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Two New AvPR TV Spots

JoBlo has just posted two brand new AvPR TV spots labeled Evolution and No Peace:

20071212_01 Two New AvPR TV Spots

They mostly feature footage from the previous trailers and spots, but these ones also includes some stuff from the recent 5 minute video posted on Yahoo. In Evolution, there’s a couple of new shots – Wolf’s drop-pod crashing into the swamp, PredAlien emerging from some rubble and Wolf getting thrown on his ass by Chet.

No Peace shows a fair bit of new stuff, mostly revolving Chet and her new reproduction method. Be sure to check out Evolution and No Peace. Thanks to XxSaNdMaNxX and Pred-Wolf for the tip.

Edit: There’s another new one, Take Off. This is a Predator themed one so lot’s of Alien pawnage including shoulder blasted Aliens, lasered Aliens. Lot’s of Alien punishment. Quite a lot of new footage.

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  1. Pred34
    Aliens have always been cool cause of the fact that they are fearless and can reproduce faster than rabbits. Their numbers and their ability to adapt to the enviroment make em bad ass. Yet the predator always was so awsome cause only one was almost invincible and only hunted the best species with the most sophisticated weaponry. It was pointless and stupid in AVP to have more than one Pred and only a couple of aliens. This is not King Kong VS Godzilla. I think the Strause Bros did it right this time.!!!!!
  2. Guest
    so that woman serves as an involentatary womb for the alien offspring and her stomach is hidesuly mutade to fit the needs of the swarm....that is creepy, but I dont know....
  3. Deco
    ZEN  Yeah script is ok, im on a break at the moment until I see AVPr, see what else I can weave into the story. How is yours coming along? Have you done your sketches for the hybrid?
  4. nickbb43
    It wouldn't make sense to make a movie where the Predator dies right away. Maybe the best thing about the original AVP was the fact that Anderson understood to appease everyone you needed both species to kill eachother off. The grid alien does this to the first two Predators. This film is based around 1 Predator. What do Predators do? They hunt, or in this case "clean". The Aliens have great strength in numbers as we see in Aliens. The Predators are very technologically advanced and have distance weapons at their disposal, so naturally the Aliens don't stand a chance in that regard. The Strause Brothers are not Predator fanboys, they just can't make a good movie unless the Predator does what he does best. Besides, even though the entire movie has been pretty much shown already, the Predator almost certainly dies as in the first trailer we see him impailed by the Hybrid's tail. Relax, this movie will satisfy both the people who root for the Alien and the Predator
  5. Sgt.Hudson
    man the alien is still stealthy but if we want to know for sure watch the movie dont jump to conclusions before you have seen the whole movie.
  6. Hicks
    predator42: An Alien is an elite stalker and killer as well, or at least it was before the Strauses turned them into monkeys just because they're two raving Pred fanboys.
  7. Hicks
    Wow, Take Off is just a big F You to Alien fans, like the rest of the film.    And some people wonder why the Strauses are seen as raging Predator fanboys.
  8. Deco
    "Wolf enters the wreckage. Surveys the scene. And, I shit you not, he delivers a moment of pathos for his fallen warriors glistening in neon green blood."  Excerpt from ShocktillYouDrop report on viewing new footage
  9. ZEN
    Man,i came up with a really cool comment for the first five minutes of the movie and when i hit the Add My Comment button and it said that personal info whould be stolen(passwords and other stuff).It sucks because it whould have been cool and it whould have temporarily stopped the nay-sayers   :-\  .
  10. warchant-D
    new stuff looks pretty good, i especially liked the bits with the alien and the predalien looking at the helpless lady...very nice, ala alien 3 I agree. only issue is the very last bit of one of the tv spots where it ends with the alien exploding from the trip lazers I assume, well that part I hope isnt what gets showed in the theater and is just for cinematic effect for the tv spot because the acid bllod flying at the screen how it did looked to much like a video game or something, reminded me of house of the dead arcade game or something ,anyone agree? Oh yeah the predalien does stand out quite a bit in different lighting sets, yellow even greenish.
  11. Starkiller
    Also in the 5min preview i didn't like the fact they just recycling alot of music from the original films, a new original soundtrack would be nice with just snippets of the original soundtracks like when the wolf is watching his monitor and gearing up to go and the predator theme in the background that was good!    ;D  
  12. Starkiller
    Cool tv spots, but I feel they are showing way too much I wanna be suprised, really good overall   :D    The bit of chet and reproduction method looks awesome very creepy! The Wolf is going to be great, I really cant wait to see him in action    ;D    This film is looking to be quite entertaining if anything.
  13. Semaka
    QuoteYAUTJA | 13 Dec 2007 08:42 41  i wonder what chets vision will be like?
    I don't think that we will see how Chet vision is. Only in Alien 3 we saw how the runner sees people, and in the games, the aliens sees a blue aura around humans and green around predators.
  14. Bio Mech Hunter
    The new ads are awesome. Very well done. 12-25, I'm there.   :D     ;)    The official site has been re-launched in it's entirety (as was previously stated) and has some great new stuff in there. However, there are quite a few condescending remarks and comments about the first film that are quite unprofessional and pretty low-class. Especially considering it from a business stand point and Fox has no one to blaim but themselves for what they did to the first film.   >:(   Justice? What's that?  I must admit, I'm rather wary of the Strause Bros. after seeing the edited beginning and the new tv ads. I don't know whether to be overjoyed that they're taking the helm for the quality nostalgia and feel being implemented, or terrified for what they're doing to both the aliens and predators.   :-\    Then I see ads like the "Take Off" one above and realize what kind of skewed film this is turning out to be.   :P   It has "Oh, yeah. We're predator fanboys, alright." written all over it. "Base AVP-R on the films that MADE the AVP comics? Please. We're 'gonna base it on the AVP comics themselves!"   ::)     This is looking like a film I'm gong to love and hate at the same time. lol   :D   Like the games.
  15. Greenband
    Well this furthers my believe that I've already seen the whole movie. However, I think its proved that this movie is truely a different beast then the first AVP. I think it actually looks pretty decent, although I'm still pissed its a continuation of the first AVP. I was hoping for a AVP 2, but AVP 1 never really occurred (It was just a bad dream Newt had while on LV421!).  I still can't quit laughing over the hunters arm falling off.
  16. General Mills
    After watching the first 5 minutes and all the TV spots, I have no doubts that I will love this film.  I seriously thought it looked awesome and that the brothers strause brought back the suspense and horror of the classic films.
  17. holdtheline
    I loved the Aliens scampering about on the sewer roof, that looks to be a hairy situation for the Predator.  The bit with the woman and the Predalien is obviously a homage to Alien 3..   Not bad.
  18. Guest
    Looks pretty good.  I like the way they have the ALIENS crawling on the walls and ceilings without making them look like a cartoon like in ALIEN 3.  Great job.
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