it was a great film but also when it came out Sci-fi had just hit big with Star Wars and it was fashionable. Now its just not.
  2. Predhunter
    In my opinion, AvP:R  was an ok movie. It failed in a lot of aspects, but it got it right in few... So, was it a bad movie? No. Mostly, because it was in improval of the first AvP movie. It was a step in the right direction...  As to AvP3, i must say there are two scenarios to be considered: 1- FOX reduced the budget from AvP to AvP:R, because they felt that the second movie was the last stand for this franchise. 2- FOX tried to increase the profits from the franchise (greedy thinking) by reducing the AvP:R movie budget. Still, a third movie is not out of the equation.
  3. deco
    i think a marine plot be nice  but i guess i just want an avp movie that meets its expectation not under shoots it. avp r was a step in the right direction
  4. Deco
    CHAZ  Yeah I know man only pulling your leg    ;)    Gotta respectfully disagree with you on the marine side though. I think its been done and doing it again would be a waste since Cameron nailed it!  we needa revamp and a good b udget and most importantly a cracking cript!
  5. chaz
    deco, even if she was other woman were not (the hobo) the bodies in the morgue. etc etc.  still think the next avp needs to involve the marines like the vid games. thats the way they should have went all along but now after 1 bad movie and 1 good movie we have the ties into weyland yutani. need the marines in the next one and we need camerom or scott to be behind the wheel writing and directing
  6. konradski
    no the critic is there for a final thought on film.for someone who usualy dosent see them to change their minds  most wouldnt have seen history x ,pulp fiction,seven and many other movies now highly rated if it wasnt for the critic   as proved with my parents seeing the films mentioned above on the basis of  critics/reviewers  and enjoyed them as films and these arnt the films they usualy watch especialy when u go for sunday tea n have to sit thru doris bloody day chirping along or bleeding john wayne for the 50th time
  7. Kriszilla
    I don't see what's so important about these reviews, the people who write them are asses.  People should make up their own minds on an issue, not take up somebody else's opinion just because it's what the critics write. Critics give most films that people on this site would be more into low ratings, because they're only really interested boring films.
  8. Deco
    CHAZ:  The girl in the diner was pregnant.  XENO-ALIENS  Cheers man, I think FOX really just need to take care of the franchise. I dont think it would all that difficult to make a good AVP movie if FOX just went about it the right way. Im a screenwriter and im writing what I feel to be a different take on AVP, none of the other movies have ever happened and ive thrown alot of the rules out the window. Like a Batman Begins of AVP if you will: Earth is wiped out. Year: 3052, set on about 4 different planets and tells the story of how the Aliens and Predators ever came across eachother; how the Predator evolved into hunters from a stronghold/army based race, and their ultimate struggle to gain power over the galaxy, which inadvertantly also may be the key to restoring human life to universe. (Of course there are humans in the story, but this is largely the story of how one race must ultimately prevail against a growing evil, so that another race, can live on)
    Deco   thanks dude for respecting my opinion about the movie. i do agree what you said too. the acting was poor which i do agree 100% with you. at least the predator looked badasss which is supposed to look instead of some damn steriod using looking like a damn wrestler. the aliens looked great which i was pleased with. now if fox did do a trilogy of avp like you said they better fork our alot of good money and also get a good badass director and a great writer to make the third one if there is a third one into a better verison but like you said theyve stripped both franchises of its dignity. i also respect what you said too Deco.
  10. cockroach
    saw the film last night... how awful was the script?! apart from that i really enjoyed the film! effects were great tho a lil hard to see. the predalien was a great design (far far far better than the newborn, which people keep comparing it to?!) i've just got the making of AVPR book and to be honest its the best version they designed. loved the new pred rape tho didnt quite understand why it only happened to females? the film was much better than AVP & i don't quite get why all the critics have been giving it such low reviews. apart from the script & some dodge acting its a good movie... me thinks 3.5 out of 5... bring on AVP3...
  11. Sulaco
    I heard theres some kind of filter on the big screen, so people don't pirate it, maybe that's why it was a little too dark. Yeah I hate avp so much, worse acting, worse story, worse music, overuse cgi, pg13, {predator, human team up} you name it! F*ck these avpr haters. Peace Chaz!!!
