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Aliens vs Predator 2 – Master Server Patch

Aliens vs Predator 2 was a game that enjoyed a long life and was fondly remembered by many fans. All those custom levels and mods really gave the game a longevity the recent games just haven’t enjoyed. Unfortunately the Master Server for Aliens vs Predator 2 was shut down sometime ago when Sierra was brought out.

Fortunately some enterprising fans created an alternate called the Master Server Patch which has recently moved home to AvPUnknown: “The MSP is an unoffical patch created by the AvP2 community that enables the user to once again play online multiplayer. AvP2’s online multiplayer will not work without this patch as the original multiplayer servers were shut down by Activision during the purchase of Sierra. The MSP was first created by Herr Alien with the help of The One of LithFAQ. The MSP was then passed on to AvPUnknown, where TBBC now contributes to its further development.”

You can download the mod from the Master Server Patch website and join in with the players and servers that are still active (and there’s quite a few!). You can find out more in our forums.

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