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AvP PSP Game Shipped to Retailers

Game publisher Sierra announced today that the AvPR game for the PSP has shipped to stores:

“Sierra Entertainment today announced that Aliens vs. Predator™ – Requiem, an action game exclusively developed for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, has shipped to retailers nationwide. Based on the upcoming movie from 20th Century Fox, Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem, and from the creators of the award-winning original AvP for PC, the game pits two of cinema’s most popular and terrifying science fiction icons against each other…”

Full press release on the next page. Forum member Mikey also tells me that Best Buy have received their shipment of the games. The game’s due out November 20th in the US and December 7th in the UK.

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Comments: 23
  1. venomp2
    Been good mikey. So i watched some of the game being played on youtube, it looks good. The only thing is that the wolf kinda walks funny. anybody see that???
  2. zen
    Well this sucks.I dont have a psp,all i have is a ps1.Also for some of you guys please dont give too much info away!.Keep some of the stuff like the ending and people who get killed in the game but not in the trailer under you'r hats please!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D  .
  3. KungVanargand
    Well this game could be good, but I really would enjoy the news of an AVP-R game coming for next-gen consoles and PC. Imagin the possibilities theid have with those machines! Im playing Crysis right now and after each cloak I use I say "do an AVP game with this technoligy"! Would be so hardcore!
  4. Blade-N-Burner
    The Game is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I'm only on stage 2 and I'm already having a BLAST with this game - this is truly a dream come true on the PSP!  Yes, there are plenty of spoilers I've run into already - we even get to see our dead buddy "Scar"! Anyway just get the game right away and hacking away -  I love that shoulder canon!   :)  
  5. Nomad
    So? What the game is like? Is it good or just another shit? Tell me someone who already bought it, it already hit the stores in Ukrain, but I'am still not shure   :D  
  6. Mike’s Monsters
    Hey venomp2. Hows it been? Sorry I don't respond to your emails. I have no time for anything.   I put the game out TODAY at my Best Buy. It is for purchase now at my store, because I had my manager check to see if we could sell it, being unsure of the release date of the 20th.  He told me that there was no HARD street date, which means it can go out when we recieve it. So I put it out today when I got to work. So if any of you live in Washington state, my Best Buy is selling it!
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