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Alien vs Predator PSP Details

The Official PSP Guide Book did say they would have new details of this new AvP PSP game. Thanks to frost for taking some pictures of it. See this thread for more details. The game will be published by Sierra (who published AvP2 for PC) and developed by Rebellion (who made AvP1 for PC).

20070806 Alien vs Predator PSP Details

They’re only low-res shots. He will be scanning in the articles later. One picture has a caption that mentions the crashed Predator Ship. According to the article, it has lots of Facehuggers onboard as well as the Alien/Predator hybrid which are let loose when the ship crashes.

Update: frost has scanned the six pages in high-res. Check them out here or on the next page.

Update #2: thewolf has since updated the thread with a transcript of the article. Be sure to read it.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    There is no link with the original 'Predator' film.  Watch that opening sequence: The ship doesn't hang around in orbit, it comes near our world, ejects, then flies away. It would be stupid for it to be the same, because there would be no way to show that on screen and that woul mean this 'crash' took decades to happen, as it was set back in the eighties, if you remember. :)
  2. SHREK
    lets all b honest we all knew that the trailer wouldnt b out yesterday or today or even the end of the week. all the fans are waitin just for a little bit ov avp all we have is the 1 picture!!! c'mon strause bros. give us sumthing !!!   :-\  
  3. j
    W**ERE IS T*E F****ING T*AI**R??!?!! IT  *AS  B**N  T*O  LO**  *F  A  WA*T I ***** TO *** IF * DON'T *** THE ******* BY *** WEEKEND...    >:(     :D     :-\     :'(  [/schizo]
  4. jimmylace
    it'll be cool once it released. then...people can shout  WHRERES  THE TRAILER?  TTTTTTTTTHHHHHERES THE TRAILER!  WHERES THE TRAILER????   TTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHERRR ESS THE TRAILER!  and I shall laugh.
  5. SHREK
    this is gettin rediculous now!! where the hell is the trailer??    >:(    wat excuse are they gonna come up with now? theyve already got the trailer they just need 2 put it on the net. what is takin so long?
  6. meetxj9
    After seeing those, the movie might actually turn up good.   :-\   I actually see what the strause brothers were talking about. there is a very creepy feel about an alien in a store.   ;D   Things are looking up.
  7. SHREK
    in the movie are the aliens supposed to b able 2 see the pred when he is cloaked like in the game?? and the damn trailer should b out 2 day!! cant wait no more!!    ;D  
  8. Jango1201
    Damit, one more thing comes to mind. What the about the alien eggs? Well, im sure 90% of the AVP fans on this site have read the comics. The Predators used the Predator 1 spacecrafts to transport their Alien prey. It would be logical to keep them on the P1 spacecrafts instead of the mother ship incase the aliens escaped. They could just release the P1 ship if that happed and the mother ship would be safe from infestation.
  9. Jango1201
    Ok, hows this for reason. The predator ship from avp holds about 4 of the original ships from PREDATOR 1. Now, when the Predalien emerges, It reaks havic on the AVP ship. Systems become critical and the predators are forced to abandon the mother ship, which would most likly mean escaping in the Predator 1 ship. The Predalien sneaks aboard (like in Alien 1 on Ripleys ship. The brothers said "back to roots") The ship becomes damaged and the closest planet is Earth to attempt to crash land. This to me seems logical
  10. Ratchetcomand
    It looks awesome, i can't wailt to get the game. The gameplay looks like Predator: Concrete Jungle.  To bad it not the Xbox360 or the Wii though.
  11. Xenomorphine
    There is absolutely nothing in the films to say whether what were saw were male, female or both at the same time. There were differences in the head design, between first and second films. Perhaps that could be the only difference between genders.  Until a film has the need to deal with it, it will never be answered.
  12. Predking87
      ;D   I agree wit you leprechaun im just saying that maybe it could be from Predator 2 cuz the story would match up better because more people saw the predator and mask in the meathouse and spear left on building arm in the alley lot of things.Im just saying more was shown in Predator 2 and they said the AVP game is based on AVP 2 movie right but alot of it is different t hey said from game to movie..Your right about the spaceship in Predator 1 someone had to be driving that. Then it would have to be a predalien onboard from predator 1.Who knows? But i just look at the picture with the Predator in the Ship and it is exactly the same as the ship from P2. And the story would make sense..
