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IGN Preview AvP PSP

IGN has released a preview for the PSP due out next month. It talks about the same old, same old – honor system and etc – but there’s some cool stuff in there:

“And then there’s the issue of why the game is a PSP exclusive. “It was basically a matter of logistics,” explains Jones, “we have a strong heritage with the PSP and have done a number of successful titles such as Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron”. While the latter is true enough, ‘logistics’ may refer to the typically suffocating dev time given to a studio working on a Hollywood license. “

Personally, I’d been wondering just why the game was PSP exclusive. It talks a little about the multiplayer mode and a skirmish mode – Survival Mode. But what stuck out to me was the mention of the difference between the story of the game and the actual film. Be sure to read the entire thing. Thanks to bloodjigsaw for the news and to SiL for helping me out.

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