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AvP2 in PSP: The Official Guide Book

Further to the rumour about AvP2 being on the PSP, the news was featured in PSP: The Official Guide Book. Somebody sent PlanetAvP what was in there:

“Although officially top secret, we’ve learned that Vivendi – publishers of past Aliens vs. Predator titles – is creating Aliens vs. Predator for PSP. The game will tie in with 20th Century Fox’s upcoming sequel, which is expected to hit cinemas in January. The story sees those naughty aliens and predators rocking up a small isolated town and making life difficult for the locals. It’s a small, modern day town – Colorado, in fact – which may cause a few timeline problems for Aliens fans. We’re looking forward to seeing how this is explained and to incinerating screeching acid-blooded xenomorphs in the rural US with impunity. More details next issue.”

“Cause a few timeline problems for Aliens fans” – that’s an understatement. I can’t see them pulling this game off, to be honest. AvP2’s general story is hardly great to begin with so who knows what the game will turn out like. I wish Vivendi would get their act together and make an AvP3 FPS instead. Does anybody get this PSP Official Guide Book? If so, scan the AvP2-related articles that are featured in there in the coming months.

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  1. Mr. Weyland
    The Predator 2 team wanted somebody who had the same type of personality of Hudson from ALIENS so they asked Bill Paxton to play Lambert, they are no relation or anything there just to guys who look and act the same but from separate time lines, no problem.
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    Yeah, I remember Fox executive's contradicting Anderson a couple times. He wanted to do certain things, they tied his hands, etc. If there's true continuity between the three franchises, then there's problems with the whole Lambert/Hudson casting. And that's just one. lol
  3. gd
    who cares what anderson says? i consider avp a seperate franchise, as it has nothing to do with what the people had in mind who inventet the alien or predator franchises. believe me, its much better this way.
  4. Jango1201
    has anyone watched the the second disc on avp? Anderson clearly stated that Avp was a prequal to alien and a sequal to predator. So the whole seperated from the original timeline is out of the question.   As far as the avp game for psp... I agree with all of you wanting AVP3!!!!! I want it too. But I always look at the glass half full and say At least its something and now we have an avp game to take with us anywhere!
  5. Xenomorphine
    fox has never stated anything like that. The most which was ever said was Anderson talking about it in terms of the original film and sequels being a 'franchise' - but so was 'Star Trek The Next Generation', 'Star Trek Voyager' and so on, yet nobody will try to say they aren't based in the same continuity. :)  Later on, that same director even clarified matters by saying that, so far as they were ever concerned, it was meant to be seen as canon.
  6. Bio Mech Hunter
    Fox had stated quite a few times before, around the time of the first film's release, that the AVP series is a sole seperate franchise from the Alien & Predator franchises and not intended to be linked to them. Which is good, because any continuity errors that would otherwise be the case, are negated.  They're asking for big trouble if this game is intended to be a PSP exclusive. When the hell are they going to pull their heads out of their a** and give us AvP3?
  7. Xenomorphine
    Darkness, you do realise that was their 'official' cover sotry, right? And that the insurance woman would hardly have connections to their most deep and diabolical secrets? :)  Remember that legal dispute from a few years ago? Some workers from Area 51 tried suing the US government for making them work on some weird and toxic chemicals, allegedly without much protective equipment. Are you going to tell me the people who were involved in that all had access to whatever they actually do in Area 51? If they really do have any captured UFOs there, do you think the people involved in that case, on behalf of the government, either knew or cared? It wasn't in their jurisdiction. :)  Of course the company's going to say they haven't been seen in any surveyed worlds. Officially, that's the case.  Also, we don't have any idea if that company is going to turn up in this story. They might not do. If they do, then there won't be any evidence for them to collect in any way.  I don't see how it's impossible to make a great game out of this. It could be like 'Resident Evil', but with better creature designs!  Personally, I would hope they allow you to play as one of them. :)
  8. Mr. Weyland
    I don’t think everybody in the company knows about the aliens, that’s why the woman said the 300 surveyed worlds thing, maybe its even higher up in the company and the science division that keep these certain creatures secret, you never know who might be a company impostor.
  9. GueRoux
    I don't understand...just because they've been on Earth before doesn't mean that the company has ever gotten a hold of one. Sure maybe they've seen it...and been marveled by it..and that's why they've had a hard-on to get one for so many years.
  10. Mr. Weyland
    True, its just I don’t want this movie to fail and have time errors like avp 1, then maybe more people will consider the avp movies canon and a proper part of the alien and predator time line.
  11. Darkness
    Why else would The Company go to all the trouble in the Alien films to get one of them then? Ash, Burke, Bishop II. If they\'d have encountered them before, they wouldn\'t be so desperate to get one of them from Ripley.
  12. Mr. Weyland
    How as it caused a few timeline problems, there is over a 100 year gap and the fact that aliens are running around a town with people witnessing these creatures doesn’t really mess things up, unless the survivors decide to tell people what they saw but then they would sound crazy, who would believe you if you said there was 2 different races of alien fighting in your back garden? Even film footage can be disproved.
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