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AvP Requiem Game Trailer is currently sporting a trailer for the upcoming PSP game based on AvP Requiem being developed by Rebellion and published by Sierra:

20071010_02 AvP Requiem Game Trailer

The trailer is only quite small but it shows off cutscenes from the game as well as actual gameplay. It does use the opening credits from AvP and shows a different box at the end. I’m working on getting a larger version but until then, you can watch the trailer over at Amazon. Thanks to necrotard for the heads up.

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Comments: 49
    has some potential - but the game trailer needs some serious work  i know that they are two different things but it didn't have the same affect that the movie trailer - it doesn't make me want to go out and buy it right away - my opinion of course
  2. Lie
    O Man I Would Like A Game Where You Get A Full Xenomorph Story And Game Play  They Need To Make A Xenomorph Game  Still I'll Buy This, I Like Predators To ^_^
  3. zen
    If ya guys want to talk about bad graphics look at the very first AVP game for playstation!.If they made it for ATARI it whould looked nice!   :D  .But overall this games graphics are good   :D  .
  4. hudSSon
    the trailer looks funny. the goon who gets the kiss. I saw the trailer and in the radio cames the old right said fred song: dont talk just kiss lol  but im not a fan of 3rd person graphics...
  5. Zero T.
      8)  The graphics are really great!!!!This game may be better than Concrete Jungle,and by the way Yogie,this game is probably going to be the #1 game of the season!!!!!    ;D     :)  Zen is the smart one,he's the really smart one.Zen actually likes the game like me.But anywase,the game looks awsome!!!
  6. Yogie (the bear)
    haha..okay zen no worries! i'll wait 4 d game, i mean ppl said predator concrete jungle was shit, but i liked it. I just gotta a funny feeling in my water that this game is gunna suck lol  happy hunting    :P  
  7. zen
    Just thought you guys whould like to know that being since the game comes out in DEC theres no big reason to have a super kick-a$$ cover for the game because its not even out yet.I saw i think 5 covers for grand theft auto befor they game came out.And as for the graphics?.watch 24 hours of G4's X-play,you'll think the graphics are awesome!   8)  .
  8. Zero T.
      :o  Ehh,it looks pretty good,considering that it's probably going to be a pretty good game for PSP.  >:(   Judging by he trailer,the game looks like it could be a good thing to intertain me,I mean the graphics and gameplay are better than Grand Theft Auto!!!I hope they will make a version for PS2,Xbox,or a Gameboy Micro at least.It would be bad if they only made a version for PSP,that would suck BAD!!!!!
  9. Yogie
    trailer was crap game looks s*it do not buy this. its going to be a complete waste of money, the cover at the end was wrong and the name of the game aswell, looks like rebellion didn't even know what the game was going to be called   :-\  
  10. zen
    The graphics were good compared to what i've seen(watched way too much X-play).And i heard that music some-where else.The basket-ball gym was funny but i understand it,i mean if my prey ran into a dunken-donnuts i'd go after it.Loved the scene with the guy and the face-hugger!,priceless   :D  .
  11. Mr. Teal
    This game is gunna suck, buy concrete jungle instead, its quite a good game. But AVP2 & Primal Hunt for p.c was the best. Rebillion arn't good developers
  12. Zero T.
    It looks interesting...and really cool.  ???  The Predator looks a little different in the shot were he is taking the skull from a dead person.He looks like the Scar Predator a little....when you look closley.I wonder if they will make a computer version of the movie.   8)  
  13. Zero T.
      8)     :o  It looks pretty cool.I hope they make the game for PS2 to also,I hope they just don't make it for PSP to.I hope they make it for Xbox also.
  14. Xenomorphine
    I don't. Compared to what they could and should have been, the 'Aliens Versus Predator' games weren't all that great.  We just have nice memories of them, because they were the only ones of their kind.
  15. Starkiller
    Trailer was okay but not great, yeh the basketball gym was a stupid idea! music was terrible but it may just be for the trailer. Im so glad i sold my PSP lol  ''AVP 3'' but only if it's made by monolith, not a fan of rebillion! (thy suck!)
  16. spawningcarnage
    Looks better than the FPS Alien vs. predator 2  Now......maybe they'll get serious about an up to date avp3 for the computer.......
  17. stipliani
    It was a short trailer, but I actually thought it looked pretty good.  I may consider buying a PSP just so I can play that game.  I also liked how the guy tried to hold onto the tail and lost, lol.  Priceless...  I also had the sound off so that didn't bother me.  good stuff!
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