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JoBlo’s AvPR Visit

JoBlo’s also visited Hydraulx and they’ve posted a huge report about it. It’s pretty much similar to the previous interviews. Although, in this bit, Colin explains what scenes were missing from the five-minute clip:

So this is immediately following AVP?

CS: Yeah. We re-do the Scar vs. scene and then some extra stuff on the ship. Which actually, we just released on Yahoo.UK the first five minutes of the movie today. Slightly cut down, there’s a few shots missing. There’s an exterior of the planet. The big wide on the planet with the Wolf ship flying away with a big hole inside this temple thing where he receives the distress signal and watches all playback on that.

There’s also a very minor interview with actress Gina Holden on Thanks to Darkoo and Mr. Weyland for the news.

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  1. xxAKxx
    im really looking forward to rhe release here in the uk, but u have the same worrys, the predalien burst out and almost immedialty start attacking the pred, becuase the ship hasnt even left earths orbit, and if continuing from the first there must be al least 10 preds, does it kill them all.. mmmmm guess i will have to wait and see,   still looks awesome though lol   :)     :)  
  2. skinned alive
    Now, that I think of it, when my uncle was still living in San Antonio, he used to call me and tease me about this great store called Alien Worlds.
  3. skinned alive
    Something that would be soooo cool to see done and that I have always wanted to see is the Predator in the process of skinning someone and hanging them. OR How about the Predator skinning a whole Alien and hanging it upside down! These two scenes would ROCCKK!!
  4. EpsilonOrpheon777
    don't worry about it  MY question... the ONLY thing i haven't been able to wrap my head around in terms of the two stories from the first and second movie being tied together... is between the time it takes for Chet to burst, to molt, and to attack the Predators, why hasn't the ship already left Earth orbit?  Does anyone know anything on this that i missed?
  5. Leumas
    That the predalien dousn't transform that fast is obvious, now, if it takes a lot of time before growing fully how is it possible that no one on the ship noticed it out that there was some creature growing somewhere, or moving around? Are all those predators on the ship morons not noticing that there is something going on? Dousn't they have detectors or something? Gee... what kind of crap is this...
  6. Jonesy
    "Molting -  the periodical shedding and renewal of the outer skin, exoskeleton, fur, or feathers of an animal."  Had to look it up, I figured other people would be wondering too. This is good news because in the 5 minute clip it doesnt seem credible that the predalien would transform that fast.
  7. RakaiThwei
    Wait... They're redoing the Scar vs scene?!   Meaning they're doing a re-cap of what happened entirely?  I mean it's obvious that Lex is going to not show up... so... Whats going on?
  8. GeToFfMe
    A couple questions...;  Why is the Predalien being dubbed "Chet"? After "Chet" bursts from Scar's chest, how much time passes between then and her first attack? At the end of AVP there are at least ten Predators and an Elder Predator on the ship. Are all of those Predators accounted for in the beginning of AVP:R?  Thanks!  P.S. The movie looks awesome and I can't wait to see it!!
  9. Colin_Strause
    That quote isn't exactly right because we were talking about 2 different things. What was missing from the 5 minute clip was the final audio/music, really longs sections of blackness to show the passage of time after Chet's burst, the ship crash, and the face hugger attack, as well as a shot of Chet molting. Several other shots felt like they were trimmed a bit as well to make it all move much faster.
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