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Alien vs Predator 2 for PSP?

Well, it was rumoured a while ago that there could be a tie-in video game for the AvP2 movie. Game, a canadian shopping site, has got Alien vs Predator 2 down to be released for PSP on November 20, 2007. It’s listed on the site from Products – Coming Soon – Video Games.

Developers are unknown. I imagine if the game is in development, Fox will be keeping it under wraps like the movie. I just hope it’s not one of those crappy tie-ins that studios do to cash in on movies. Thanks to epsilonorpheon for the news.

Update: Also listed on Release date is November 21, 2007. Thanks to Mr Weyland for the news.

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  1. Jango1201
    Well, a lot of popular games made there way from psp to ps2. The Grand Theft Auto stories did, the only catch is that the graphics arent as great    :(  
  2. Bio Mech Hunter
    Well, this is sort of a step in the right direction, but come on! PSP? If they don't do a high quality PC version, there's going to be legions of bloodthirsty AVP fans rioting in front of their office.
  3. Cellien
    Yay.. just sold my PSP.     :-[     The controls on that handheld are horrendous anyways, so no matter how good the game will still ALWAYS have bad controls.  (Analog nub FTL...)    :-\  
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