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It’s been a busy week on the forum. Colin has posted quite a lot of new details about the movie. Firstly, the movie takes place over two days. As we know, the movie will start off where AvP finished. With Scar on the altar. They re-used the chestburster puppet and the Scar dummy, but they re-designed the altar, ship interior, etc to make it much more Predator like. There are about 8 Aliens vs Predator fights, and another 8 Aliens/Predator vs Human fights. Some of them are big fights while others are short.

There’s still so much confusion surrounding the hybrid’s new reproduction method. It was revealed a while ago that there would be no Eggs. Firstly, the Predalien Queen is not actually a fully matured Queen thus it can’t lay eggs. There are many Facehuggers in the movie, but there’s a lot of Facehuggers on the ship. Not sure if more Facehuggers appear later or where this reproduction method fits into it. There will apparently be cocooning too though I don’t think this is specifically egg-morphing as in Alien: The Director’s Cut. Everybody assumed the Predalien would implant a chestburster embryo but in fact it could very well be a Facehugger embryo.

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  1. zen
    I'm sorry aquarius32,it's just that to keep a certain family member from finding out what a certain gift is most of the download sites and other places like youtube have been locked out,so im sorry for being a d**k.Freinds?   :-[  .
  2. jim
    In Jurassic Park the dinosaurs only reproduduce themselves, because a guy lost something in the woods. Its impossible that nature find a way in this short time. The JP argument is just crap in my opinion.  I'm sure the Strause brothers will f**k the alien canon. I wont never accept this crap movie as canon, because they seem to be idiots and predator fanboys, who make the aliens veeery weak.   >:(  
  3. aquarius32
    The Predalien is the first of it's kind. It has the DNA of both species so it is able to evolve like the movie Jurassic Park. They brought dinosaurs back to life using dinosaur blood and the DNA of frogs. That gave them the ability to reproduce w/o mating. They were nether male or female. That is my theory on the Predalien. Also there is no such thing as a facehugger queen. It's common since! If a facehugger comes in contact with a female it automactically becomes a queen because of her reproductive system. Just like in Aliens 3 with the dog.
  4. zen
    One side of me thinks: "Your a bunch of hypocrites bros.Strause!."We wont break continuity"then what do you call changing the entire set of the pred ship from what it originaly was!?!.LIARS!!!!!   >:(     >:(     >:(  .  The other side thinks: "WOO-HOOO!!!!!.Awesome!.They'r making it look like an actual pred ship with the ground fog and everything!.YAAAAAY!!!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .  My head feels like its going to explode   :-\  .
  5. Foundationman2
    The theory of a regular adult molting into a queen is not entirely out of the question. I consider the first two movies as canon, the first one, the limitations of a regular drone alien, and the second one, the limitations of a queen. But if we only viewed the first one as canon, the whole queen concept would be way out of line. J. Cameron saw a gap there and filled it. Same thing with the molting into a queen. Its about time for the aliens to experience something new, and as for whether I like it or not, I'll form my opinion after I see the movie.
  6. AvPvTerminator
    jimd92119 | 25 Nov 2007 03:18 predators rule!!!!!!!!!!! aliens are brainless monsters unlike predators who have the ability to reason and rule.Afterall, who was it who was enslaved strictly for the purpose of providing prey! I wanna see avpvterinator!   ____________________________________________ _  Here I am. Whatcha want?
  7. JD
    Its not the mothership what crashes, its a much smaller one! you can tell by the red-Band trailer when the hunter and kid hits in with their gun.  Also i think the Predalien sneaks onto a Scouting ship which is just about to leave for a hunting party maybe? which means the Predators were coming to earth anyway!  Then it crashes.
  8. Semaka
    Hell yeah, 16 fights are way better than 3 Alien-Predator fights like in the first movie. But if we think this, in the first movie, there is only 2 fights between the alien and predator. We can't consider a fight the scene where the alien kills the first predator, or when the predator slices the head of an alien, or when the predator shoots the aliens, that isn't a fight. And the only fight is the final scene where the predator fights the queen. And that's all folks. I think this movie is way better than AvP, if there are 16 fights, hell yeah it's way better!!!
  9. Optimus Maximus Virus
    The movie iz also set over two days which makes sense I think? Hopefully the chestburster wont mature and grow as fast as they did in anderson's AVP lol. And the action and stuff wont be rushed and short! Really cant wait for this film......  Rock On!
  10. Optimus Maximus Virus
    Xenomorphine Being an ordinary adult transforming into a Queen was apparently reconfirmed in Colin's recent comments.  ___________________________  I dont like that idea, it would have made more sense if the pred-alien has simply 'inherited' a trait from the predator DNA rather than a normal alien morphing or 'transforming' (aliens in disguise) into a queen, I mean to be become a queen you need a super/queen facehugger or its just chance that out of many eggs in the nest one will be a queen, so im not sure how the bros. have done this?   P.S there was a comment about the bros. not telling the truth to throw us off so we will be surprised, that could also be true.  P.SS I hope its not the AVP mothership that crashes to earth, its too big and for one pred-alien to 'whack' that many predators cant be good!  Rock On!
