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Unseen AvP Requiem Concept Art

I know the film has been out yonks now, but I recently ran into a couple of portfolios of the concept artists who worked on AvPR and found a couple of previous unseen artwork:

 Unseen AvP Requiem Concept Art

Secret Lab (Dark Hoffman)

The above is one of four pieces of artwork done by Dark Hoffman and one of two which seems to show there might have been plans for a secret base experimenting on Aliens and Predators.

The second artist, Chris Howe, has 14 pictures in a gallery all to do with the design of Wolf’s mask and his weapons. Now I’ve seen one of those mask charts on our forum but the rest I haven’t seen. There are quite a few new weapons as well.

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  1. Sulaco
    The thing is that would kill continuality for the ALIEN franchise, Since Im f*ckin off at work I looked up FOX in the dictionary: v. to deceive or puzzle by acting craftily.   >:D     >:D     >:D  
  2. Xenomorphine
    I find it interesting that one laboratory concept has the smooth domes and the other has the creatures with ridges. This might imply that the scene survived up to at least the point when the director were brought on and decided to change the usual heads to those.
  3. Alien Genesis
    Wow, those Alien/Predator lab pictures were more interesting than anything AVPR had to offer.  I'm alternately excited and saddened by that claim at the same time.
  4. avp
    hmm i like the the 2nd secret lab better....after what happened in gunnison maybe the general and weyland corp are working together and sometime in the future maybe in the next movie even they experiment and capture them or something all i know is that this will b apart of something
  5. stealth bunny
    Anybody notice the cloaked predator ship in orbit in the nuclear explosion shot?, maybe they were on standby ready to wipe out the alien infestation if wolf failed but were beaten to it by the us air force.
  6. SiL
    Quotefurthermore if the lab was in the same setting as the first avp then continuity would at the very least be no less damaged then it already was.
    Except AvP actually preserved continuity by having all traces wiped out, and, y'know, not having people with Aliens in f**king specimen containers. On Earth. In the present day. When they don't even know about them in the future.  Nothing in AvPR messed up continuity that bad.
  7. marrerom
    a secret lab with alien and predator specimins ala terminator 2 would have immediatly elevated this films status from "critters" to at least the first avp's level in terms of scifi quality.   furthermore if the lab was in the same setting as the first avp then continuity would at the very least be no less damaged then it already was.  so when i say it'd be 10 times better, thats still not good. just better.
  8. marrerom
    that secret lab stuff is exactly the direction they needed to go in. pure scifi and none of that rural redneck town shit. if only Dark Hoffman had made this movie it would have been easily 10 times better!
  9. JediYautja
    I really like the idea of adult Xenomorphs and Predators held in cryo-stasis, but then again, it would've probably caused confusion for continuity...Unless the idea was recycled for a (hypothetically) next Alien/Predator...
  10. The Necronoir
    Logic would dictate that the lab concept was probably part of the original pitch the Strause brothers put to Fox, which was to be set in the future. Having deemed it too costly they hired them anyway and lumped them with the Salerno script.
  11. Nukiemorph
    I still see AVP-R as canon.  I think there are easily ways to make it plausible in the story line... but if those labs were in the film, I don't think it would be possible to fit it into the time line.  Good thing the idea was kicked....
  12. Hicks_0998
    The lab scenes are very reminiscent of the comics and captures the essence of "Aliens" well.  As for the Predator designs...looks more like something out of Mass Effect...but can still see some yautja there.
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