  13. leprechaun62689
    2 explanations:  1. In Predator the ship launched a pod and there could be 2 predators on board that ship [someone has to fly].  2. In AVP when they showed a longshot of the predator ship at the end, the underbelly had the original ship from Predator docked.   ***e-mail me for that unedited straight from DVD pic***
  14. EpsilonOrpheon777
    again like i've always said this movie's going to be like Predator 3 remember how the mask for the second Predator was left behind in the meat factory? maybe you're onto something guys... maybe it is the Predator 2 ship that crashes i dunno. but predator 2 was set in 1997, and AVP was set in 2004... so they're going to need to deal with hiding technological advances in the film if it's set in 1997 lol.
  15. PredKing87
    Your probably right cuz i dont see how they can incorporate the predator one ship with AVP 2..They pod landed in or by the jungle Not in by Colorado. I think i no what they did and its not predator 1. I believe they used Predator 2 SHIP and its similar in many many ways..That ship took off with many predators and i think that is the ship that will crash in AVP 2..That would be more likely than the Predator 2 ship crashing i believe..Or not cuz it didnt show where it went in space after the pod was dropped. But i think predator 2 will be the reason cuz everyone seen the PREDATOR right. so the Predator in AVP 2 is comming to clean up the mess right..i think that could happen   ;D   What do you guys think..make sense?
  16. Elorrra
    The Predator in the P1 probably desired a little human-hunting. He left his ship in space and used this spore-looking landing-thing to crash. For caution because he didn't dare to leave his SHIP in a planet with sneaky humans. When Arny defeated him, he pushed a few buttons for self-destruction, right? BUT maybe it also ordered the SHIP in space to crash but he miscalculated and the ship with the eggs on board crashed in Earth nearby Colorado. Then the predator in the game was sent to clean up his comrade's mess. I think it's logical.
  17. Elorrra
    They didn't have enough money to create that so they decided to make it more humanoid in appearance. Made it easier to Kevin Peter Hall too. I'm just so sad that some say it is not male... althought if they are female I can't imagine how males would look like...    ;D  
  18. EpsilonOrpheon777
    uh i don't know... i haven't seen that movie but it had an elongated neck with a small head, broad shoulders, oh and it had 3 large fingers instead of 5. totally different than what it is now, that was before stan winston drew up a pic of the predator design we know today and they loved it.
  19. EpsilonOrpheon777
    did anyone here actually read the NOVEL for the first Predator film? gawd that thing sucked! well it explained that the Predator had a pod that he would go back to occasionally to heal or whatever in between kills.  we never saw this in the film. oh yeah i forgot though, in the novel the Predator was able to transform into a bird or anything else he "looked" at.  wtf... gawd that novel sucked.    :D  
  20. QuestionHelp
    No my bad i did not mean ship I meant the predators pod your right...Even still how would that predator make it all the way to the jungle to hunt how stupid..If it was by colorado aint that a long way to travel to the jungle..Even for a predator i Hope they show how the ship got to where it is in colordao..Thanks Elorra for your opinoin..Any other ideas about how they ship got WAY OVER THERE?????????????   ???  
  21. SublimeDBC
    from what the article says u are the predator.....and theres a screen shot of the predator in the sewers which we now now is in the upcoming film
  22. Elorrra
    Honestly I don't remember seeing THAT ship crashing into the jungle in P1... it was more likely a pod (? I don't know how to describe that smaller drop thing coming from the ship)... but if they say so... Maybe before the pred died he had sent a signal to his ship to crush...    ???  
  23. PrEdAlIeN
    Someone answer that question cuz it dont make no kind of sense i dont get it..It sounds really good so far but i dont get how he is in colordao when the pred 1 ship is by a jungle it has to be THE AVP SHIP..
  24. Questoin
    Thanks for commenting Elorra and Yellow but do you guys no how the Predator 1 ship got all the way over there by colorado..I know it crashed landed in the first predator movie but wouldnt that mean that the predator would be near colorado and not near a jungle..THE SHIP CRASHING DONT MAKE SENSE. HOW DID IT GET SO FAR AWAY FROM THE JUNGLE.ANYONE NO HOW THAT WORKS?
  25. Elorrra
    I think it is some kind of "IMPERSONATOR" thing... but I'm not sure about the "EMINEM" part... I can't read it. There is another letter before the first "M"...
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