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AvP Requiem PSP Pictures

IGN have posted seven new screenshots from the upcoming AvP PSP game. The first picture shows the Predator in the sewer with four aliens crawling towards him. Next up, the Predator and Alien are fighting next to the swimming pool. The one below shows the Predator fighting with three aliens in a tunnel.

20071020 AvP Requiem PSP Pictures

Next up, there’s a shot of the Predator standing next to a fire. Another one of the Predator and Alien facing off on a train track. One of an Alien attacking an army guy with a tank in the background. Finally, the last one shows the Predator in a cafe with an alien crawling behind him. Thanks to zachary for the news.

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  1. zen
    Look at the game RESIDENT EVIL and then at the movie.Some scenes in a movie whould'nt work in a game,and some levels you wont see in the movie.And if the Wolf does have the razer disk thats ok,because in PREDATOR 2 for saga genesis SGT.Harrigan uses grenades which in the movie he does'nt use nor have.And if the game were exactly like the movie people  whould watch the movie rather then play the game because the movie has better graphics!   ;)  .
  2. Yogie
    To elite predator, I think the game is only slightly based on the movie, so there may be diferrences in the story, characters, weapons etc. Not sure about this game    :-\  
  3. Warrior Angel
    swimming pool? TF? is Wolf going to be able to jump off the diving board if there is any ROTFLMAO and about the train tracks...i'mm sure we'll be able to push an alien in front of a train LMAO!!! i'll do that all day!! LOL!
  4. zen
    Makes sense.I mean the ship is about to crash so Wolf (assuming he's on the ship) jumps into a pod knowing he cant take the aliens down in that confined space,waits for the ship to crash and then heads to earth to take out the aliens.
  5. Anonymous684
    This game is very confusing its seems he uses the disk in the game and the aliens have smooth and rig domes, but the predator looks like P1/AVP  Im so confused!
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