  12. chaz
    lol sulaco i should have known you were jokin  my gripe was the lighting. i know it was suppose to be dark, at night, in a sewer, and a power outage but the lighting should have been better. im sure the dvd will correct some of it  i agree 7/10 for me. avp was like a 4/10 so avp r IMO was much better.   i hope avp3 goes into the future maybe after alien or aliens and the involve the marines. my oh my just like the video games
  13. Sulaco
    Chaz/ I'm throwing out bait to piss the haters off, no luck tonight.. I'm not 10, more like 29 and yes I actually liked the movie, some cool ideas just not executed correctly. 7/10.. long time fan!
  14. chaz
    Gul Kalvo   the predalien didnt impregnate only pregnant woman. look at the hobo lady in the sewer and the girl in the diner  sulaco  you liked the pizza guy and the guy who kicked his ass? what a weirdo. did you like the movie? since the aliens and preds were kinda the main point not the worthless humans
  15. stevens
    Im glad a new genaration likes it as i said its a good film i would like to see a predator 3 or avp3 set in the past .They should of done beowulf but with the predator as grendal somthing like that.
  16. Deco
    XENOMORPH ALIEN  Im not going to diss the fact that you like the movie, thats your own opinion and I respect that but let me give you a fact:  This script wasnt remotely half as good as Andersons awfulscript. At least Anderson TRIED and failed/ He used a little imagination. No effort went in here which makes it worse than Andersons movie... I didnt like the movie, I do like tiny elements of it. Like when the Predator is walking along the bridge in the Nuclear power plant and the Alien is stalking beneath him.  At this rate if FOX make a trilogy (which I hope they dont because theyve stripped both franchises of its dignity), they should sell the rights. Although at this stage, who would buy them??
  17. jakey_jedi
    Just back from seeing AvpR in the uk. The hall was fairly busy. No where near as bad as the reviews. i went in half expecting it to be a total wash out but i quite enjoyed only gripes would be that it really did seem rushed, especially the beginning and it wasnt long enough.  Wasnt too keen on the predalien and its growls. On the plus side it was great hearing the Aliens sound effects, Thats how the creatures are meant to sound. It was also great going back to the man in suit creatures rather than the cgi. Definately not the worst film ive ever seen, would watch it over resurrection or AVP any day. shame the critics dont like it, i could be doing with an alien prequel next though . No more AvP. 3.5 out of 5
  18. stevens
    hey im a fan not a fanboy i know that they can never make a film as good as the original predator i meen look at the people in it .Thats why i said this film is for fans not critics .I just saw it and really liked it up into the hospital that turned me off a bit there was no need for those scenes.I really loved the predator in it ,I  think ian white got as close as you can get to the great keven peter hall good job . I also liked his hyper punch ,i think if they followed the predator more and got rid of some of the scenes in the hospital it would be a worthy sucsessor to predator 2. oh theclash i can see why you where dissapointed it could of been better.
    i thought AVP-R was pretty good at least it was rated R with alot of blood and gore but it would been better with a better script and a better orginal cast like in Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and both Predator and Predator 2. however it is a hell alot better than paul anderson's wimp movie. i would give AVP-R 4.5 stars and i hope to see a director's cut of it when it comes to dvd.
  20. Predhunter
    If FOX intend to make a third movie, it will be necessary to make some effort to put some credibility into this franchise... I hope they really find someone for the task...Oh, and with a budget between ($80-$100)milion! The bidding has started...
  21. shedboy71
    Just seen avp  and its not as bad as these bloody reviewers make it.i thouroughly enjoyed it,so dont be put off by these is far better than the last effort by that twat anderson,a bit dark in places but good entertainment
  22. Hero
    Saw it today  This is a bad, bad film. Sorry to say and I fear a rather large nail in the coffin for the franchise. I realise you might like this but just being honest. Its a sad day for both franchises and something I really enjoy seems to be gone forever now!!!  Cheers and no death threats please
  23. Gul Kalvo
    The conclusion: They will made AVP3, as they will made enough money... But they will made it even cheaper  Or they will remade the first...Rob Zombie Alien
  24. Gul Kalvo
    About the story...  The predator arrives to Earth in hours (and I am not even counting the time for the distress message to arrive Predator homeplanet) Why do they have sleeping chambers on the big ship? Just to take naps between hunts? Nobody sees the ship crashing but the hunters and -I guess- the bad people at the army? How fast did the aliens grew? The predalien reproductive method is quite innefective...How many pregnant women were on Gunnison? And how do the alien embryos kill the foetus without killing the mother on the process (anatomy, anyone?)  And so on... The script...Ridiculous sentences, but this is part of the game. It didnt shock me much. Action scenes...short and dark, but I think that the budget plays it part here. I would not blame much the direction here, but maybe they should have some resources here to solve the problem.
