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So here we are. First review for the recently released PSP game from Rebellion. The daddy of AvP games. So…sucks for me to say it’s basically a “meh” review:

“I have no strong opinions on this game. It’s not broken. It’s not awesome. It just is. It’s there. It’s not going to challenge you, but it’s not going to frustrate you too badly. It’s not going to captivate you, but it’s not going to repel you. If you want to run around cloaking yourself and destroying a bunch of easy-as-pie aliens, this is here. If not, this is still here. Do what you will with it.”

So pretty much like every other piece of Alien/Predator related merchandise we get then. Well, is only one opinion. IGN scored it 5.5. You can read the review here. And while you’re over there, be sure to check out the new videos and pictures.

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  1. mikelonewolf
    I bought this game at gamestop and I beat the game in a day. I cant figure out how to play with out the mask on. does anyone know how to take it off       p.s I would rate it a 10/11 everything but the lenght of the game rocked      >:D     ???     :-\     ;D  
  2. XenoFox
    I figured this would happen from the beginning. But i suppose if i have some money on the side, i`ll buy it. But seriously, a new PC game with the Unreal Engine (or maybe Havok) With some amped up FEAR COMBAT, or HALF-LIFE 2 graphics First Person Shooter (NO 3RD PERSON) with Nice Online Multiplayer, Customized Classes and Player Customization, and Well, just Cutting edge Graphics, Gameplay, and Online Multiplayer. Now, THAT would get me PUMPED. as for, its handheld, you cant expect TOO MUCH. I hope they make another effort soon, for a different platform. (NO RTS :P) Something that would compete with HALO 3.
  3. Starkiller
    I pretty much knew the game was going to be average rebellion arn't a good devolper the first AVP game was ok it was AVP2 & Primal Hunt that were good.  Oh well, im so glad I sold my psp. They should defo make AVP3 and make another Concrete Jungle game for PS2 / WII / 360 / PS3 now that would be ace i'd call it 'Predator X' or 'The Hunt'
  4. Serious 101
    They should strive to make a PS-3 and PS-2 AVP game that resembles Concrete Jungle except you would have the ability to be an alien and pred  I would also like to be able to change alien costumes and free roam cities as the predator kinda like spider-man 3   I also dnt think one person here would hate to free roam with an alien and grab people out of the shadows when they walk in between buildings   Just my outlook on the ideal AVP console game    ;D  
  5. Rafael S.
    Really the game looks like it doesnt have more than just a pred that fights aliens.Even through is a PSP game so come on   :P  .   PS Thank God zen is not here anymore. I was getting very irritaded.
  6. Xenomorphine
    <i>If you want to run around cloaking yourself and destroying a bunch of easy-as-pie aliens, this is here. If not, this is still here. Do what you will with it.</i>  A lot of those who are exclusively fans of the 'Predator' franchise (I'm one of both) don't seem to fully appreciate this, in regards to the film. The game review says it all... Showing a Predator dispatching Aliens with ease makes for a boring and very unsatisfactory story. I'm hoping that news will get more people to understand this point.  As for the game, the graphics are definitely a lot better than they had been.  Not sure if I'll get it. I'm a big fan of the 'Bloodrayne' games, because no matter how basic the actual gameplay was, the people who made it gave the player a whole host of ways to make replaying each episode a lot more dynamic than one might think. With this one, it sounds like you basically have a choice of blades or shooting and it'll be the same animation every time, with no variation.
  7. MAD-REX
    The first part of my comment above was not to be taken that serious.   I agree with ya KungVanargand. Both franchises together and separate have HUGE potential for greatness still.
  8. KungVanargand
    An AvP game with either the Cryengine 2 or Unreal engine 3. That would kick ass. UE3 would be less Hardware challanging though. There is blockbuster potential in the AvP universe. All it needs is the right people working on it!
  9. Semaka
    I liked Alien vs Predator 2 a lot, it was way scarier than this. The game is like a walk in the park, beating the crap out of those aliens. I would like to see an Aliens Vs. Predator 3 game, with Half Life 2 graphics. I bet it would look way better than this crap.
  10. Two-Stripes
    i bought the game on the 15th down the street at gamestop. i have to say i agree with IGN. It's an O.K. game. not worth $40 bucks but i know i'm gonna pick it up from time to time. the weapon upgrades are somethin' to look forward to every few levels and there are a few cool hand to hand combat moves used for takin' out aliens.    ;D  
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