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The Visual Effects of AvPR

There’s a fairly detailed article on CGSociety about the visual effects in AvP Requiem. They interviewed the Strause Brothers as well two crew members.

“Even so, the film has around 460 visual effects shots. In addition to adding digital characters in post, Hydraulx created the interior of the predator’s ship, wiped out a city with a nuclear blast, colorized and augmented predator POV shots filmed on an infrared thermal camera, added blood and gore, painted the Rocky Mountains into backgrounds shot in Vancouver, melted a kid’s face with acid, and sent a space ship crashing through a forest like a meteor in the beginning of the film. “Those were huge CG shots,” says Straus of the latter.”

It’s quite interesting. The two crew member interviews are with compositer, Laura Sevilla and animation supervisor Josh Cordes. He talks a little about doing previs on location. Thanks to Peter Moore for the news.

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Comments: 17
  1. Pyroacid
    these flims need more of sex drugs and rock n roll gloom and doom feel to them. stop trying to relate to these dumbass everyday pepole thats why horror flims are failing thesedays there trying to relate to these pitful sheep.
  2. PyroAcid
    you want the new pepole to 1. get scaired 2nd you want them to them leave the theater going damn what if 3 give  a few nightmares  all these flims are cheap rip offs of godzilla vs mothra and the the atomosphere in these newer flims has no fear or scaryness to it there all  "yah that looks cool lets use that" this is why fans should naver make flims like this becouse they put there own aspect of what the flim should look like a person should watch the older flims read what pepole have said about the older flims and then just improve on it
  3. PyroAcid
    whats so hard in makeing stuff look real? my god  alien 3 you watch that one dude get his neck riped out by the runner the blood splat all over the dudes face there was a sence of fear  i think the reson why these avp flims dont do so well is becouse it has humans being part of the main stroy you should put them in the back and make it mainley about preds and aliens  the reson why they older moives did so well was becouse 1 pepole gave a shit about makeing stuff bleavble and wernt affraid to offend ofthers with the gore and the acting was much better to boot
  4. Deco
    I dont know that the fuss is because the effects in 300 werent THAT great either... The Rhino looked dreadful. As for some of the other movies that the Bros Strause have VFX'd - The day after tomorrow: theres are scene where there are CGI wolves and they too, look terrible. The only way we'll ever get the AVP movie we want is if Fox get Cameron to shoot MY SCRIPT    :D  
  5. darth nader
    That's the worst argument ever.  So people who aren't in the special effects business can't criticize bad effects unless they can do better?  You sound like those people who say you shouldn't criticize Bush unless you think you could be a better president.  It's not my job to do special effects, its the filmmaker's job.  If they can't do them well, then we call them out on it.  That's the point of critiquing a film.
  6. bilbo baggins
    It is always great to hear people smash vfx in a film - and how the film "should" be better and it makes me think - "Could you personally do it better? If you could, please do, but I am sure that won't be happening."  Oh, and most of 300 was completed by Hydraulx - head severe shot, the rhinos, the elephants, the slo-motion stuff. I personally thought AVPR was a pretty decent movie - no it will not win oscars, but I was more entertained at AVPR than I was at the previous 2 very dull Pirates movies :)  Good job on the movie!
  7. sbrosblow
    300 was Strause Bros?  300 visual f/x people worked on 300 with Hydraulx being just one of several vfx companies involved.  You people give them way too much credit because you have no idea what shots they were responsible for, how much of the shot they were responsible for, or how much of their work escaped the cutting room floor.  And the vfx in AVP:r do suck.  And don't tell me it was a budget issue.  The film cost 40 mil and I guarantee non of the actors got more than scale wages and they sure as hell didn't pay Salerno much for the script.  In other words they had a budget for vfx and wasted it.  Of all the movies that show atomic blasts, this is the worst one.  The ship crash was ok and I'm sure that 10 sec was a large chunk of change.  But the ship sucked, the blood spatter sucked, and the father's arm melting was laughable (they should have hidden their lack of talent with low light levels for that shot like they did the rest of the movie).
  8. bharat
    effects of avp-r was pathetic,although avp was not that good but the movie got good special effects,aliens and predator looked real in that movie,but in avp-r aliens were painted dummies and predator was like assembled from bits and pieces... poor show by straus brothers after giving excellent effects in 300.
  9. konradski
    lol caommander i love itht fan film  theres an alien in shower one somewere ont web wereby pred flushes the loo and pisse,s it off in shower lol
  10. gratitude
    The effects in this film were extremely poor.  The CGI was pitiful and looked painted-on, especially the Predator ship, the headbites, and the blood splatters.  When special effects from 1986 look better than special effects from 2007, you know something is very wrong with the people who made the film.
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