  11. Serious 101
    I am just making this post to say to u guys that the bros could be lying because maybe they are just trying to surprise us when the movie comes out or trying to keep us anxious by changing stuff  just an idea    :P  
  12. redalert51
    Predalien/Alien I got the impression from first film the creature  must reproduced by any means after it has kill every thing in it's path it must perpetuate it's species we also have to remember that is fully mature in a matter of hours.I hope the Strause Bros have continued,their life cycle from"The Alien Directors cut".
  13. jimd92119
    predators rule!!!!!!!!!!! aliens are brainless monsters unlike predators who have the ability to reason and rule.Afterall, who was it who was enslaved strictly for the purpose of providing prey! I wanna see avpvterinator!
  14. $cHm0cK
    "Are you saying we are going to see facehuggers burst out of people...? I hope that isnt true, because that would be stupid."  That would be very stupid!  IMO The growing queen (Predalien) plants some embryos in this one girl in the hospital. You can see in the GB Trailer more than one chestbursters coming from one Person .. i think this Person is the Girl the Predalien "kiss".   greetz
  15. Mr. Teal
    Im confused    ???    How does the hybrid reproduce?  is it a queen yes or no?  Is there more than one ship in this movie?  The ship that crashes seen in the trailers, is that the mothership from anderson's avp or a scout ship?  anyone    :-\  
  16. Optimus Maximus Virus
    AncientPred Aren't we all missing something here. before now they kept saying that it was a different pred ship that crashes. Now they're saying its the one from AVP. WTF.  _______________________________  Yeah ur right! in the MTV interview they said the pred-alien wrecks havoc and causes a different ship a 'scout' ship to crash! hmmm hope the bros arn't lying to us? I really hope this movie is good! question if there is only one ship, the mothership from AVP, that cant be the one that crashes on earth its too damn big? plus the ship in the trailers looks like the predator ship from P2
  17. AncientPred
    Aren't we all missing something here. before now they kept saying that it was a different pred ship that crashes. Now they're saying its the one from AVP. WTF.   Be careful people, this accompanied with the terribly designed wolf and hybrid. It may be another Anderson situation.
  18. Optimus Maximus Virus
    Sounds cool! i like the fact that there are loads of different fights! hope there is another ship (scout ship) and I hope the reproduction method is good aswell!  Rock On! (roll on january please!!!)
  19. $cHm0cK
    No ... in the Trailer there is always the same and one Creature .. the Predalien .. there are no differences ... i dont know how you people watch this videos ...  In all the Scenes the Predalien is looking same.  greetz
  20. movie361
    well in the red banner trailer it shows the predalien then for some reason the queen or something switches its place. mabye both of the creatures are in the movie ? not sure mabye they just made a mistake....
  21. JD
    It cant be a Born queen because not all PREDALIENS are automaticly queens!!  Its only a BORN QUEEN if its came from a Queen Face Hugger.  I hope they tell us how it turns into a queen
  22. $cHm0cK
    "Also, reconfirmed:  The Predalien is a normal adult which is transforming into a Queen. "  Uhm ... no? Its a born queen and is growing in the movie ..  from where you got this?  greetz
  23. $cHm0cK
    Well ... Praetorian monster .. i hope so ...  1 Alien vs. Predator fight = Store Clip 1 Alien/Predator vs Human fight = Store Clip  I hope, it counts like that ... would be not goot if the whip kill at the beginning of th eclip counts as one fight -.- ...  greetz
    so, 16 total battles.  so the alien jumping thru windo at guy in house is considered 1 alien/human fight?   hopefully not.  i assume "full scenes", like mom running thru house with kid and several aliens running thru house after her then mom and kid escaping, would be considered an alien/human fight.....  lol
  25. $cHm0cK
    Hmm ... so what about the Scout ship?  I thought, it would be another Ship instead of the Mothership where Scar was on it. Does this mean, they just reused scar dummy, but it is not scar it it is actually scar?  greetz
  26. slaysaliens
    Some other news: Yesterday at the Discover Mills Mall in GA, I saw a poster for AVPR and the release date said December 21.  Again this is the AMC theater in the Discover Mills Mall in Lawrenceville GA. My phone doesn't have internet access, so I couldn't send the pic to my email to prove, sorry!
  27. SlappyMCnasty
    WELL the brother have done a good job, but so did paul if he reds this =) butI isent going to get used to facehugger bursting out of people, THEN go n implant other humans, geez
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