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AvP Requiem Mobile Game

Some of you may remember the two AvP mobile games produced by Superscape. Well they’ve created another one, this time for AvP Requiem. I’ve just received a little press packet with information on the game and a number of new screenshots:

20071220_01 AvP Requiem Mobile Game

  • Ability to control two races: aliens and predators
  • Story-driven campaigns for 2 sides aliens and predators
  • Special Alien’s and Predator’s abilities and skills, a lot of race specific pickups
  • Terrifying bosses
  • Different opponents with unique attacks and combat tactics
  • Kll’em’all, stealth or labyrinth type of missions
  • Massively multiplayer tournament competition, choose to fight as either Alien or Predator and join a battle with players from all over the world.

Unlike the last game which was a 3D on-rails-shooter, AvPR is a 2D bird’s eye view shooter, somewhat similar to Aliens: Thanatos Encounter. Storywise it seems to have nothing to do with AvPR other than being set on earth. Superscape has a profile page online with a couple more pictures. Read more for more information and pictures.

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