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Soldiers Inc. Alien vs. Predator Now Online

Back in September we reported that Alien vs. Predator would be coming to Facebook as part of developer Plarium’s Soldiers Inc. game. On Tuesday the 10th the Alien vs. Predator event went live!

Commander! I’m pleased to announce the Syndicate’s new partnership with a British-American pioneer in robotics and biotechnology – the Weyland Corporation. They’re a relatively new player on the Zandian battlefield, but during their rare metal mining operations, they made a discovery that – well, you’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it. Worlds are colliding, Commander, and we’re right in the middle of it.

This is the start of a 90 day campaign, and we’ve got a lot to accomplish in that time. There are going to be some amazing new Units, missions and items available to you. My colleague and I will walk you through it in a new Tutorial. If you’ve got your Base set up, you’ll be hearing from me very soon!

These changes are not permanent. The game will go back to its regular form at the end of this special time-limited event.

The inclusion of Alien vs. Predator in Soldiers Inc. is only for 90 days though. The game is browser based and played via Facebook Apps. You do have to complete the entire tutorial before you come to the Alien vs. Predator additions.

Head on over to the Soldiers Inc. Facebook page to play the game.

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  1. RidgeTop
    Yeah, I gave the game a look, just another terrible, micro-transaction ridden Facebook strategy game. The AVP promo materials do have some pretty sweet art though. It's a shame they haven't released higher resolution renders.
  2. Randomizer
    Quote from: RakaiThwei on Nov 13, 2015, 10:53:06 PM
    Quote from: Guan Thwei 1992 on Nov 13, 2015, 05:59:28 PM
    It made me long for another AvP game... on the new gen systems.

    There is always Mortal Kombat X... It has Predator... or a Predator who seems to be an infusion of Diablo, Ghost and the AVP Predators.

    Nah. That abomination? Never. We need an actual AvP game !


    That trailer looks pretty neat. But I deleted my Facebook account long ago....sigh.
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