  25. Gul Kalvo
    Of course it is not the best movie ever. I have to admit that I went to watch it with so low expectation that I even enjoy it. But I would hardly give it a 3/10. The problem is that the budget is ridiculous for this kind of film. ( of the problems). All the FX budget has gone to the predalien, the worst desig in the series, only matched by the newborn. But in my opinion the warriors are the worst by far in all series...A big rubber suit. I think that they darkened the movie at the end to avoid show them too much. They look worse that anything ADI has done before. SPOILER: Please remember the warrior entry at the cafe kitchen door on the first predalien impregnation, and when they cross the grate on the sewer.
  26. Predhunter
    Well, i can only speak for myself... I liked AvP:R (it means okay and not good or great), mostly because i think it´s better than the first one. There were actually fighting in this movie! The rest of it was just shitty like the first one, except it wasn´t PG-13...But i must say, if i wasn´t a fan, i would probably call it crap!! If FOX intend to make a third movie, its trailers and first reviews better be convincing, because i won´t even bother seing another poor AvP movie!!
  27. Deco
    I agree THE CLASH  I would love to see a BATMAN BEGINS happen with AVP. A total revamp. Chuck all but the basic rules out the window and start from scratch. Anderson and the Strause Bros have just been two entities that tried to mimic what the masters did with these franchises. While I love and respect Scott/Cameron and McTiernans movies, I cant help but think what an AVP film would be like if they broke away from the originals. Pred and Alien are entirely different films and instead of trying to combine both ambiances and touch on every aspect from the originals, they should create an entirely new take on the coming together of both creatures.  EG; I mean what is the deal with shooting as much as possible in camera!? People thought it was great to hear that Anderson and the Bros Strause were doing this because thats how the masters did it back in the 79 with Alien and 87 with Predator. The masters shot those films the way they could with the best tools they had at the time! Inexperienced directors tackling a feat like this just results in AVPR- Unprofessional and truely dated work. I think the Franchises need to grow yes, but not if FOX arent willing to give two of their biggest money makers, the respect it deserves, otherwise (and this is where being a true fan comes in) i would rather they let each franchise die with the very little dignity it has left.
  28. theclash
    Uh actually it is about the acting, the script, and the direction.  That's what the originals were about, especially the Alien series.  This is where true fans differ from fanboys.  True fans agree with the above, fanboys just lap up whatever shit Fox gives them.  No offense.
  29. stevens
    These critics arnt fans its not about the acting or script  its the creatures this film is made for fans .Im a fan and to me somthing is better then nothing.I love predator and this film looks really good for me .
  30. theclash
    Actually AvPR is mainly the Strauses's fault.  They rewrote a lot of Salerno's script, so they have to take a lot of the blame for the dialogue and characters.  Also they didn't even direct their actors to actually ACT, their effects were lousy, and the movie itself reeked of ameteurism.
  31. shredpredator
    As I've been trying to say- Fox f**ked up from the beginning w/ crappy budget/production/ script, director and cast- It can't and won't be fixed- the world would stop turning if someone  like R. Scott, or Cameron even thought about fixing it.
  32. msn_recon_marine
    Its kind of funny how people have different points of view on this. I went to AvP-R with my wife and teenage son and my wife hated it and my son and I liked it ( not saying loved it ) but liked it. I do think alot of it needed work and some of the settings needed alot of help. Me being from Montana and the Rocky mountains and knowing what these mountains look like it didn't like the forests that were used in it they were too wet. just showing another movie was made in Vancuver and the northern rainforests of that reagion. and on the whole lighting thing. Yeah it was dark, it was also set at night on a rainy night and in a sewer ( I dont know where you all have been but the sewers I have seen generally dont have good lighting.  I could literally tear this movie apart piece by piece giving the whole pros and cons on each five mins but why bother.  sure it wasnt the greatest but i liked it better than Spiderman 3, and I am legend. and as to the statements "worst movie ever" you all need to watch a few more movies because I can give you hundreds of movies I have paid money to see and were far worse than this.
