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  1. zen
    The cleaner case in my opinion is for cleaning trophy's and not a bomb.Just look at the preds wrist nuke and how small that was,and how big the explosion was,and does anyone remember the comic/novel big game?.one tiny ship blew up an entire army base!.So the big bomb is probably the size of a soft ball,and that that device does exactly what the name say's.
    totaly 4-got bout that, in that case cud it b attached 2 the power pack on his back (look at the single screens jst b4 he throws the 2 shuricans)- very similar shape?
  3. Xenozip
    Possibly. Or they were the symbols on the plasma caster. Theres some pics of the replica of the canon and it has those symbols on the top. i think a human uses it to blast and Alien above him in the first trailer.
    u cud b right XENOZIP, on the"population" trailer we c the red symbols counting (on a bomb device), i think the top ov the cleaner case is where the symbols light up?
  5. Xenozip
    I thought the cleaner case was the device wolf puts in the crashed spacecraft to make it implode (as opposed to explode) destroying the tech so humans cant use it. Could be wrong though   :-\  
  6. Zero T.
      8)     ;D  The "cleaner case" looks like one of the predator's shoulder cannons.The masks look freken cool,it kinda looks like the predator's mask in predator,and Predator 2 mixed together.
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