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Online AvP2 Comes To An End

Despite its age Serria’s Aliens vs Predator 2 for the PC has been running strong since its release and is still receiving no end of updates and mods from the fanbase. It has simply been keeping the gaming fanbase alive. Until now:

“Sierra, now part of the vast Activision Blizzard group, have revealed that they are to close 21 game servers come the 1st of November. Most of the games losing online support are pretty ancient anyway, so we imagine only a few will be put out – Sierra offering no explanation for the cessation of service.”

And the first game on that list is Aliens vs Predator 2. The 21st of November will be a closing chapter for the fandom and this site (it was initially created as a fansite for the game). I can only hope we’ll be seeing a new PC AvP game and that the upcoming Aliens games will be fantastic. For the rest of the games being axed go to Thanks to Harry for the news.

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  1. vomataca(love_x_top1)
    im very happy .. people.. avp2 is not die... i have a new server mod patch .. is working.. i see all the server like before.. who need that patch mod.. please contact my email and i while send you the patch .. whit instaling information. avp2 never die. email
  2. xenophobe101
    i bought this game a few weeks back best fiver of my life and bang all gone thanks to those bastards i hope they rot in acid    >:(   oh well we just need a few more severs then we will be fine
  3. vomataca(love_x_top1)
    i cant belive it.. the avp is gone.. the siera is close the avp2 servers... i hate siera ... for closing the servers... i whant to make an reclamation ... i call ssiera for reclamation
  4. morgan
      :D   hey guys did u here about the new alien war play going on in london thats going to start i already got plans to go there with my parents im going to go in it. it looks amazing.    ;D  
  5. morgan
      :)   i just had this awesome godly game, and now there shutting it down i got it one month ago and its the demo, and i love it. but now there shutting the servers done like thats a huge mistake, theres so many fans that play this game it is so popular. oh and bye the way i still have online lan game set up if any one wants to join its an all species war.    ;)  
  6. morgan
      :)   come on guys i have a game set up right now on online lan, lets join and have a war. what does lan stand for, local acces network is that what?!?! what does that mean anyway. well nyways lets have war guys come on!!!
  7. morgan
      ::)   well then the trial version for multiplayer is gone but lan will still work so everybody for pone last war let us play a online lan game. now!!
  8. Dane
    NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!   :'(   I've had this game for so long. There are many who play, its not ancient. Loads of people use it. NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!    :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(  
  9. Corporal Hicks
    (it was initially created as a fansite for the game).
     No, I'm saying that it's a sad moment 'cause the site was created as a site to support the game. is going nowhere and it's a silly assumption to make.
  10. "Flare"thePredator
    Man, that was my 2nd favorite computer game to play.   :'(   I hope they make a completly NEW kinda AVP game or something like that?!.   ???  
  11. konradski
    then i go on here and it says they gona shut it down?  no sierras shutting down their server,people still make there own servers , how many more time,s do we have to repeat ourselves  for all the people who dont understand how online games work   1. companys make a few public servers when the game is in infancy  they usualy get rid of these when they see popularity failing or the game has gotten old  so you realy think steam owns over a thousand servers think of the vast majority are publicly owned 2.those who wish to run non standard servers or have control of the idiots (ie able to kick without a vote system or run clan ladder matche,s)and gameplay create their own .thus either renting a server or using a spare server orientated system from home  hope this clarifys the issue   again !!!all sierra are doing is not giving support to said games in the list or having a public server so expect no patches  or even a sierra server  the game will still work online and in lan just as avp still works
  12. alsuf
      >:D  dude! i was just playing avp2 online 5 minutes ago, then i go on here and it says they gona shut it down??? no f**king way!!! aliens colonial marines better have online competition!
  13. PINTO
      :'(   well i remember when this happened to avp:gold when mplayer shut down and moved to gamespy, i was in the second most known clan then called SS species slayers run by flyer, when it switched to gamespy alot of people moved on to something else, then came avp2 restarted SS and continued but i havent played avp2 in along time now but seeing this brought back alot of times i had playing the games that started me on online gaming cuz avp:gold was my first competive game ever...well avp3 hurry cuz ill be back and i think i might look for my old avp2 game put away somewere and get back on for a bit    ;)  
  14. DarkBladeClan Wolf
    NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11    :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(     :'(  
  15. konradski
    wonders if downloadable trial version online multiplayer will be scrapped as well  yep that will go as its part of the sierra service and you cant play it online with full copy versions
  16. konradski
    There doing it because of the new AVP3 game  dont talk bollox !! read the sierra report before spouting inane tripe   like many other games online theve decided to call it a day with   ONLINE SUPPORT  same goes for crysis they no longer make patche,s for that NEW GAME and other games have had this and most are still online. like the avp galaxy community there are those in the game communitys who keep their favorite,s alive  this dosent mean the dedicated avp2 groups will suddenly turn their private servers off because sierra do  the avp community have been moding and running there own ship for donkeys without sierra so i dont for see any great impact on service although acid glow and the others have moved away from the scene some time ago and add ons are scarce with people using models in other games like steam source engine , on the zombie servers (there,s a server running alien models only,, think their spanish)
  17. konradski
    what are half of u on about . it just means you,ll have to play on clan servers or those who have created a server(on todays system setting your own up take no time at all even non dedicated ones .  for which most of you do anyway u just dont realise it,,dont think since owning the game all these years ive ever played on a sierra servers (they didnt used to have molting enabled or power loader , + there never watched or admined  = waste of time playing as the hacks just play em
  18. MrFacehug
    Damn, this sucks. I love playing online with AvP2.    :(    They have to make another AvP game for PC and include online play. I thinkg both fans and the general public would appreciate it.
  19. AVP Torrent
    wow good thing I d/l'ed the torrent and played online while I could lol. I got my satisfaction ^_^  and btw there is another avp game coming out anyways not sure if it relates to movie or not.
  20. Riptr2
    I've not played AvP2 that much, but when I do play the multiplayer aspect: it is fairly fun.  It's a shame to see such a good game go, but I guess Aliens: Colonial Marines will be a good "substitute" until (if/when) AvP 3 comes around.
  21. Bio Mech Hunter
    Wow. I had no idea they've still been running those old servers. lol I've been playing the AJL mod for years now (for a far more realistic and accurate AVP experience   ;)  ), so I'm not too bummed.  Still this is kinda sad. *recalls the good ol' days* Now. If only they'd get off their lazy, ignorant asses and recognize fans having been chomping at the bit to get a proper 3rd AVP installment for the PC for a very long time. It's been about 8 freak'n years already! Today's tech would work wonders for the franchise. Aliens: Colonial Marines looks like a great example.
  22. Cetanu
    Crap noooooo!  I just got this game and I just started playing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuu! Petition! Petition!
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