  33. Deco
    The fact that Fox cut the first films budget in HALF to make its sequel, shows how much they respect the franchise. I refuse to buy into this money making scam.  To those trashing the Bros Strause: To be fair, the directors arent really the major problem here (although they didnt help thats for sure). The issue was the script. WHAT THE FOCK were fox thinking when they read this script. They certainly werent blown away by it and if they were, they need to get new readers.  Talking about this movie makes me angry because I have been fooled by its mighty trailer.  Peace to all
  34. Deco
    GOD AVPr WAS CRAP.  Lets talk about how great the fighting was! Oh wait, couldnt make out the fight scenes because somone turned off all the lights....  What a scam
  35. Deco
    JOKER  Why o why would anyone get angry? Its like im personally offending you by saying the movie is pure crap.  Im a huge fan of Alien and Predator and I just thought this movie was one of the worst movies ive ever seen. Not the worst of the Alien and Predator franchise, literally the worst film ive EVER seen. I find it hard to believe that you were satisfied leaving the theatre after having paid to see the movie. Im from Ireland and it costs nearly 10 Euros to see a film over here. I wont pay that to see AVP, im glad I watched it online and saved my money. People are being forced to 'settle' for movies like this because the majority of fans are happy to even see that the franchises are being kept alive. WELL IM SORRY IF I WANT SOMETHING I HOLD IN HIGH REGARD TO DIE WITH DIGNITY IF IT CANT BE TREATED WITH SOME SORT OF RESPECT! (the original work in the franchise),   Anyone who thinks this movie was in any-way worthy of this franchise needs to re-assess their 'FANDOM'
  36. Predhunter
    It´s very simple...The first AvP movie was a totaly new concept on screen. It had the "factor astonishment" behind it. So, it made a considerabilly amout af money, taking into acount its budget. But, was this a reason to think like "It´s in the bag! It´s like taking candy from a baby!"? No, and that´s where FOX went wrong. Obviously they tried to make the franchise even more profitable, by making a even more cheaply second movie!  When i´m saying decent budget, i´m not refering to a super production, wherin are invested $200milion. We all now that´s not going to happen! All i´m saying is that the budget should be higher then $60 milion, not to say $40milion! This is not a popular franchise like Jurassic Park, so it´s needed twice hard work to attract some atention into it. But i think that is possible!! I hope that FOX realises before it´s too late, that if the third movie really comes to life, it must be convincing!!
  37. msn_recon_marine
    So everyone that hates AvP-R are you saying that Alien3 and Ressurection were good movies?  Because personally I think Alien3 sucked and was alltright with the first 2/3rds of Ressurection, but they weren't all that good either. I mean how many times can you bring back Ripley for Christ's sake. Are you saying that that is more believable.  I would like to see another AvP movie but would really rather see them do another Predator movie instead. there are several scenarios that would work for a new movie of either franchise, but getting a good script and the funding and right director for the job is a must.  for instance how far away from the settlement in Aliens was the Space Jockey wreckage and if it was more than 35 kilometers isn't it quite possible for the eggs inside to still be intact. Why instead of going after Ripley in Alien3 and Ressurection did they not go back and check. and if they did why haven't they said anything about it in the movies or any of the litterature that I own and have read.
  38. trailpimp
    I guess the IQ really dropped while I was away!  Acording to predhunter both AVP, 'cause of the ratio investment/box office earnings, or in other words low budjet high revenue makes this franchise, somehow, a platform for an even better AVP 3. Why the hell Fox, after the first AVP didn't learn what failed with it and made AVP R a serious movie project with real world budjet, with acomplished staff? It's because they know that for two cents they could make a  movie that a lot of the so called fanboys would see no matter its quality. Because these same fanboys go to extreme lengths apologyse the poor production of this sudio regarding AVP with the premise that at least the monsters are back on the silver screen. Alien, Aliens and Predator haven't already opened the door to  serious production when it comes to AVP?
  39. msn_recon_marine
    Oh and I might add to the coments of these movies not being scary anymore  I know that they lack the luster of the earlier ones but the Pedator movies were never scary to me.    and the part that saying that there wasn't any horror in AvP-R I would have to say that those that say that obiously don't have children ... otherwise a couple (not a lot but a couple) of scenes in the hospital are rather disturbing.  If you look at it there is an air of subliminal horror to it. where they hint at something but dont show it. but you dont see or hear them threw the rest of the movie.
  40. msn_recon_marine
    Predhunter I couldn't have said it better myself  You know that FOX isn't going to dish out the money needed to make the movie extraordinary.  They have to many other cash cows out there they are trying to exploit.  I sometimes wonder what they would be like if someone that usually puts big money into a movie were to tackle the franchise again.  and as for Requiem I have to say that the Strausse bros. first attempt at a movie could have been a whole lot worse than this.
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