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First Five Minutes of AvPR!!!

Spoilers don’t come any bigger than this and it’s totally unexpected. Yahoo Movies have got the first five minutes of AvPR available to watch online!

20071210_10 First Five Minutes of AvPR!!!

This shows what happens to the hybrid on the Predator ship, how the ship crashed onto Earth, as well as what happens to the hunter and his son in the forest. There’s a scene at the end with the Predator homeworld too. That’s where Wolf comes from. This clip has also been edited down so in the movie, it’ll be longer than five minutes.

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  1. Clark
    SPOILERS  Boy, a Predalien sure can grow up fast, huh? Still, the visuals (lighting/set//creature design/setups) all look very promising indeed.  Hope there'll be some original music too - in the first five mins, we've already got Aliens, Ressurection and Predator - even the Facehugger glass-thump SFX are the same. Even so, who cares? It all sounds fanstastic.  Also, when I compare the Hunter's melting-acid-arm gag to say, John Getz's in Cronenberg's The Fly - for me, this guy doesn't really seem particularly bothered by what's happening. It should be more like...   ....AAAAGGGHHHHHGGHGGGHKKHGGHHHHGGH!!!!  And, oh yeah - that's gotta be a Space Jockey chair Wolf's sitting on, right? Damn, they stole my idea!! :-)
  2. GR1MNIR
    I finally found a d/l for it in the seedy, dark underworld of the internet. Exceeded my expectations as well as amped up the "hype" meter for me as well. Can't wait 'till christmas.
  3. Veteran Warrior
    OH MY GOD!!!   :o   I wanted to pass out. The predators homeworld is freakin awesome, and when Wolf got the S.O.S. signal and geared up, that was amazing. The Predalien lokks freaky man, he looks strong and just merciless
  4. Ash
    More Predators better die in the full version, only 2 is f#cking lame, this is a Predalien queen, she should be able to mow down Predators left and right.
  5. Futurfry
    I've got to admit that I didn't read through all these posts, but I ran over the pages and I've got to ask: Are you guys real fan-boys and girls? What I'm talking about is that nobody of you seemed to notice, besides extoling Tyler's score (by the way: I've got to prise the cutaway he gave to us some weeks ago! I'm really looking forward to his score!) that the shown footage used sound samples of the Alien 4 soundtrack by Frizzell (when the spaceship crashes into the forest) and the AvP scoring of Kloser (when father and son are fleeing from the unknown danger). In detail I think the spoken parts were "They Swim..." and "Alien Fight". If you own the scores be sure to check it out! I've got to admit me being an hardcore-listener to theses scores, but I'm kind of disappointed, that the core of the fanbase didn't spot that. (the musical reprise... not me   ;)   ) I'm not pointing out that they might use old music for the new picture, because I'm aware of the fact that they're still pottering on the thing. Just saying.... have a nice a busy day!   ;D     ;)  
  6. ZEN
    The sound track was good,i remember being slightly disapointed when there was no predator or alien themes to AVP.All of the CG parts are good,those looked like pretty difficult shots,it whould have been a bitch to use puppets.
  7. ZEN
    The predalien must have been on the ship for a while,or the preds have a fast growth rate.Also i disagree with some of you saying that they should'nt get a fanboy to direct the movies,otherwise you'll just get some guy who only wants a pay-check.
  8. ZEN
    That was deffinetly cool!.It was like one of those five minute freeviews on directTV:.The music was awesome,but it was a little off,but they said that there are more scenes inbetween,so thats ok.
  9. RougeHunter
    Can't really say anything that no one else hasn't said yet so...The clip was good can't wait to see the whole unedited begining. I didn't see anything that I didn't like. Can't wait to see the movie. One word of advice to you guys that are bad mouthing the movie "don't knock it till you try it". To those who have been saying that the movie would suck if Wolf dies, look at it this way Pred 1 and 2 both died and those movies were still good. I hope if Wolf dies that he takes the whole town with him. As for how gorey (think that is spelled wrong) the arm melting was...well it's AVP come on it's going to be gorey (still spellled wrong i bet). I agree that the kid didn't act well but he's just a kid. Good luck to the Bros and Merry Christmas to everyone
  10. nudzi
    If You will read the interview with brothers, they admit that new AvP3 will be in the future, and AvP2 hints that at the end.   Also this 5 clip is edited (Colin said that Predalien growing is missing and also couple of other things) and that music tracks are temporary because the original ones wouldn't fit into edited clip.
  11. Kenobi1Obi
    nice clip cant wait to see it at the movies. ill prob go see it 3x like the first AVP but if theres gonna be a sequel...PLEASE MAKE IT IN THE FUTURE!
  12. venomp2
    also, just to keep clarifying, this is an edited clip. a lot of people think it is not. credits and missing scenes still have to be in there.
  13. Christian87n
    To everyone here that is complaining about the original tracks from alien and predator....those are temp tracks. More than likely, they won't be in the movie. Maybe a "remix" or an altered version, but not the originals.
  14. venomp2
    In the clip, there are two ships. the one in the beginning w/ the dead body part, then the one heading back for earth again(scout ship) w/ the tail of chet+ fachugger sucking on side of tube and pred attack.
  15. Dual Blade
    The first ship in the movie didn't look right to me either    :-\   it looked too clean cut, too brand new a ship, nothing about it made me look and feel that this was the Predator's ship, it was as if they had rented it from some Star Trek film.  THIS version's seems more with the coming tones of what we have come to expect of a Predator film.
  16. Leumas
    Why oh why did they made the face huggers in CGI?It looks so cheap!! Pfff, and it all happens so fast. It is pure action, no suspence at all... The only cool thing was the original Predator music and that arm melting off. It made me think of facehuggers v.2, other colour and acid that is more effective. Like they were genecally modified. But it all happens so fast that there is no suspence left over.
  17. Predator-S
    hristo 1985  4 декемв&# 1088;и     :)    OMG! It looks abso-f**kin-lutely amazing...I mean the atmosphere, effects, sound and everything. Wolf on the Predator planet totally badass...gahhhh can't wait. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.
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