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The publisher for the new AvP PSP game, Sierra, has put up a Profile Page on their site for the game. Here’s the main blurb and there’s five pictures on there too.

Based on the second blockbuster film from 20th Century Fox opening December, 2007, Aliens vs. Predator, is an all-new third-person action game exclusively designed for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system from the creators of the award-winning original Aliens vs. Predator for PC. You play as an elite, lone Predator, carrying an awesome arsenal of exotic weaponry, stealth tracking and vision mode equipment. Your mission: eradicate all traces of the horrifying Alien menace from the previously sleepy town of Gunnison, Colorado.

20070814 Sierra AvP PSP Site

I think these shots were featured in the PSP Magazine but they’re a lot clearer here. Thanks to DazAvP01 for the news. You can also check out his thread here.

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  1. Jonesy
    I hope the movie isnt like this and the Predator is the "hero". Thats ok for a game, but I dont think that should be the plot of the movie. The Predator should be as much a menace to the humans and the aliens are.
  2. klyffster
    ok, i've got a PSP so yes i am looking forward to this new AvP title....but what I would really like to see is another pc first person shooter...AvP3.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 games with great stories, decent graphics for the time and respected the franchises of both characters (also lets not forget the weyland yutani corp and the marines).
  3. youngbloodpredator
    AAAH im so confused   ???   they r doin this y??? mean  they r givin us info from the movie maybe but I am very confused the movies release date is getting pushed even more forward and forward I think it the december date might be true because they have been pushin it like crazy and torturing us. this movie better be good december feels like a long time   >:(   and I want a better movie this time I might sound wierd but I felt like avp was gonna have a good amount of fighting but not all fighting I mean the story is important yes but avp already tells the story so avp2 should concentrate more on the fighting   :)  espically the the big rooftop battle that will be in avp2 its is supposed to be pretty big
  4. Yautja boy
    To Le Celticant:I agree with you,i mean,theres all those psp games that look almost like movies!.Whereas these graphics are only slightly better then parasite eve!.But hey,at least there making another AVP game rather then final fantasy what,CLMXXIVVXM!?!   :D     :D  .
  5. PyroAcid
    there is a Avp games for the xbox and ps2  and computer the computer avp and avp 2 and the expanisons take place in the future with  the marines and its a first person shooter you can play as 7 or 8 differnt kinds of predators marines and aliens even the face hugger and chest buster and the queen  the ones for the consoles are more like starcarft theres also predator concrete jungel witch puts you in the 1930s as a pred that messes up exiled to a  world for 100 years by his clan  with aliens much like the ones form pitch black  then sent back to earth in the year 2030 to redem himself with his clan thats for the ps2 and xbox     yah the infred looks awsome  all a ps2 is a 222mhz computer  with a pen 2 inside
  6. Keyes
    Add to the fact the game was originally called "Survival Of The Fittest" as the film was, then it's correct to assume the game makers are working off an early version as said.
  7. Danger Close
    I think perhaps that development on the game may have started before the Strause's completed thier script. It takes a bit of time to make a game, and this game looks fairly close to completion. So it could be that the game script is working of the AICN version. Sierra may not have gotten too much info either, just a few location and a general synopsis,
  8. Xenomorphine
    Tobias: There is no evidence of it taking place in the future. The original script took place in the present day and that was only altered in some ways. It's still meant to be the same basic situation.  Even the APCs and shops are precisely the same as those we have today. Why would the military of a distant future time be using old antique vehicles to move soldiers in? :)
  9. Yautja boy
    It should have been"Ever since i saw that phamtom(s?)movie................."                                   SORRY!!!   ;D     :-[  .
  10. Yautja boy
    Ever since i saw phantom(s?)the movie(the one with the black goo that kills people)i wanted to see aliens in the sewer!   ;D  .But also,if they do make the movie PG-13 or--Black warrior help us!--G,then we should all go down to fox and make them make it R!!!.Theres like what,10,000 or more of us!?!?!.We could do it!!!(Ya,right,we whould'nt stand a chance against those blood sucking lawyers!).OH!, also i got a chance to play the alien queen yesterday and she was awesome!!.But unfortunetly i was out numbered 4 to 1 and the preds could do 4 or 5 damage at a time!!.,and my other figure was an egg that could'nt move and that i forgot about!!.So hopefully she'll do better free of the egg base or with a few more offspring!!   ;D  .
  11. gameoverman
    It won't be PG-13... well let's hope not.  I like the look of the sewers and the pred ship.  That still of the town cinema with the mountains in the background looks very atmospheric.    8)  
  12. Psykorgasm
    Well if the film ends up being a rated PG-13, then it's safe to say that there'll be a hell of alot of pissed off AvP fans, the uproar from the first AvP will be nothing compared to AvP2 if it happens.
  13. abbath-demonaz
    hey! I found this thing on the forum of avp galaxy, under "avp2-what we know so far" ( "Predator Weapons/Equipment - (...) The Predator wristblades will be like the original and not as long as they were in AvP" and what can we see in the picture 4?? Now it's clear: I trust what I SEE and not what I hear or read. and 'til the time I will see something proving me I'm wrong, I bet on a crappy PG-13 sh**ty movie,nothing less.
  14. highlandpred
    maybe the game is the movie, and were all in the matrix? lol seriously i agree with Abbath-demonaz, keep it secret keep it safe, but heres some sh*tty graphics on the PSP, have at look at those, now be quiet fans......   ::)     :D  
  15. SublimeDBC
    it looks good its funny how were getting more information about the game than the movie and how were learning whats in the movie from the game....thats kinda sad actually   :-\  
  16. swift blade
    I wonder how many aliens are in this movie ,I would love to see some new alien hybrids besides the predalien ,like a dog ,bull ,bear ,cat, boar alien ,that would be interesting to see,because if they just show tons of the same kind of alien that would be kind of boring. I hope for this movie to kick ass
  17. abbath-demonaz
    I'm wondering..does this game include the "new scenes" that the Strause Bros are just finishing and which delay the trailer?? That's just a joke, according to Colin Strause, the movie is not enough finished to show a trailer (or even just a teaser) but enough to do a videogame and to show screenshots of this videogame! That's total nonsense for me! Why is it so hard to show just some new still from the movie?? I'm loosing patience more and more... It's not funny at all.
  18. Tobias the Dutch!
    But does Aliens vs Predator take place in the future? These images en that picture, that part with the woman and man who looked like army-people, were set in a futuristic setting....I am just guessing here....
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